10 Must Have Items When Living In A Motorhome

There are many things that I would love to have in our Motorhome….a bath tub, a normal toilet (is there such a thing as a Normal Toilet?), more bunk beds, new paint job on the outside, and hubby would love an oven.

But we live comfortably with what we have, and we have learnt to co-exist  in small tight spaces happily. When we look back on all that we have (I mean David has) changed in our Motorhome I came to realise that there are some things that we must have!

10 Must Have Items When Living In A Motorhome.

1. A secure Front Door. David put in a Caravan Door and Fly Screen so that we could lock up safely at night. Our old Bus Door was the original door and had no way of locking it up!

new door was a must for security

The Old Bus Door ~

Didnt take any photos of the old door but this is the old fly screeen, with the handle on backwards!

2.  Cupboard Spaces. We need all of the storage space as much as possible on the inside because there are no storage bins under the bus (on the outside!)

Must have cupboard space

Our boys have  a shelf each ~

Love this big Wardrobe.

need cupboards

Front overheads ~

More cupboards were put in!

3.  A gas stove top. David loves cooking, I cook because we need to eat. He insisted on a gas stove top because it is more efficient to cooking stir-fries, curries and to even boil our kettle for our Must Have morning coffee.

Inside our Motorhome

Our Gas Stove Top ~

David loves cooking dinner on it…mind you he hasn’t for sometime!

4.  Filtered Tap water. We put in a new sink, new taps and a separate Filter Tap for fresh clean drinking water. Sure makes the water taste nice when travelling to different supplies.

5.  A air-con/heater. We need to look at getting a bigger one soon but for the time being we have one that does the job for those hot days and for those cold days.

6.  Front Curtains for our big windscreen. At the moment we are parked in the most amazing spot – not too hot, and not too cold. Yet when we have our bus parked facing the sun it gets really hot. Especially because the front window is not tinted, and is so big 🙂

living in a motorhome

When it gets too hot we put this up!

7.  An engine cover that is insulated, wooden and covered with carpet. It has made a big difference when David is driving, as it’s not as loud as it used to be. There is still some noise but it’s almost bearable.

8.  A normal size fridge. David did a lot of research in fridges, and we asked around a lot of travelling families who also live in Motorhomes. It was just as economical to buy a normal size fridge as it was to buy a Caravan/Motorhome Fridge.

9.  An Ozonizer deodorization, killing of bacteria, moulds and flu viruses machine. The Ozone Air Purifier arrived yesterday and we haven’t stopped using it since. We put the attachments into the shower (shut the door) and it took away the smell. It has a sleep mode so its safe to be using when asleep. When you use it on the normal cycle you do need to leave the Motorhome!

10 Must have items when living in a motorhome

This Ozonizer Is A Huge Must Have ~

Will have more about how much it can do!

10.  A raised bed. Our queen size bed is really far up…but its perfect as we have lots of storage space under the bed. Which kinda leads me to another must have item (I guess I should have called this 11 Must Have Items when Living in a Motorhome!) – a full size washing machine. I have four of our five boys onboard so I need something that can fit all of our clothes in. We have a full size washing machine in the boot of our bus 🙂

Renovated motorhome

David made the bed, making it higher to fit storage in the front section and washing machine in the boot! He also made the bedside cupboards, and a new Headboard!

must have items when living in a motorhome

A front Loader Washing Machine ~

Gosh it was heavy putting that into the boot!

We could easily continue the list on from “10 Must Have Items When Living In A Motorhome” to at least “101 Must have items” but I think that what we have on board is vital for travelling.

What Must You Have When Travelling?



New Life on the Road.

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4 thoughts on “10 Must Have Items When Living In A Motorhome

  • June 6, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    I agree Lisa, plenty of storage space is a definite “must have” and the more bodies in the motorhome/van the more space is required.
    Two of my “must haves” are very common items
    a) my wooden spoon! Yes that’s right it comes in very hand for all sorts of things in the kitchen, but then without it I would not be able to turn the light on/off over our bed (I am such a shortie).
    b) a roll of kitchen paper towel! I’m not sure which of us uses the most of this – is it my hubby or me? Whichever it is we find it very useful.
    Jenny Johnson recently posted..THE FARM–NEWBRIDGE

    • June 6, 2012 at 9:48 pm

      Love your use of your wooden spoon Jenny! Classic 😉

      We use kitchen paper towel, but not too much. We use more facewashers then anything else.


  • June 7, 2012 at 4:24 am

    You guys really have spent some time and money decking out your motorhome! Most of the comforts of home, but was there no issue with the wiring putting a full size fridge in? Or is that just something that David knows how to take care of?
    Steve recently posted..June Calendar Shot

    • June 7, 2012 at 4:16 pm

      Hi Steve,

      David is a boat builder and also builds Caravan/Repairs them. He got a electrician in for the Safety switch, who also had a look at the wiring for the fridge and it was all sorted 😉

      We are so lucky that David can build anything that our Motorhome needs.



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