40 Hour Famine Weekend

This weeknd is 40 Hour Famine! I so wanted to join in this year and help with our much love World Vision charity but I am so bad with dates…..I am not sure why but I thought I had more time to organise the event.

Instead I would like to offer my support to those that are going without. Did you know that you could go without food, or without your phone, or without your computer for the weekend to be able to participate for the 40 hour famine? Next year I am so going to pull my finger out and get better prepared!

40 Hour Famine Weekend Next Year

Hey maybe we could form a group and all raise awareness/funds for the weekend event together?

That would be so much fun, knowing that someone from the other side of the country or even the other side of the world is joining together for the 40 Hour Famine weekend,  being apart of something that some families experience on a daily basis every day (sure makes you appreciate what we do have).

We are so very lucky to live in a country where we have so much at our finger tips, and we are so very lucky to be able to feed our own family every night. Cant imagine not being able to give what every Mum wants for their child.

If you are doing the 40 Hour Famine, let me know! Would love to give my support to you.

Seen as how you will read this while we are on a weekend camping trip, our first weekend camping trip with three of our five boys, I will wish you well for the weekend.  If you would like New Life on the Road to support you in any way, let us know below. We love giving a helping hand.

Here is the vitals ::

40 Hour Famine Success

Where does the Money Go?

Fundraising ideas

Want To Know Why I share 40 Hour Famine Weekend?

Imagine you are Burtukan…..

Or Imagine you are Yared…….

I cant even begin to imagine what they go through. Now I so want to help! I was so very close to tears watching the story of the two families life unfold. Especially when the Grandfather watches the dry dusty unfarmed land, trying not to remember what he has has seen.

Next year we will be doing the 40 hour Famine, until then we share their story. Until then we help out with giving. Giving such a small amount means that a family of five can be feed for one month. Imagine what a difference that will make to either Burtukan or Yared Family?

Are You Doing 40 Hour Famine?



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