5 Careers for People Who Love to Travel

It can be hard to stem wanderlust when you know you should be settling into a career and saving for your future. Don’t write off your travelling dreams as something that will never happen. There are plenty of career options for people that have a case of the travel bug. Here are just a few examples of jobs where you can get paid and travel.

Telecommunications Entrepreneur

As a business owner, the amount of travel you do is reliant on the flexibility your business offers. Working in the telecommunications industry allows you to travel anywhere that has a phone. So long as you have the ability to speak to your clients, you can travel far and wide. For example, partnering with a provider such as Telcoinabox allows you to run your own business, wherever you are in the world. If you are hoping to see the world while building a business, this might be the career for you.

Travel Agent

Spending your day organising holidays for clients requires some of your own knowledge and experience. As a travel agent, customers rely on you to provide honest advice about popular and not-so-popular destinations. Having first-hand experience of suitable accommodation, restaurants and transfers means getting out and trying it for yourself. Travel agents may also be privy to perks such as discounted holidays – perfect for the avid explorer.

Au Pair

If you have experience working with children, working as an au pair can be a great way to experience living in another country. Your options are further expanded if you are able to speak a second language. Working as an au pair, you will live with another family and care for their children in their home. In addition to being paid a salary, an au pair also receives accommodation and meals. You are often invited to go on family holidays as well, giving you the opportunity to travel to new areas.

Aupair working with kids and travel


Language Teacher

Teaching a new language abroad provides you with endless opportunities to travel. You may work for a school, adult education centre or a private language school; all while having your own experiences in a new country. The majority of teachers receive regular holidays or days off, during which you can explore the area and absorb the culture. The jobs are very flexible and often in high-demand, so changing countries or regions is an option. As a language teacher, you make a difference every day.

Cruise Ship Employee

These jobs are quite competitive, so having qualifications can push you further up the waiting list. Cruise ships require staff for a variety of positions, from dance instructors to food servers. There are dedicated websites that advertise exclusively for cruise ship jobs, helping you to get out on the open seas even faster. Once on board, you can travel the world and enjoy free meals and accommodation at the same time.

Before you quit your job and rush to the airport, consider other ways to see the world. You don’t have to give up career aspirations and a decent bank balance to travel and experience different cultures. Get paid while you travel thanks to these fantastic jobs.

Working on a Cruise Ship


** This blog post was written for new life on the road.

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