50 Must Do’s On The Sunshine Coast

The other day we drove down to Sarina to check out if our Motorhome will be able to fit in the Caravan Park we are moving to. While we were there we walked into the Sarina Tourist Information Centre to find out what we can explore while we are staying there. And what do I find but a brochure on “50 Must Do’s On The Sunshine Coast“…too funny as that is where we have just come from!

Reading The Brochure

While David drives us back to Mackay I start reading the brochure from Sunshine Coast Tourism “50 Must Do’s On The Sunshine Coast” and I start to feel really slack…as we hardly did any of the list!!

Yet we stayed on the Sunshine Coast for over six months (far too long in one place!)

So I thought I would go through the List and Work out what we did see….

1. Australia Zoo – seen as how we lived in the Glasshouse Area in 2010 we had season passes to Australia Zoo and so we didnt make the time to go while staying on the Sunshine Coast. Now I wished we had!

Australia Zoo Sunshine Coast

Cameron and Kyle ~

On The Crocodile Hunter Car!

2. Bag a Bargain At The Markets – The brochure has a list of Markets to go to in the area and their locations! We went to Yandina Markets and Peregian Beach Markets a few times. We have also been to Eumundi Markets in 2010 and wasnt keen to go back as they are far too big and over priced!

50 Must Do's on the Sunshine Coast

Peregian Beach Markets ~

Love going to these Markets!

3.  Big Kart Track – Seen the sign for the Big Kart Track many times but never thought to go there!

4.  Bird’s Eye View – Which mentions a hot air balloon ride or Skydiving. Seen as how I have no desire to see the sky up that high, I sure am glad Zachery decided he wanted to Skydive for his 16th Birthday gift!

Skydiving Ramblers Sunshine Coast

Skydive Ramblers Sunshine Coast ~

Zachery did the Bird’s Eye View!

5.  Caloundra Coastal Path – Never knew there was an official Coastal Path, but when I was working night shift in Caloundra Seasons I used to walk along the beach after knocking off – for an about an hour before going home to bed. Was the most amazing way to see Caloundra…I used to walk from Golden Beach to Moffat Beach on a regular basis!

6.  Coast the Region by Harley Davidson – OH I so wished that I had thought of that…what a fantastic way to see the Coast area, riding on a Harley Bike!

7.  Curise The Waterways – We kept seeing the boats cruising the Maroochy River and Kept saying “Oh we so should do this” – yet we never made the time…maybe one day!

8.  Day at The Races –  Never realised that we could have spent a day out the races with our family….thought of the Races as something that would be fun without kids! I like the sound of the brochure description “enjoy an exciting day out with friends and family with afternoon racing on Sundays and special race days throughout theyear”

9.  Dine Out In Style – It recommends that you try the Surf Clubs…yeah we never did that one either 🙂 We love eating out at Thai Restaurants without our boys (as a special treat to David and I) because normally our boys cant eat food that has preservatives or colours, nor gluten food. I did try the Raw Food Cafe and was very impressed with the quality of the ingredients that made the menu!

eating on the sunshine coast

Thai Restaurant ~

Yandina Sunshine Coast.

10.  Dive The Ex-HMAS Brisbane – Never heard about that one –   I reckon our son Zachery would have begged us for a dive if we had of known about the Ex-HMAS Brisbane.

11. Diving With A Snorkel – Would have been so nice…add this to our bucket list, and maybe one day!

12.  Ettamogah Pub and Aussie World –  We have been to Ettamogah Pub a few times – Love the character of the outside (with the Green Bowling Grass) and the inside is a classic.  We didnt go to Aussie World while we where there but have been a few years back – it sure is fun for the whole family.

13.  Feed The Dolphins At Tin Can Bay – We knew about the Dolphins at Tin Can Bay but havent feed them yet. Now that we know the feeding times and how there is a presentation we will be making sure we make a point to go back at the right time!

14.  Find a Hole In Your Diary – Do Not Think we will ever do this one….no one in our family likes Golf. Actually our older son does but other wise the rest of our boys do not like golf, nor does David!

15.  Fun On The Water – Not sure who would want to learn to Surf, Windsurf, Stand up Paddle or Kite Surf. But I reckon that I would be keen to try the JetSki  experience – love the idea of the power of jumping waves with a jetski!

16.  Ginger Factory – Seen as how we stayed at Yandina Caravan Park we regularly went to the Ginger Factory. Not for the train ride, or the bee show, but for the shops as we loved looking at the Toy Store and the Herb Shop.  We also loved the Ginger Store as you walk through the entrance. A few years back we rode the Overboard Boat Ride. That was fun!

Bee Products at the Ginger Factory

Bee Products ~

At the Ginger Factory!

17.  Glass House Mountains – We lived three streets away from Mt Ngungun in the Glasshouse Mountains area for 12 months. We have climbed Mt Ngun gun, Wild Horse Mountain and Mt Beerburrum.

Sunshine Coast Bushwalking

On Top Of Mt Ngungun ~

Looking down at Glass House Mountains!

18.  Great Sandy National Park – Would love to join a 4×4 adventure tour. We looked into doing that one weekend but it was a case of not having the time! Too many other great places to explore.

19.  Hire A Boat – Was on our to do list! Yep its still on that list!

20.  Horse Riding on the Beach – Seen as how I am the only one that likes to Horse Ride we never seriously looked into the idea. But ever since I was little I have always wanted to ride a horse on a beach….guess it will happen when the timing is right.

21.  Improve Your Culinary Skills – As one of the “50 Must Do’s On The Sunshine Coast” there is a list of Cooking Schools where you can learn new cooking skills. I reckon that David would love the idea of trying out  the Tamarind Cooking School at Spicers Tamarind…he loves trying out new recipes!

22. Indulge In A Local Drop – Forgot all about the local wine tours…yep so should have done that one!

23.  Kayak and Canoeing Adventures – We have our own Canoe (even though its the shipping container) so we havent thought to look into hiring one. Our Son Nicholas has always wanted his own canoe so I am sure when his Birthday comes around in December he will be asking for a Canoe Adventure Birthday Gift!

24.  Kings Beach Playground – YES we went there many times….our boys love that beach!

25.  Landsborough Museum – We have been to Landsborough many times, but we have never ever seen the Museum open?

26.  Mary Carincross Scenic Reserve – Went there many times years before we started our New Life on the Road.

27.  Mary Valley Rattler – So wanted to enjoy the Mary Valley Rattler – still on our to do list!

28.  Medieval Times – we did take our boys to the Bli Bli Castle…they loved exploring the Medieval times.

50 Must Dos on the Sunshine Coast

Bli Bli Castle ~

Our boys loved the Quizz Questions!

29.  Meet The Growers – we went to one Growers markets but never thought to go the Maleny Cheese Factory…so glad we didnt because we all love cheese!

Sunshine Coast Growers Markets

Growers Market ~

Woombye Markets

30.  Nature Lovers – Never realised that the Sunshine Coast area had NINE national parks…oh bummer, our boys would have loved a dip in the many water holes around!

31.  Nutworks and the Chocolate Factory – Yep did that one….and got into trouble because our boys were trying to many Nut samples!

32.  Queensland Air Museum – We have taken our boys to the Caloundra Air Museum – and they loved it 🙂

33.  Relax in a Day Spa – YES please…when and where – I am so there!

34.  Ride, Walk or Cycle the Noosa Trail Network – Nope, didnt know about that one. Would chose the Horse Riding option.

35.  Run Away With The Circus – Have seen the set up at Noosa Twin Waters Resort but havent been there to learn the Circus Tricks.

36.  Shop Up A Storm – Sure, would love to…are you paying?

37.  Ski and SKurf  Cable Park and Barra Fishing – we did the Barra Fishing Park. Would love the Ski and Skurf Cable Park!

Sunshine Coast Fishing Farm

Barra Fishing Farm ~

Where our boys fished for the Big Barra!

38.  Spot a Koala in Noosa National Park – Not sure we could do that one….as our boys are never quiet enough to spot wildlife!

39.  Step Back In time With A Silent Movie – Oh why oh why Did I not know about the Pomona Silent Movie Theatre? It sure sounds like fun!

40.  Sunshine Coast Art Gallery Trial – I so would have loved to explore the Art Gallerys on the Sunshine Coast…next time!

41.  Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk – Blackall Range – now that would have been good…walking would have helped our boys to sleep better at night!

42.  Tell the Kids To Get Lost – Belligham Maze is so much fun. We went there a few years ago when Kyle was just starting to walk…should have gone back while we where down there!  That way I could have told our boys to GET Lost and then run away fast 🙂

43.  The Calm Behind The Coast – Explore little towns…we did do Montville, Mapleton and Malleny many times. But never thought to take photos (or do a blog post!)

44.  Throw in a Line – We went fishing many times as Nicholas LOVES fisihing. Our favorite spot was taking them to Dunethin Rock.

Sunshine Coast Fishing Spots

Kyle Fishing ~

At our favorite spot on the Sunshine Coast!

45.  Top Shots Fun Park – YES we did go there and we loved it…or should I say our boys loved the rides and the Putt Putt Golf.

50 Must Do on the sunshine coast

Our Family at TopShots

46.  Under Water World – Went there so many times when we lived in D’aguilar and Glass House Mountains so we didnt go there this time! Maybe when we head back down that way again.

47.  Venice in Noosa – Oh I so did not know that you could enjoy a day or evening gondola ride on the beautiful Noosa River. Wonder if David will read this one and get ideas for time together…if and when we are back down that way!

Noosa Queensland

Noosa Lookout ~

Noosa River

48.  Visit A Surf Club – we never actually went into the Surf Clubs – we did go to the many beaches in the area but not inside the Surf Clubs – have heard they do have great meals at great prices?

49.  Whale Watching – Yes its on our bucket list. We have been to Seaworld on the Gold Coast and seen the amazing Dolphin Show…but so would love to take a Whale Watching Tour..one day soon!

50.  World Heritage Listed Icon – Fraser Island soundds so nice…we would love to park our Motorhome somewhere safe and join a tour that departs from Noosa.. It sounds like the best Island in Australia to explore!

After reading through the Brochure I have now seen that we have only scratched the surface of the Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia…..there are over half the list of “50 Must Do’s On the Sunshine Coast” still left to explore!

Have You Done Anything From The List?



New Life on the Road.

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16 thoughts on “50 Must Do’s On The Sunshine Coast

    • April 21, 2012 at 3:40 pm

      Too Funny Jan 🙂 We cant wait to explore the Mackay area…finding new places and re-visiting places we have been to before!


  • April 21, 2012 at 7:48 am

    There sure is heaps to do on the Sunshine Coast. Isn’t it the way you find out all these things when either you are coming to the end of your holiday or have left. Still, you did heaps of things, can’t do everything. You will have things to do when you next visit the Sunshine Coast.

    • April 21, 2012 at 3:38 pm

      Hi Kerry,

      That is so true…finding out about what we could do when we have already left!! Too Funny 🙂

      Next time we hope to cross off more from the list for sure!


  • April 21, 2012 at 8:55 am

    Wow. What a long list!

    I’ve been to the Sunshine Coast three times (each time for aorund two months) in the last year and I’ve hardly done any of those things.

    • April 21, 2012 at 3:24 pm

      Hi Bethaney,

      So glad that we are not the only ones who havent done the list of “50 Must Do’s on the Sunshine Coast”…there is so much to do there and only so much time!


    • April 21, 2012 at 3:36 pm

      Hi Sharon,

      I never realised how much there was to do on the Sunshine Coast…incredible – so looking forward to crossing off more of that list if/when next time we are there 🙂


    • April 22, 2012 at 4:08 pm

      Hi Martin,

      Noosa Heads is so gorgeous – we so did not spend enough time there at all 🙂

      Will have to explore more next time we are down that way!

      Thanks for the safe travel wishes…


  • April 23, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    Lisa.. great blog about sunny coast attractions… there is so much to do from the beach to the mountains. Thanks for the plug at Peregian Beach Markets, we always appreciate a mention.

    • April 23, 2012 at 9:09 pm

      Thanks Annie – never realised how much there was to do on the Sunshine Coast! Happy to shout out about Peregian Beach Markets any day!


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    • June 18, 2013 at 3:23 pm

      Fantastic Louise – love to give inspiration to others!


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