6 Things To Consider Packing For A Long-Term Trip

Are you planning a long-term trip in the future, but you can’t decide what you will need? Whether you are taking a two-year sightseeing tour around Europe, a six-month road trip across America or a four-week backpacking stint in Southeast Asia,  or even travelling Australia in a Motorhome/Campervan consider these six pointers when packing for an extended holiday.

Here are 6 Things to Consider Packing for  A Long-Term Trip ::

1. Good Quality Luggage

Before you depart on a long-term trip, it is important to have the right luggage with you. You need to have space in your luggage to stow everything that you will need while you are away, but you’ll also have to ensure you are able to carry and manoeuver your luggage on your own. Check out luggage specialists such as Luggage Direct to find the right pieces of luggage for your trip. Make sure your purchase bags that are suitable, functional and secure.

2. Clothes For Every Season

If your long-term trip exceeds a couple of months, then you will find yourself travelling through multiple seasons; make sure when you pack that you plan for all the conditions you will face. If you are travelling in Europe or Australia, for example, you will need warm clothes throughout the winter months and early spring, but then you’ll also need short sleeves and bathers for when the weather warms up in summer. Make sure you take into consideration the climate of every place you will be visiting on your long-term trip to ensure you have the right attire for the weather and traditional customs.

3. Technology

In recent years, technology has become a traveller’s best friend, especially on extended trips. Mobile phones can be purchased and used in almost every country, and you’ll find no shortage of Wi-Fi connections and Internet access in major cities around the world. If you have a lightweight laptop or tablet that you can take with you, definitely consider adding it to your luggage to help you research destinations, book accommodation and transport while travelling, connect to social media networks, access emails and even simply entertain you on long-haul flights.

4. Medical Supplies

Both short- and long-term travellers should have a first-aid kit in their luggage, but if you are travelling for an extended period of time you should also pack a medical kit with your regular medications prescribed by your doctor at home. Before you leave, visit your doctor to ask about recommended medications for the region you are visiting and make sure you get a medical certificate to pack in with your travel documents.

5. Comfortable Shoes

This tip may seem like commonsense, but there are many travellers who do not take comfortable shoes with them. Travelling, especially for extended blocks of time, requires a lot of walking, so make sure you are fitted with comfortable shoes, and do not leave without wearing them in. Nothing is worse than hobbling with blisters on your toes and missing out on sightseeing opportunities because your feet are sore.

6. An Overnight Bag

While you will be travelling with a large piece of luggage (or three) during your long-term holiday, it is a good idea to pack a small overnight bag for day trips or overnight stays. If you are basing yourself in a major city and plan to do overnight stays in surrounding towns, leave your luggage with the hotel concierge and pack your overnight bag with your valuable items and clothes. This will save you from carting all your luggage back and forth. It will also save you time and money in transit and make it easier to manoeuver through foreign airports, train stations and cabs on a tight schedule.

So there you have it: the six items you should consider packing if you are planning on taking a long-term trip. It is hard to live out of a suitcase or two for an extended period of time; however, if you have the right items in your luggage, you’ll find it easier to get from one place to the next and you will always have the right gear at hand.

** This post was written for New Life on the Road by Luggage Direct

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  • June 15, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    I have to agree with quality luggage. After our recent month in Europe, one of our (cheap) suitcases lost 2 wheels and had a big tear on it within the first week. Not fun to try and wheel around everywhere …
    Janet aka Middle Aged Mama recently posted..The Leggings as Pants Debate!


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