Our Motorhome Is Back

We have tried to have Our Motorhome back with us {since December it has been stored}. Not sure if any of our friends realised but David went down to Sydney a few months ago to replace the Fuel Injector Pump with the one that was always in the Bus – it had been rebuilt a few times and cost over $2000,00 {I think it was closer to $3000.00} but was still not working.

When he went down {a few months back} and fitted the Injector back into the Motorhome she was still making a weird noise, and he was not sure if the problem was fixed. But decided to see if he could bring her home and hit the highway. But soon realised that there was an issue and so he had returned back to the Storage Facility.

But would you believe that he broke down in the drive way of the Storage Place, and had to be towed {again}. From the Driveway to the Parking spot cost us $550.00 – LESS THAN 250metres to be towed back – he was so cut up!!

And so he returned to us on a plane instead of bringing her home. That plane trip back to the Sunshine Coast was the hardest thing he has ever done.

He so wanted Our Motorhome Back With Us.

He came home more determined then ever. To research and look for a New Fuel Injector Pump – and because its a Bedford the only place to find parts are in England. He contacted the Seller in England, but they wouldn’t answer us {the listing said for UK residents only}

David being David – he jumped onto a Website that buys products from Companies in England. Stores them, packs them and sends them to where ever you are. They provide a English Address to use for the eBay listing {so yeah we now have a Postage address set up in our eBay settings that makes it look like we are in England!!!}

It cost a bit for the service to buy for us, to pack it and send it on through. But it was so worth it.

On Friday he once again flew down to Sydney. While we drove back to Bundaberg with high hopes but at the same time so very scared it wasn’t going to work out.

And he was so very lucky to be able to stay with our two older Woody Sons. On the Saturday, Sunday and early Monday he worked on replacing the Fuel Injector Pump, reset the timing and replaced the Fuel lines that needed replacing. Late Monday afternoon he left Sydney, and stayed at a rest stop just past Newcastle.

I suggested he see if he could stop with our friends in Newcastle but he was keen to keep on the highway and to stop only for sleeping/eating and then continue on Tuesday morning.

When we heard he was close to the border Tuesday night we were all screaming with excitement.

Then yesterday I get a text to say he was in QLD – you so should have heard our boys screaming with joy!! Kyle and Cameron kept on Saying “yippee our Bus is coming home to us”. {hey I thought it our bus but they have now claimed it as there bus!!!}

Late last night he texted to say ~

“Now I am really Happy”

And I thought that was a weird text until I heard the Bedford engine – yep you can hear it before you can see it and it was the best engine noise I have ever heard.

We wanted to clean her up last night and sleep in it straight away, but I realised that David was exhausted and needed sleep more then anything.

So now we are getting her level on the spot we have to parked on so that we can sleep in our beds tonight without falling out of them.

We are going to slowly work on each cupboard, sorting it out and cleaning it up.

The sheets are going to be washed, the towels washed, the kitchen sorted and tonight he is cooking dinner on our Choofer.

David never ever gave up.

And I almost did – I was thinking of how we could get our stuff packed into boxes and sent up to us, how we could sell it off as a “Granny Flat” for a block of land, and how we were going to look for another way to travel.

I thought our dreams were gone and our bus was no longer going to be part of the Woody family.

Yet he made a promise that he was getting her back together, working and on the road so that we would never be without our home again.

It almost broke him when he went down a few months back and his plans didn’t work.

The plans on Friday had to work because he only had money for a one way ticket down there – there was no way he was booking a ticket back from Sydney. He was determined – nothing was stopping him and now he is putting into place plans that he has for the next adventure of our Life.

Its so very good to see him value his own skills, to value himself in all aspects of his life and to work towards an idea that he has had for some time. Mind you cause he is a planner {and I am more of a compulsive go with the flow type of person} its going to take a lot for me to be very patient for the plans to be put into place, and for me NOT to say anything to anyone until they are set!!!!

But I NOW know that he never ever will break a promise, and he will always do what ever it takes for his family.

We love him so very much – and we can’t wait to get our life sorted and back on track. Cleaning out our Shipping Container is going to be so good because when we let go of stuff other great things happen in our life to bring us closer to our dream of travelling. And to being free.

Along The Way…

We no longer have it registered because it was QLD plates and it needed to be in Queensland for the Inspection back in June. And the motor registry in New South Wales wanted our plates handed in before he could get a “Moving Permit” – so he had two trips back and forwards to the Motor Registry. {Thanking you so much Shane from the Storage Facility for all the running around you had to do for David – we can’t thank you enough}.

Along the way he had one inspection to pass {luckily she was going well}

And he also lost a Sliding Window somewhere – not sure when or how but the rubber on the window disappeared along with the sliding window. So now we have to find a replacement window!

*** Note :: Its not the Sliding Window section – its the fixed part of the Sliding Window behind the Driver seat ***

But we have our Home with us and nothing is better then that feeling 🙂

Our Motorhome Is Back

Our Motorhome Is Back


Thanking you for all the love, prays and well wishes sent our way – we love you all.

Will reply back to your gorgeous well wishes on Facebook when I can get a chance 🙂

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