Sharing My Favorite Schweppes Cocktail

This is not something that I share at New Life on the Road – but I thought I would share a big secret with you!  But You have to promise that you wont tell anyone?

I am a very cheap drink….it takes me about one glass of red wine and I am gone! I am in happy land – give me two glasses and I am soon in la la land.

Can you image what I would be like with a Schweppes Cocktail?

Sharing My Favorite Schweppes Cocktail

Sharing My favorite Schweppes CocktailSo if I am a very cheap drinker what would I know about My Favorite Schweppes Cocktail? 


I have never tried one, never knew that you could have one but after checking out the Schweppes site I have chosen one that is my all time favorite…Passion Punch.

The name suggests that it gives a punch so I reckon that I would be very happy with one drink, can you imagine what two drinks would do for me :)

Researching Schweppes Cocktails

Seen as how I am Sharing My Favorite Schweppes Cocktail I thought I best do some research so it sounds like I know what I am talking about, and so I can share my reasons why I am even writing about Schweppes Cocktails!

My all time favorite site was where I headed to next….youtube you rock – you even have a video to show me how to make the cocktails….

YouTube Preview Image

Not sure if I can make the cocktails as fast as what you show, or without looking..but I am willing to give it a go! (Did you see the hot cocktail waiter….I give him permission to make me at least one Passion Punch!)

The Ingredients of Passion Punch

The reason I think that my all time favorite Schweppes Cocktail would be Passion Punch is because it has fruit…it has lots of fruit, and a bit of vodka.

See what I am talking about –


  • 60ml premium vodka
  • 30ml passionfruit puree
  • 15ml peach puree
  • 30ml fresh lemon juice
  • 15ml vanilla syrup
  • 30ml Schweppes Agrum Collection White Grape & Passionfruit

 See it has peach, lemon, passionfruit and vanilla syrup – so it must be half healthy! Oh OK it does have 60ML of Vodka (is that a lot in one drink?)

The Main Reason I Am Writing About Something I have No Idea About..

The reason why I am writing about my favorite Schweppes Cocktail is because I would like to win something that I would love to be invited to – exclusive, invite-only Nuffnang Foodathon event at the iconic Stokehouse in St Kilda.

Here are seven reasons why I would love to go to a Christmas party in Melbourne

  • I would love to be in Melbourne – my older son is down there, maybe (only a maybe) I could arrange to meet him in Melbourne…sometimes he gets time off to go to Melbourne?


  • After spending such a short time in Melbourne recently, I vowed that I wanted to go back to experience more of the city!

 Drinking Cocktails

  • As a Mother to five sons, I hardly ever get time to myself…time to attend a party where I could drink cocktails would be the best experience. Of course I would share it with you all here at New Life on the Road!

 (PS- I cant guarantee what would happen if I was to drink more then two cocktails!)


  • The prize comes with an all expenses paid over night stay at a hotel…I so have my fingers crossed that the hotel room has a bath tub or maybe just maybe a spa bath – pretty please say yes!


  • Living in a Motorhome doesnt give us much of an opportunity to attend Christmas Parities. Maybe going to one will get me into the spirit of Xmas?


  • I would love to have one night off… night where I am not a Mum, a wife, a person in charge of everything…please just one night!

See how I could easily say that I have a Favorite Schweppes Cocktail :) Do you think I could Please go to Melbourne?

What Is Your Favorite Cocktail?



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