A Letter To My Son

I wished I could give you something to take with you, something that will help you, because you are about to embark on your on “new Life’ adventure! One where you have worked hard to get there.

A Letter To My Son ::

Zachery I need you to know that I love you no matter what. I am proud of you for who you are, for who you are about to become and for who you have been before.

When you were born you made our family feel like we were special, you were tiny but you made sure we knew you were here. Watching you grow up has been amazing, with your blond curly hair when you were a toddler to your chubby little legs stretching out and growing tall. To your smile that can light up a room, even if you wont let me take any photos for me to remember you by !!

You used to snuggle into my arms, now I have to reach up on tippy toes to hug you.

A letter to my son

I wished I had Many Photos of you Smiling!

Sorry Its Out of Focus,

I was trying to sneak in a Photo when you caught me out 🙂

One thing that we have heard so many times from others is how caring you are. And its true, you care deeply about those around you. You care about those that touch your life and make it better, and you care about your family.

I know that you tell me you never want to have kids because your brothers sometimes bug you, but deep within your heart its is waiting for those that one day will make your family complete. {at least I hope so because you will make a great Dad/Husband one day in the future}

I know that you keep on telling me how much you are looking forward to basic training so that you can get out of Washing the Dishes every night, keep that thought tight with you because you are going to be hurting in so many places you didn’t even know existed.

Yes. You. Will. Hurt

Its not going to be easy – this new adventure of yours is going to be physically hard on your body. But try to keep the bigger picture in mind, try to keep your goal closer to your heart because you are going to need the strength to meet the challenges head on.

As a Mum I would take your place in second, if I could be there and take your pain away I would. But I can’t – I need to let you go. If I could do those million and one push ups that they are going to ask you to do I would!!!!

If I could do those million and one sit ups I would !!!

Basic Training is hard, I wont sugar coat it. But its not for ever – this will pass quickly and your Career will begin.

When You Were Born ::

We lived two hours away from a Hospital so your Dad drove me there, while we had 2 minute contractions the whole way!!! Within 20 minutes of the drive our Front Windscreen was shattered by a rock. Literally. It broke into a Million cracks and we could not see anything in front of us. Dad had to pull over, wrap his hand up in a blanket and smash it out.

PICTURE this :: 2 grown adults arriving at a hospital with BUGS in our hair, covered in mud/dirt/water {yes there was road works going on} and a car parked in the Hospital Grounds with no front window.

First thing I ask for is a shower.

First thing Dad ask for is a phone book!!!

After many hours, where Dad sleeps most of it, you were placed into my waiting arms.

You had the most amazing blue eyes,  the whitest hair ever and you made our family. Your older brother adored you from the moment you guys meet, actually you were the bestest buddies ever – where ever you were your big brother had to be!

And the toddler years were a breeze with you. You were a cuddly boy who fit nicely into my arms!  There has been many times where you tested us out, but that’s what you needed to do to become the person you are now.

The teenage years have been fun – your kind heart is still there but sometimes you hide it well!!! And you will take a lot from others/your brothers but when you have had enough you sure let us {and the world} know about it.

I am so going to miss not having you around. You help out so many times, with whatever we ask of you. And your smile, your eyes that light up and your excitement when you talk about something that has captured your attention…..I will hold onto those memories and treasure them while you are away.

Know This ::

No Matter What Happens when you are away with basic training ~ you make us proud no matter what.

You will always have your {motor}home to come back to whenever you want

Our arms are always going to want to hug you.

Our love for you will always be there for you.

Letting Go

You Let Me Take This Photo – Thanking you.

So Go Chase Your Dreams

Follow your Heart.

Stay true to yourself and start your own New Life on the road In The Sea.

We love you heaps Zachery, and always will.  Within two weeks you will be going, and I will try to not cry too much!!!

Your Mum. Love you Forever.


New Life on the Road.

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10 thoughts on “A Letter To My Son

  • July 29, 2013 at 9:26 am

    Beautiful words and something for him to read when he is feeling homesick. Cannot believe he only has 2 weeks to go to start his new life.

    Good luck Zachery. I agree with everything your mum has said. You are a wonderful, kind and caring young man and I loved meeting up with you guys and having a chat to you. You can achieve anything you want.

    • July 30, 2013 at 8:44 pm

      Thanks Jackie, he loved meeting you and your gorgeous family.

      He is so keen to be going to the Navy and can’t wait for the new adventure to begin!!

    • July 30, 2013 at 8:56 pm

      It sure is Jan, I am going to try not to cry on the day, but I am not promising anything!!

    • July 30, 2013 at 8:57 pm

      Hold on to them and give them HEAPS of hugs 🙂

      It sure goes bye far too fast!

    • July 30, 2013 at 9:02 pm

      I am hoping this time around I can let go a little bit easier than last time 🙂
      Hold on to your girls, and give them heaps of hugs cause time goes by far too fast!!

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