A Love Letter To My Hubby

I love writing letters. Mind you I don’t write them with pen and paper anymore….I even don’t do Christmas Cards via snail mail. Slack I know.  But that’s cause email and text is so much easier to do, as well as Facebook/and or Blogging!

I have written a Love Letter to my five sons awhile ago over at Mothers Love Letters (cant find that link to the blog post anymore ~ might have to see if I can find what I wrote and share it here!). Now I want to write one to My hubby who is my best friend, and the love of  my love.

But it wasn’t always like that between us two.

You see we have been married for over 17 years and we have five boys so life has been like a roller coaster…many ups and many downs. Way too many downs, and now we have many fantastic moments together. I think its time I share how grateful I am to my hubby.

You show your love through flowers

Normally You Buy Me Flowers – This Time You Bought me A Plant.

You Always Buy Me Flowers ~

This Time You Wanted them To Last!

Here is My Love letter to My Hubby ::

Dear David,

We meet in the most weirdest way. You were a security guard in the shopping centre where I was the manager of the Ice-Cream Store. You used to walk me from my car to the entrance of the door way with an umbrella when it was raining.

There was one time I was at the same night club as you,  I walked on by and gave you a cheeky smile and said Hi. I could see that you had no idea who I was….cause I was out of my normal clothes and was dressed up. From that moment you tell me that I was yours…..yet I still did not realise how special you would become to me.

We lost touch for a few years, but then we re-connected. And I knew in my heart that I wanted to marry you….you had known for many years that we would be perfect together.

At first our life together was easy – but then kids, money stress, living stress and lifestyle (silly choices) got in the way. We both lost the true meaning to our marriage…and many times we could both have walked away so easily. I know that I nearly did way too many times.

I am not sure why you didn’t considering how much we were not getting along? And considering the stress we both used to be under? But I am so glad you never did give up. So glad you stuck around.

The day I bought our Motorhome was the New Beginning for us. Its been two years (maybe more?) since we all have had to learn to live in a smaller space. And we all have had many adjustments to make along the way. One thing that it has helped and that’s to grow our marriage stronger. We are now closer more than ever.

And I want to say Thank-you from my heart.

For being who you are. For being the best Dad our boys could ever have, even when they yell at you for being “The Meanest Dad in the World” cause you are being there for them.

You Love Your Sons

You Love Your Boys

For Cameron’s Birthday ~

You Spoil ~ buying him a Cheesecake

For being the best Hubby in the world….you do the longest days with working/renovating and still let me sleep in.

For cooking the most amazing yummy meals. You so should have been a chef, but I guess then you wouldn’t want to come home and cook?

For taking care of your family with love. You have the biggest heart, and care so much about all of us. You take my breath away and I love you more every day.

Sharing what skills you know

Even When You Are Busy You Still Take the Time for your boys

Even When You Are Busy ~

You Still Take the time To Share What You Know With Your Sons.

Life gets better and better, and I am looking forward to what is ahead for us in 2013….I am looking forward to seeing you enjoy your hard work that you have put into the Motorhome and relaxing more. I am looking forward to spending more quality time with you, and seeing you enjoy your boys.

Even when I wanted to give up with the renovations on our motorhome, even when I wanted to buy a one way ticket to anywhere (by myself) you still believed in us.

Even when I asked “Is this all worth it” you told me we were so close to being there – to being finished and to living our dream of travelling.

Your faith never gave up.

Your love never gave up.

I love the way we are together – we are stronger than we have ever been, and I love the way we are when around each other. When we are apart we still know what we each other is thinking! When we are apart we look forward to being together.

 The last four weeks have gone by in a blur – late nights, early mornings and jam packed with so many renovations. I have even helped you create mess and fix the ceiling on the inside. I have even painted the roof – together we have worked well. Its been so good to be able to renovate with you, and to see your visions come together.

I love the way our Motorhome looks and I know that you have so many other ideas that will come together.

You are my world, and with you our new life together is so very worth it.

I am grateful that we meet, I am grateful that you knew in your heart that one day we would be where we are now. I am grateful for everything you do for me and for your boys. You make us complete.

I am even grateful for those times where we have shouted at each other, and have annoyed each other. Cause those days are now in the past and our days are now filled with happiness…we have learnt whats important.

Thanking you David. I Love you More.

Lots of Love


New Life on the Road.

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6 thoughts on “A Love Letter To My Hubby

  • December 19, 2012 at 6:17 pm

    Lisa what a beautiful letter!
    It’s great to see someone appreciating their husband as much as you do. It’s also great to see a father spending so much time with his children.
    Life can pass us by so quickly in these times as we get caught up in the ‘system’ and lose sight of what is really important – our family!
    I’m happy for you that your dream is now becoming a reality, and that your boys are learning how to make their own way in life.
    Have a blessed Christmas and next year may the road stretch ahead of you with much adventure.
    Jenny Johnson recently posted..Port Campbell Day 2

    • January 9, 2013 at 3:07 pm

      Thanking you Jenny – its amazing how much David is doing to make our dream life become our reality – he keeps us going and together!
      We are looking forward to 2013, and to meeting many other amazing people. Hope your Christmas was good, and your new years eve was a good one 🙂

    • January 9, 2013 at 3:14 pm

      Hi Jan,

      Thanking you for your kind words – we are really in a great place!


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