All Because Of You

We would love to thank you all – All Because of You we are experiencing more of Australia then we thought possible! And we are so very grateful for our New Life on the Road community.

This is going to be short and sweet cause I am actually down here in Eden for the Whale Festival I want to be able to explore the area so that I can get lots of photos and lots of memories stored up for Cameron and Kyle to hopefully one day read here!

{We have updated a Blog Post from the Eden Whale Festival <——– Check it out by clicking on the hi-lighted words}

This is my very first camping trip with my two boys and just I…..something I have been craving for sometime, a road trip with only me to worry about! Funny how the universe listens to what you ask for ~ be very careful of your words is all I can say!!!

Thanking Spaceships Campervans

And this trip is possible because of Spaceships Campervans and All Because of You. Spaceships reached out to us and we are working together to bring this trip To Eden for you all. Oh – and how cool is this….we drove past another Spaceship Campervan in Eden and the guy Put his hand out the window and waved to us! It spun both Cameron and Kyle out 🙂

Sleeping in Spaceships Camper Van


This blog takes a LOT of my time – there is no way I could tell you how many hours I dedicate to this blog because I keep it going in and around my family, homeschooling, travels, our Motorhome lifestyle and being a Wife. And I love blogging – its my passion. I love taking LOTS of photos, I love exploring and I love sharing from the heart.

And I will keep on doing the best I can so that our New Life on the Road Community can all share together.

Kyle at Waldrons Swamp Rest Area


Last Night We Stayed At Waldrons Swamp Rest Area ~

A great over night stay even with all the mosquito bites that I have !!

So Thank YOU, Thank You, Thank YOU, and Thank You ~ Thank you all from our heart. We made it down here safely to Eden this morning – we are staying not far the town. Tomorrow we will be seeing everything that we can possible see for the Whale Festival, and we will share the experience once we get back to the motorhome….so yes I will be offline with regards to blogging but keep checking on our Facebook Page, Twitter Page and Instagram Page cause I will share when I can!

Eden Whale Festival


Welcome to Eden


Arrived safely in Eden


Eden Whale Watching Lookout


Now we are set up for lunch, a swim at the beach and then an early night so that we can experience the Eden Whale Festival in town….can’t wait.

All because of you are dreams are coming true….so very grateful.

Please Share Something You Are Grateful For?




New Life on the Road

** Spaceships Rentals contacted New Life on the Road and provided a Camper Van for the trip to Eden and back. We are not being paid to write anything ~ we are sharing our experience in our own words.

A Map of our Travels from Wollongong to Eden

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8 thoughts on “All Because Of You

    • November 3, 2014 at 9:37 pm

      Thanks Jan, it was such a fantastic weekend! We are back now, so wished we could have stayed down in Eden longer 🙂

    • November 3, 2014 at 10:10 pm

      Oh Grace, you have to take your two boys there! They will love Eden, there is so much to see and do….I never ever used to like camping and now I am loving our new adventures.
      Thanking you for all of your support xxx

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  • November 4, 2014 at 5:16 pm

    “Funny how the universe listens to what you ask for ~ be very careful of your words is all I can say!!!” Oh am I EVER a life long believer in this, my dear friend! I’m so very proud of you and as always for the smile your family brings to me virtually. ONE of these days…ya just never know…I may “pop in” for a visit down there with you wonderful folks, Lisa 🙂

    • November 4, 2014 at 6:39 pm

      Thanking you Mike for all of your love, your support, your kindness and your beautiful smile. There is a spare bus seat waiting for you….we have seven seat belts!!!
      So come on down under, we would love to have you part of our family xxx

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