Another Day In Paradise

Yesterday I was able to sleep in, and was woken up with a coffee. I so love the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the morning!

We had a yummy breakfast – David had baked beans on toast and I had poached eggs with salsa on Rye Bread. A quick clean up of the kitchen and then out the door.

David wanted to do food shopping and I wanted a day out of the bus! We went to Lifeline first – its a really big one that I have wanted to look at for sometime. We spent about an hour there just looking around.

Another Day In Paradise Magical

David then dropped Cameron Kyle and I to Cotten Tree.

This Was Paradise on The Sunshine Coast! So sorry that I do not have any photos from Cotton Tree (see below for more information!)

Another Day in Paradise

This Paradise photo is from Melbourne!

Gosh I never realised that Cotton Tree was so magical. I mean we drove past it a fair bit but we have never spent time there!

I found a really good shady spot under a tree. It was like a bench chair but at the same time it could be used as a table. One side of where I was sitting was the playground.

Look to the other side and I can see the water – now that water is magical….its so blue and it was low tide so our two boys could play safely in the beach and I could be at ease.

Perfect Day In Paradise

All I had to do was turn my head to keep an eye on Cameron playing in the playground.

Then turn my attention the other way and I could see Kyle fishing in the water. At one stage Kyle disappeared (with Cameron who had joined him on the sand) further up the beach. So I went for a walk to bring them back.

Coolum Beach

This is from Coolum Beach – we went there for dinner the other night!

The number one rule for our boys is that I need to be able to see them and they need to be able to see me!

After I guided them back to where they started they were joined with other kids about the same age. While I was sitting there, enjoying the gorgeous view and the warm Sun I got to talking to another family.

Actually the Grandfather Started the converstaion and it flowed from there. Lately things have been happening in our world (gosh it is a small world!) so I was wondering what this amazing connection was going to reveal.

It opened up my eyes to the possiblities of “What If”

This amazing Grandad was dotting on his three grandkids.  He was watching them with so much pride and joy in his eyes. It was so beautiful to watch.

While he was keeping a good eye on the younger grandson he got to sharing about his family.

He and his wife have a beautiful unit over looking the Noosa River. His daughter (who soon joined us) also owned a unit in the same building. The daughter and three Grandchildren lived in Brisbane, coming up to Noosa every weekend. What an amazing lifestyle.

What blew me out of the water was how down to earth they all were. Yet so rich….that rich that the son-in-law pays $47,000 per year to send his three children to school! The youngest one was in Prep last year 🙂

But that was only a drop in the bucket……because then the Grandfather let me know that his Son-in-law purchased a Bentley Car this year. Worth over $300.000 – Yes. A. Car. Worth over $300.000.00 OH my gosh!

Did you also know that Bentley only hand made about 30 of these cars world wide? Well I didnt until yesterday – now I do!

It was so nice to meet a family that was so rich and so down to earth…..they were so friendly.

I just wanted to rub their arms….and see if that wealth could rub off onto me!!

David soon finished Shopping and picked us up.

another day in paradise

Cameron and Kyle sitting on our kitchen bench!

Once Nic joined our two other boys on the beach he caught a fish – a small whitening.

Then it was time to head home! David cooked our boys an easy meal, and we headed out the door for dinner.

Dinner for two at a nice Restaurant – but more about that another time!

Have you had a day in Paradise lately?



PS – I did not have a camera with me on Saturday as our camera is broken at the moment! So the photos are from our other day at the beach in Coolum!

The one of Cameron and Kyle is from our older son iphone4s as I was talking photos this morning to see what the quality is like!

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