Any Question Answered Continues

Last week I asked on Facebook if anyone had ideas on what I could write about, and have Any Question Answered if you were willing to ask the question. I had a few questions that I had answered in a previous vlog, and then I had some fresh questions to answer, with Any Question Answered Continues today as I had run out of room last week 🙂

Any Question Answered Continues

Any Question Answered ContinuesIf I answered your question here, then thank you for asking them. If I am yet answer your questions, then I so hope that I can do so today! Any Question Answered Continues, with providing an insight into our family, our life, and our plan to travel. If you are still wondering about any aspect of our Life on the Road, then please ask away below this post 🙂

Robin O’Neal Smith asked the questions on facebook “Do you cook most meals or eat out? Do you all get sick of each other being in such close quarters? How do you get some private time for yourself? How about for you and your husband”

Questions Answered!

Answers for the questions! We cook nearly all of our meals with our family. We cook porridge inside of Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus every morning. I have my Green Smoothies with my coffee that David makes me every morning. Our boys love Breakfast, and will sometimes have toast after their porridge. Morning Tea is usually a piece of fruit, or a cup of tea.

Lunch time we join David’s parents for a big round the table lunch! There are 8 of us (we used to have 9 of us when my older son was still living at home!) so lunch times can be very loud, and go for about an hour. We have sandwiches, or toasted sandwiches. Usually our boys will help get the lunch set up on the table, and everyone can then make their own sandwiches.

Dinner time we all take turns cooking. I am almost a vegetarian – sometimes I eat chicken or fish, but most of the time vegetables. The boys and David eat red meat. We have to be very careful with food because all of our boys are sensitive to colours, preservatives, diary and additives. That means we have to read the label before cooking with the food, and stay away from Preservative 282 in Bread! We eat out when we are in Town for the day, usually its at our favorite Cafe on the Waterfront. If you would like to see Grunskes On the Water here is the video!

Any Question Answered – “Do you all get sick of each other being in such close quarters

Any Question Answered ContinuesAnswer – So far we have been really lucky. The boys will have days were they are all at each others throat, then other days they get along so well and are the best of friends! I love having my boys home with us, and feel a sense of security when we are altogether. I think that once we move on, then we will all find out if we are still happy being close together.

Question “How Do We Get Some Private Time For Yourself”

Answer – Really good question. David will take time in town, getting supplies so that he can have time to himself. Sometimes he will take at least two of the boys so that I can have some time out! Other times its a matter of taking five minutes to have a hot cup of coffee/tea with the boys kept busy with school work, or helping out on the property. I haven’t felt like I needed any private time for myself….I think I will ask the boys this question tomorrow and see what they come up with!

Question “How about for you and your Husband”

Any Questions AnsweredAnswer – We are working on that one! There will be a bedroom door added to our main bedroom. If we do feel like we need some much needed time out, we head into town for Dinner without the children. That usually happens every couple of months! We are trying to work on finding more time for each other, at the moment its a case of doing what we can with what we have!

There are a few more Questions to Answer so I will have to do another post where I update you all on Any Question Answered and Continue it with any other questions that come in!

Looking forward to reading your comments!




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2 thoughts on “Any Question Answered Continues

  • August 19, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    It is going to be so much fun following your journey! Thank you for answering the questions. Kama

    • August 19, 2011 at 4:55 pm

      Thanks Kama – We are so keen to hit the road 🙂

      Looking also to following your journey.



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