Anyone Can Travel Cant They

It’s a question that I have come across many times, in many different situations. From many people – younger and older than us. Asking us “How Can You Travel?”

Anyone Can Travel If They Want To

Anyone can travel, can’t they? You have no idea how many times people have said to us “if only we were doing what you are doing” or “I wish I had travelled when I was younger and able to”

There are many choices in life to be made and many different ways of living. It’s a matter of deciding which way you want to live!

But it all comes down to one thing – or one feeling. It’s the feeling of “Dreaming”. Once you have a dream and you start to tell everyone what you want from your life then your dream will become your reality. Make it happen, make it real.

It’s That Easy. Or Is It?

Well not really. Because the next biggest feeling is keeping you from your dream is FEAR. A fear of the unknown. A Fear of what if this doesn’t work out.

Anyone can Travel Cant they

The Lookout from Mt Ngungun

What about the other side of the coin. What if your dream actually comes true, then the fear kicks in again. Because then you are living your life the way you have dreamed it be but what happens next? Could you really be living a life that is worthy and that you deserve? Anyone can travel if only they remember to dream and forget their fear.

As I sit here writing about a life on the road travelling, the sun is warming my face. I am watching my son Kyle playing a magical new playground and I am getting ready for our next big dream. We are Creating Memories.

You see this is going live after I have been to Melbourne. A trip where I am invited to World Vision head office to hear more about their company and to hear what we all can do to make a difference.

Actually I will be down in Melbourne learning about World Vision and Blogging, while your reading this!  A trip that came about because I dared to think outside the box and thought about travelling as our new way of life.

Anyone Can travel

Lookout at Mt Beerburrum

Reflection on Anyone Can Travel

The Sun is so warm on my face, and I can feel the warmth spread throughout. There is a breeze every so often to cool my skin. That is when I feel like anything is possible. So what if we have four of our five boys living in a Motorhome…its what we are doing together that matters. It’s a desire to travel with our family, showing our boys a different way of life. Letting them know that anyone can travel can’t they?

Creating Memories

Sitting in the Sun ~

enjoying my boys playing!

I want to be happy when I am older knowing that our dreams become our reality. I want our boys to know that they can dream big, and live a life full of wonderful moments that create memories that last a lifetime. I never want to say the words “I Wish” or “If Only”.

I have nursed many amazing elderly people who always wanted to travel but was living a life of working. Waiting for the day they could retire and then travel.  Yet life happened and their dream didn’t come about. I want our boys to live a life with their own dreams and a life of adventure. I want them to say “Anyone Can Travel, Cant They?” With a desire to live a life to the fullest.

What Dream Have You Got Waiting Within?

Do You Believe Anyone Can Travel?



New Life on the Road


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