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Army Bunkers

Posted by on January 20, 2013

Gosh I am so behind the eight ball with my blogging! When we stayed in Sarina, and parked our Motorhome out the back of the most amazing family our boys imagination got into full swing! They built, created, put together and used old fenceĀ palings to construct an Army Bunker.

Kids Imagination ::

It took about a week to put together, and was meant to be pulled down before we left Sarina, but our boys left it there for the kids of the house to enjoy. I was a bit worried about it falling down on one of the kids, but after looking at the support beams I was satisfied that all was good!

cool room made into a cubby house

cool room made into a cubby house

Left over Cool Room Panels ~

Makes a Great Cubby House!


Making a storage unit with left over building supplies

Making a storage unit with left over building supplies

Old Building Supplies are Turned into Rooms!

The Army Bunker wrapped in Green Shade Cloth

The Army Bunker wrapped in Green Shade Cloth

Old Fence Palings Wrapped up Green Shade Cloth ~

Secret Boys Business!

Hidden Behind The Scenes

Hidden Behind The Scenes

They sure had fun playing behind this Army Bunker. Glad they got to use their imagination! Thanking you to the wonderful family who let our boys have fun while we stayed with them, we sure miss all of them!



New Life on the Road

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3 Responses to Army Bunkers

  1. budget jan

    I love seeing children building things. Gone are the days when cubbies were built under our dining table and in between the lounge chairs, train carriages out of cardboard boxes joined together with string, and sheet tents in the back yard with a picnic morning tea complete with tea set. They are wonderful days. Good to see your boys putting their construction skills to work!
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    • Lisa

      They love creating – so good to see kids out n about!

      I love the idea of Dining tables turned into cubby houses. One day (soon) you will have grandkids doing the same :)

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