Artspace Mackay War Artists Journey Through Afghanistan

I took our boys into the Artspace Mackay Gallery a couple of weeks back. We found the building after searching along the Bluewater Quay (realising that it was actually near the Mackay Library!) I keep meaning to return with all of our boys so that they can see the display but time has slipped away this week!

Artspace Mackay War Artists Journey Through Afghanistan

After looking at the Bird Display and making their binoculars we headed to the next room. Where Cameron and Kyle was in awe. They havent seen so many war photos before so they took there time going from one scene to the next. I was fascinated with how the artists put the display together….

“Shaun Gladwell, an acclaimed video artist, was commissioned by The Australian War Memorial to travel with the Australian Defence Force throughout Afghanistan” – from the Artspace Gallery website

Photos through the Artists Eyes ::

war artists exhibition

   War in Afghanistan ::

Shaun Gladwell

Mackay Artspace Gallery

War at Afghanistan

 Love the Contrast of the Fence with the Visual of the man ~

as if we were looking through his eyes!

Artspace Mackay War Artists Journey Through Afghanistan
Looking Beyond

 Imagine what He is Seeing Everyday?

In the lives of those who fight for our country

The Harsh Conditions Over There ~

Cant even image it!

Video of a Gunmen

A look of concentration

  The Gun and The Man ~

 Become one and the same – he can pull his gun apart and re-load it in his sleep! 

Video recording of the stripping of their guns

Video of Two Men ~

 Showing how much they respect their guns! 

Video of a Army Soldier

Able To Work With His Gun As One

 A Video showing a Army Soldier working ~

he has a look of power and knowledge


Women in the Army

Lucy ~

Imagine what she sees every day?

Two Soldiers Fliming each other

The Reflection

 A Video of Two Men ~

Filming Each Other!

The Reflection Room

Kyle Stayed Sitting For So Long

 A Room with two Soldiers ~ Filming Each Other ::

Captured our boys attention the longest. Kyle was fascinated with the way the two soldiers were fliming each other. Than the questions started! He couldnt understand or work out “Why” they would even stand there and film each other.

I was explaining how the harsh living conditions, and their day to day view was captured within the video.

What I liked was the way the photos were of Soldiers, but from the view point of what they could see….not actually of their faces. It added to the mystery and to the feeling of Afghanistan.

Have You Seen Shaun Gladwell Work Before?

Have you seen the War Artists Journey Through Afghanistan Exhibition?



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4 thoughts on “Artspace Mackay War Artists Journey Through Afghanistan

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  • October 10, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    I am a huge fan of taking children to art galleries. We often go and see what’s on exhibition if we pass one, the kids see things in such a different way. Often with a perspective I hadn’t thought about.

    This is one such exhibition and I can see that it moved you x
    ciao love lisa x

    • October 10, 2012 at 10:09 pm

      It was good Lisa – and our boys had some interesting questions! I dont normally seek out Art Galleries but after having such a great time I am going to make more of an effort to see them! Kids sure do see life differently – they are so smart 🙂

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