Australia Day How We Celebrated Our Day On A Plane

* Please Note  – I have now uploaded photos from our trip to Melbourne. We had use of the most amazing camera and we have all of the photos now uploaded to our computer ready to be used! Will be adding more blog posts/photos in the coming week…stay tuned.

What a weird way to Celebrate Australia Day – travelling on a Plane from one State to another State! It was strange as we had to be on the plane just after lunch so we celebrated by eating our sandwiches in the car, and then heading to check in at Brisbane Airport.

Australia Day Celebrations

There are many wonderful ways to Celebrate Australia Day.  A few years back we went to Bribie Island and celebrated with heaps of other people by having a BBQ Lunch on the beach, watching the parachutes land – gosh I wished I had some photos from that day. The parachute jumpers had massive big flags flying behind them and it was a sea of colours as they all landed on the big “X”

Todays Celebrations

It was so much fun being on a Plane as this was the very first time we have ever travelled together anywhere……seeing our boys faces as we took off and landed! We have so many photos of our “First Family Plane Trip” – will share them when we get home and I can upload them. We have been so fortunate as a great friend has let us borrow her Camera – my dream camera. Its one of those fancy ones where you can focus the lenses and capture the moment – its gorgeous!

Waiting at Brisbane Airport

Zachery waiting at Brisbane Airport!

Flying to melbourne

Kyle First Plane Trip – to Melbounre!

Australia Day

Cameron – first plane ride!

So Excited as he has the window seat 🙂        

Luckily our wonderful friend who has Lent us the camera has set it to Auto Focus so that I can “Aim, Fire, Capture” the moment….other wise I am not sure that I could drive the Camera! The Camera is a “Canon EOS 10D” – I have always wanted one where the pictures come out as good as the scene that I am looking at! This Camera does that and more.

Australia Day

Cameron and Kyle waiting for the plane!

Here is a photo before we get on the plane.

Wish I could upload the photos already………but the card is bigger then my computer slot and I don’t have any plug in cords with me!

Instead I would love to share that we arrived in Melbourne safe n sound, we have had the most yuckiest dinner ever (I don’t like take away because of the side effects that it gives our boys!!) and we are super excited about tomorrow…..

Flying to Melbourne

Nicholas – Waiting for the plane to take off 🙂

Will update this blog post when I get home – adding photos and more information about our wonderful stay in Melbourne.

We Celebrated Australia Day On A Plane….

For the time being could you please share how you celebrated your Australia Day?




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