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Author Archives: Lisa

About Lisa

Hello to New Life On The Road readers. My name is Lisa and I am the wife of David - together we have five boys, . After buying a Motorhome on eBay, David decided to keep it. and renovate the inside! Here at New Life on the Road we are looking forward to sharing our amazing journey of travelling and living in our Motorhome!

Police Open Day Oakflats

It was Police Open Day in Oakflats – actually we didn’t realise that it was Open Day until we were driving past the Police Stati on, on our way to drop Nicholas off to the Yacht Club for the day Oh I did hear it about on the Radio Station 96.5 Wave FM but I … Continue reading »

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All You Need For The Perfect Caravan Getaway

The best thing about a caravan holiday is that you really don’t need anything else to have a good time. You are literally dragging your accommodation, food and clothing along with you. The only other thing that is required is for you to head in a direction of your choice and stop when you feel … Continue reading »

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Vegetarian Chilli Beans

Our favorite dishes are ones that I tend to make cause they are easy, they taste good and I am one of those cooks who are not game enough to find new recipes all of the time so I cook with what I know! We don’t have an oven in our Bedford Motorhome so we … Continue reading »

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Cowra Japanese Gardens

On our way out of town {after our Free Camping Weekend} we stopped in to the Cowra Japaense Gardens. Where I had a chance to de-stress, a mini-melt down {broken heart} from events over the weekend, and was able to soak up the peaceful gardens. Not going into to much detail to protect my family … Continue reading »

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Free Camping Weekend

We love a Free Camping Weekend….actually I think I love it more than my boys because it means no electricity, no interruptions, lots of free time together and to reconnect with the inner clock. No electricity means sleeping when the sun goes down and getting up with the sun come up. And bringing our son … Continue reading »

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Wollongong To Cowra

On Saturday we had to be on a Farm outside of Cowra, and I so wanted to be there before lunch time…..but Kids, Hubby and Travelling -Stopping too many times along the way we made it by 1.30ish! Wollongong To Cowra :: David used our Camp 6 Book to plan our Trip {we have Camp … Continue reading »

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Bringing Him Home

With our Second Son being over in Perth, all by himself, I wanted to bring him home for David’s Birthday Surprise…..So for weeks on end there was numerous phone calls, emails, texts and secret planning. Its the very first time that I have had to keep something so very quiet for so very long, and … Continue reading »

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Happy Birthday David

Today is your Birthday, which seems really weird because I am actually sitting here writing this blog post for you yesterday {which is today at this very minute!!!} Confused yet? Yeah me too…. But you see I can’t actually write this on your Birthday because we are going to be in a car on the … Continue reading »

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Bedford Motorhome Seatbelts

I have been asked a few times about our seating arrangement and our seatbelts. And I normally reply by email to each question {s} so I thought that I would blog about it so that we could share, with our readers, what we have inside our Bedford Comair Motorhome. But PLEASE you must get your … Continue reading »

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Quirky Cow Teas

We love eating as healthy as possible and we love organic products! We came across “Quirky Cow Gifts:” Store in Kiama awhile ago. And now I will drive down there just for their Quirky Cow Teas – Herbal teas for every needs. Actually I don’t have any photos of the inside of the store, nor … Continue reading »

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