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Author Archives: Lisa

About Lisa

Hello to New Life On The Road readers. My name is Lisa and I am the wife of David - together we have five boys, . After buying a Motorhome on eBay, David decided to keep it. and renovate the inside! Here at New Life on the Road we are looking forward to sharing our amazing journey of travelling and living in our Motorhome!

Went For A Walk And Got Lost

The sun was out today and I was keen to explore the area of where we are parked up! We went down a “No Through Road” and found a foot path, with a bridge and then kept walking and walking…..through long grasses, over creek beds, through mud, over dead trees, along path ways others have … Continue reading »

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Australia National Maritime Museum

While Cameron, Kyle and I stayed in Sydney David joined us one Sunday – meeting us at Central Station where we then jumped onto the light rail to head to Darling Harbour, to the ANMM We have a yearly pass to the Australia National Maritime Museum, which is such good value because we have been … Continue reading »

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Red Point Furniture Restoration

While we were walking up and down Port Kembla main street {searching for a toilet, finding one at the back of the pub!} we stubble across this amazing Antique store called Red Point Furniture Restoration. Kyle must have a part of me…..he was the one to talk me into going back to look inside. And … Continue reading »

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Port Kembla New South Wales

While David and our Oldest Son was talking to the Springs Guy in Port Kembla New South Wales Kyle and I went for a walk through town. Its only a one street place, with many shops closed down but we did have fun and we even found a toilet! Actually that is why we went … Continue reading »

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Happy Fathers Day David

Yesterday was Fathers Day here in Australia. With all of our Motorhome issues and STILL being on the side of the road I wanted to make the day the best ever for David.  Even though we are missing one of our sons {he is over in Perth}  I still wanted a Happy Fathers Day for … Continue reading »

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On The Side Of The Road

We are all back together! And it feels so good – guess you all were wondering where we have been? Well here is how we are now living On The Side Of The Road {And I am loving it} Heading To The Springs Place :: David organised through his Boss {through Keep Travelling Caravan Repairs} … Continue reading »

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Speed Kills Please Slow Down

We went for a walk a few weekends ago to a spot not far from our Motorhome, “Bass Point Reserve” – it holds a special place in our heart because of our navy sons and the navy ship that has a memorial set up there on the headland. On the way home we stopped and … Continue reading »

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Darkes Forest Riding Ranch

When I was growing up I loved Horses..was mad about them. Its all I ever talked about, dreamed about and wanted – there wasn’t a time when I wasn’t thinking about horses. I remember one year that I wanted a “Pony” for Christmas, I think that I was about 10 or 11 at the time?. … Continue reading »

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Bass Point Reserve

After laying low for two weeks with the headcold/virus {which I would never ever wish on our worse enemies!!} we are now back to normal.  And we spent two hours exploring more of Wollongong yesterday. We have been to Bass Point Reserve twice so far but haven’t been able to walk as much as we … Continue reading »

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Our Favorite Place Ever

We love the beach! Its our one place that we all go to for fun, relaxation and for our youngest two a place to run off some energy! With our week of not going anywhere, and a week of trying to shake a cough I decided to head to the beach with the younger two … Continue reading »

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