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Author Archives: Lisa

About Lisa

Hello to New Life On The Road readers. My name is Lisa and I am the wife of David - together we have five boys, . After buying a Motorhome on eBay, David decided to keep it. and renovate the inside! Here at New Life on the Road we are looking forward to sharing our amazing journey of travelling and living in our Motorhome!

La Perouse

This past week we were in Sydney again, staying with our oldest son. Who is on the mend slowly {back pain and back issues are a tricky business, and his recovery is very slow} While in Sydney :: On the Monday night I took advantage of the fact that we had access to a oven! … Continue reading »

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In Sydney For The Week

We have been up in Sydney for the week. Its been a very long week but we would gladly do it all over again if need be. Our oldest son hurt his back in a Footy Tackle that went wrong, but didn’t actually show up his full injury until he was back at work. Its … Continue reading »

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Flying A Kite

The other day we had a homeschooling meet up where both boys got to make their own Kites. Learning about the best way to make a kite so that it can fly up high, with instructions given in an easy manner to understand by the Future World Teachers! Along with the shape of the kite … Continue reading »

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Time Flys

Funny thing abut “Time” – you can’t freeze it, you can’t turn back time and you sure can’t buy it. I am not sure what is going on but I have been on a huge personal inner journey in the last few weeks…..and I have been doing a lot of soul searching {and a lot … Continue reading »

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Hypnotikadiet Weight And Mind

I am the biggest Juice/Smoothie junky out there! I would live on them if I could….and I love the gym. Yet it doesn’t seem to do much for my weight or the mind. So when I was asked to look at Hypnotikadiet Weight And Mind¬†program I was curious, and excited to see what it was … Continue reading »

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Lake Tabourie New South Wales

On Sunday we took a drive down to Lake Tabourie New South Wales, to see where David used to go fishing/Camping way before he got married and had kids! We still can’t work out exactly how long ago that was but think it was about 22-23 years ago! Lake Tabourie New South Wales :: So … Continue reading »

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Beach Project Hash Tag New Life on the Road

Today we froze on the Beach! But its our all time favorite place to be….even in the winter of Wollongong New South Wales. While Kyle was fishing I came up with this idea of everyone around the world getting together to share the sunshine/warmth. Beach Project Hash Tag New Life on the Road Here is … Continue reading »

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Free Camping Staying Warm In The Tent

If you know me you will know that I love Free Camping! Actually I have only just realised that I need to share our Favorite ¬†Free Camping Spot in Victoria {thought I had shared it already but guess I forgot} – Will share that soon in another blog post. But if do know me you … Continue reading »

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Disney On Ice Treasure Trove

You know that following dreams is what I am all about….and what I need to get back on track with! Its been a dream of mine for some time to show our boys a bit of magic, and to share a bit of my favorite Disney Characters with them. Disney On Ice Treasure Trove :: … Continue reading »

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Happy Birthday To Our Youngest Son

Gosh time just keeps flying, years seem to be going faster and faster!! Nine years ago I gave birth to my baby son, our fifth son….and it was the best birth we had!. Happy Birthday to Kyle! Happy Birthday To Our Youngest Son :: I never ever go early with our babies, actually I am … Continue reading »

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