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Author Archives: Lisa

About Lisa

Hello to New Life On The Road readers. My name is Lisa and I am the wife of David - together we have five boys, . After buying a Motorhome on eBay, David decided to keep it. and renovate the inside! Here at New Life on the Road we are looking forward to sharing our amazing journey of travelling and living in our Motorhome!

Gympie Over night Rest Stop

After we left Hervey Bay, and spent one magical day at Rainbow Beach we bundled up our boys {eating dinner along the way} to stay that night at Gympie Over Night Rest Stop. It was dark and late when we got there, and that’s not the best way to set up Camp…Because its a bit … Continue reading »

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Where Are We Now

Our life sure has been full of adventures moving lately…from staying in a caravan park cabin, to book three nights in a Holiday Apartment to now moving into a Fully Furnished Apartment. Did you know that last night we had two apartments in our name, and had access to both of them….to confusing to try and … Continue reading »

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Travelling Australia Cheaper

When we had to be on the Sunshine Coast by the weekend {was that only last weekend? gosh time flys}, and we had no Motorhome I was freaked out thinking what were we going to do and where we going to stay. Silly me – I should have realised that the Universe provides when you … Continue reading »

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Holidays with Kids: 5 Nature-Based Activities to Do in Australia

Going on holiday with your kids should be fun and educational at the same time. You want your kids to learn but to also enjoy themselves rather than being so bored they’d prefer to stay home! Australia is known for being a kid-friendly destination, bursting with plenty of educational and fun nature-based activities and attractions. … Continue reading »

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Gluten Free Pancakes

We are all trying to get Gluten Free/Sugar Free as much as possible…its not always easy to do when out and about travelling/exploring. Especially if out for lunch/dinner and in a new area – its harder to know where to buy “Safe” food from! David created this yummy Gluten Free Pancakes Recipe, and cooks it … Continue reading »

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Rainbow Beach

I am trying to get back on track in every aspect of my life! From Blogging, to even healthier way of eating – gosh Do I miss my Green Smoothies every morning. To working out – yeah still need to work on finding a gym that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and one … Continue reading »

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Its My Bus And I Am Going To Cry If I Want To

Normally I am the strong one in our family – The One Who Has To Hold The Shit Together when its hitting the fan. The one who finds solutions when there is an issue to deal with, the one who looks at the bigger picture and finds answers that will work. Yesterday, My cup was empty, … Continue reading »

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We Have Traveled Even Though We Get Told We Never Do

*** For all of our loyal friends, family, readers, followers thanking you for being so very kind to us, and stopping in here to read our blog posts. Even though we haven’t blogged on New Life on the Road for the last month or so, our posts are still being read. For all of those … Continue reading »

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Hervey Bay

We have been on the road Travelling for such a long time without power so I have over 600 photos to sort through, many places that I can’t remember where we have been to and to be honest I am lost at where to begin! Blogging is second nature for me because I have been … Continue reading »

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Macadamia Castle

With our crazy travels from Wollongong to Queensland – after our Bedford Comair Motorhome broke down – we were all staving by the time Breakfast came around! And then we seen a Sign “Pancakes at Macadamia Castle”. Actually Nicholas had seen the sign 120k’s {on the side of the road} for the Castle Breaky and wouldn’t let … Continue reading »

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