Bronte Beach Sydney

Never ever been to Bronte Beach Sydney before, but was super glad we went there before we left New South Wales. So glad cause its gorgeous 😉

But this is not going to be my normal blog posting and sharing about our travels. This is going to be a deep warning to all parents who have little ones that they are raising.

My kids are almost all fully grown up so I don’t have to think about them with the way technology is now days, but I am hoping this will reach at least one family and help them to re-think about their precious little one’s safety.

Bronte Beach Sydney – perfect one day, gorgeous the next. And yes it will take your breathe away.

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Circular Quay History

One Sunday we decided to catch a train and a Ferry to Manly. Along the way we actually had to catch buses as the trains were not working! We pulled up to Circular Quay in a side street, and got to see more of the History of the area. Funny enough Kyle and I are doing New South Wales History as a homeschooling subject, and everything we had seen from Centennial Park to Circular Quay to Manly is in the book we are reading!

The History of Sydney – learning while we walked. We walked about four hours every day when we were able to, and got to see more of Sydney then if we had driven to places!

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Wild Play Garden Centennial Park Sydney

While we were in Sydney and wanted to explore many places we had never been to before, we touched base with Kyle’s closest friend. He is the same age as Kyle and they had so much fun with homeschooling events in Bundaberg together so I decided to surprise him!

I got in touch with his closest friends Mum and we made a surprise play date to Wild Play Garden Centennial Park Sydney – actually I think its called “The Ian Potters Children’s Wild Play Garden”?

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Sunday Fun Day Trains Buses Ferries

On Sunday the public transport has Sunday Fun Day Trains Buses Ferries are all one set fee for the whole day, on GoCard its only $2.60. It used to be $2.50 a few years ago but now its go to $2.60!!!

That is amazing value. We caught so many trains yesterday, and then decided to catch a Ferry for the fun of it…we got off at Circular Quay and headed to Parramatta just for the fun of it!

We went from Central to The Powerhouse Museum, then walked back up to Central Train Station, caught another train to Circular Quay, and on to the Ferry.

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Future Park The Powerhouse Museum

We decided to pay the small fee to see the Future Park – Learn and Play – At the Powerhouse Museum. I wasn’t going to but we don’t know when we will back down in Sydney and Kyle really enjoyed himself so I am glad we did pay the extra.

The Powerhouse Museum is free entry for kids – there are three floors of displays so there is a lot to see and do.

Future Park Learn And Play –

Where Kyle was able to make a Mini figure of himself, scan it into the computer and watch it up on the wall. It sure looked like Kyle, and it moved fast 🙂

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The Powerhouse Museum

I have taken Cameron to The Powerhouse Museum ages ago. But I haven’t ever taken Kyle to The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Until Yesterday. Now I would say that he is hooked on the place! He loved it. Had the best time ever.

The downstairs section is free for kids, along with the next floor. There is a paid section which we ended up deciding to do – and I am so glad we did because Kyle loved it!! It was all about “Future Park” – where Kyle was able to colour in a picture, scan it and see it come up on a wall that interacts with other drawings. Yeah it was super cool and super fun.

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The Artworks At Randwick

We spent a day at Randwick the other day and I couldn’t get over The Artworks At Randwick. It was on the side of a building, opposite a Italian Cafe, near a Real Estate. And it made me stop to really look at it!

While we were in Sydney we took advantage of walking heaps to see things we have previously missed, and to also use the Sunday Fun Day Trains, Buses, Ferries for a small fee! Which meant we got travel to Parramatta on the Ferry and on another Sunday we went to Manly!

But back to what I really want to share here~

The Artworks At Randwick :

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Walking The Streets of Redfern

After arriving in Sydney the other night, and closing my eyes while getting from the airport to where I am staying {I think I left my finger prints indent in the leather car seats} I thought I would walk to pick up a parcel from the post office, instead of driving. The GPS said it was an easy walk, but I didn’t look at the streets of where it was taking me and I ended up Walking The Streets of Redfern. The back streets of Redfern.

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Queensland Heritage Park

After we stayed overnight at Calliope Free Camp we headed to a very special place. You see we wanted to stop into where David’s Dad grew up. But before that we thought we would see if the information centre at Biloela to see if there was any information about his family in that area.

The lovely lady in Queensland Heritage Park had a history book on all of the families in the surrounding area of Biloela and also took David through the Museum to see if the “Wood” family was up on the wall with information and pictures.

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Calliope Free Camping

Recently we planned a trip to visit one of our magical favorite camping spots up north because Kyle has been bugging us for ages to go Gold Fossicking and looking for gems. He even kept asking if he could pack a back pack and go by himself!

I kept having to tell him that at the age of 12 he isn’t allowed to go on a camping adventure all by himself but he doesn’t care about the fact that he isn’t yet over 18. And being a red hair, being a full on adventure fun loving child I am going to have to make sure that he doesn’t disappear on us! Yeah I think I will have to hide the Back Packs so that he doesn’t get any ideas.

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