The Cost Of Living On The Road

Yesterday I was asked to do a Radio Interview for Wave FM Breakfast Show in Wollongong. A phone interview. At first I said No. They contacted us through our Facebook page, and thought our story/journey of buying/living in a motorhome was inspirational.

I answered with the following “Hi Russell,  Thanking you so much for touching base. But we are no longer in Wollongong – we are on the Sunshine Coast. And our motorhome broke down so its being stored in New South Wales while we are waiting on the parts to be fixed! I am not that inspirational at the moment cause we are kinda stuck without our motorhome. We hope to be back in it by June”

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Cataract Dam New South Wales

Yep I am still trying to catch up on our travels down in New South Wales with a trip that we had to Cataract Dam! Oh gosh I so miss Wollongong, we got to see so much while down there. Can’t wait to be able to catch up on our travels from our Campervan travels {a few days before Xmas we left our motorhome in storage and traveled all through NSW – QLD sleeping in our Campervan/Tents and loved every minute of it! Best moments ever, and can’t wait to experience more.

Cataract Dam New South Wales, a day where I spent it with family to say goodbye to them before we left the area. One where our boys got to spend it with their cousin and uncles – it was a great day! And I am so glad I have photos from the day, all of our boys will have the memories to look back on.

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Caravan Built On A Dream

Did you ever think about how things are built? Things are made? They are built on a dream, and idea and taken from the early stages of “Thinking” to “creating” to “succeeding”. They are built cause someone has an idea and they won’t stop till that idea comes to life.

A bit like the light bulb – it was created way back in the early 1800’s by an Italian Inventor, Alessandro Volta -he developed the 1st method of generating Electricity using Voltaic Pile.  And then over the years it was created by other inventors with different type of materials and soon led to one inventor in 1850 developing the idea further.

Yet some of the materials that they were using was not always cost efficient and soon more inventors used the same techniques but had to change them and improve on them!

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5 Careers for People Who Love to Travel

It can be hard to stem wanderlust when you know you should be settling into a career and saving for your future. Don’t write off your travelling dreams as something that will never happen. There are plenty of career options for people that have a case of the travel bug. Here are just a few examples of jobs where you can get paid and travel.

Telecommunications Entrepreneur

As a business owner, the amount of travel you do is reliant on the flexibility your business offers. Working in the telecommunications industry allows you to travel anywhere that has a phone. So long as you have the ability to speak to your clients, you can travel far and wide. For example, partnering with a provider such as Telcoinabox allows you to run your own business, wherever you are in the world. If you are hoping to see the world while building a business, this might be the career for you.

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Looking back on our Journey from buying our Motorhome on eBay and having to tell hubby afterwards, to supporting our oldest two sons while they entered the Navy, to travelling without our Motorhome but still seeing more of Australia in our Campervan to now letting David follow his dream while I am working towards mine. I thought I would update you all on what we are now doing with Reflections on New Life on the Road {and reflections on our journey}.

Also its to answer some questions that are coming in, instead of trying to explain myself over and over again I thought if you are keen to know what is going on with our family then hey you can take the time to stop here at our blog and read a bit! So grab a cuppa of coffee or tea {or Red Wine}, sit back and let me explain….

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Chambers Island Maroochydore

We used to always drive past Chambers Island Maroochydore when we used to live on the Sunshine Coast – like drive past it all of the time and never ever cross the bridge to it….now we are walking across there at least once a day. And we love our perfect spot….its gorgeous. And its such a pretty place to meet Kyle’s “Best Friend” – he is the most friendliest kid ever, whenever he meets someone they all become his “Best Friend”.

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Turn Back Time

Looking back through photos our Christmas 2014 and found some pictures. Oh I so wished I could Turn Back Time, to when they were little, to when they were all home and it was Crazy, Loud, Nuts, Busy, but oh so much fun. Oh how I wished all five of our boys could be home for Xmas every year but I know that its not ever going to happen again. When they are in the forces life is not there’s and they have to be out at sea.

So if you have little ones, hold them closer, give them kisses and lots of love cause you will blink and they will be gone before you know it.

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Cotton Tree Beach Sunset

This afternoon I decided instead of giving into my exhaustion, instead of crawling into bed after two nights of study that going for a walk at Cotton Tree Beach {and seeing the Sunset} would be more fun.

And then we had to go back again later on tonight – more about that reason soon.

Two nights of crawling into bed at 1.00am one morning, and the other morning 2.00am is not my idea of fun, but one must do what they can when their is a deadline. I have started something, can’t share exactly what as yet but super excited cause I have completed Subject 2 and passed the test. Now onto Subject 3 and will have that finished soon – lots more studying ahead but it will be so worth it.

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Happy Easter From Us To You

We were offline for the Easter Break. Only because we had to be at David’s Family Farm and there is hardly any internet out there, its so very slow that I could walk faster and I realised that we had way too much to do for the weekend to worry about trying to get online.

And to be honest I really “liked” the offline time. It gave me a sense of freedom, and a sense of reconnecting with family members.

We would like to say Happy Easter From Us To You all, hope the Easter Bunny could find you no matter where you all were.

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