Avocado Chocolate Coconut Mousse

David loves making up desserts from scratch, and loves creating/Making Dinner Outside The Motorhome {sometimes} the yummiest meals ever! Actually over the last 20 years there was only one time we could not eat one of his Dinner Creations, actually two times!

He made a “Steak and Kidney Pie” – the kidneys were disgusting !!! That was so long ago, when we lived in Mackay…even our dog at the time wouldn’t touch it!

And once added to much cornflour to a slow cooked dinner and it turned out like “Flubber” – it was almost like glue!! That dinner was trashed and we had to eat something different.

Yet his desserts are always super yummy, like the Avocado Chocolate Coconut Mousse that he created off the top of his head, its almost Raw Food and is perfect for Vegetarians, and would you believe its healthy! And looks incredible…

Raw avocado Chocolate Mousse


Thought I would share the recipe on New Life on the Road

Ingredients ::

2 Large or 4 small Avocados

3/4 Cup coconut flakes

1/2 Cup Coconut Cream

1/4 Cup Raw Cocoa Powder

1/4 Cup of Honey

1tbs Coconut Oil

Method ::

  1. Toast Coconut Flakes until brown, under the grill or in the the oven {Be very careful that you don’t leave them in too long or they will burn!!!}
  2. Melt Coconut oil
  3. Remove the Flesh from the Avocados
  4. Put all the ingredients in a blender or Food Processor – reserving 1/4 cup of Toasted Coconut Flakes for garnish
  5. Process until smooth and creamy
  6. Refrigerate for 1/2 – 1 hour until set.

Avocado Chocolate Coconut Mousse


Serving Up Ideas ::

** NOTE if you don’t have a food processor then the when you are serving up and can’t use Coconut Cream because it can’t be whipped up then it can be replaced with Full Cream = for serving up in the cup!  {make sure its really thick Full Cream – preferably something like “Maleny Dairies” because their Cream is the best for desserts!}

David served it up with Mango Yoghurt and Maraschino Cheeries, and whipped Cream {which can be the Coconut Cream/or Dairy Cream} but you can layer it and serve it up with Ice-Cream, or any fruit combination that you have handy! Mind you the Yoghurt/Cheeries/Cream means its not Vegetarian and not Raw Food!

You could serve it with fresh mangoes, or bananas, or sweet pineapples, or even banana! The Avocado Chocolate Coconut Mousse is perfect for any occassion, be it family dessert or special birthday event! Will be using the recipe this weekend when our Oldest Woody Son returns to spend the weekend with us!

Who thinks that David should open up his own “Just Desserts” Cafe??? I am so trying to talk him into it 😉

Have You Got A Raw Avocado Chocolate Recipe That You Like?



New Life on the Road

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