Baby Trek Atlas Cool Stuff Has Arrived Down Under!

Super Excited!! We had ordered Baby Trek Atlas cool stuff the other day, and because it was coming from Hawaii I thought it would take a few weeks! Yet it all arrived Down Under yesterday.

Hubby picked it up from the Post Office on his way to work so I had to wait to this morning to be able to open up the parcel! As soon as I did my boys were all over the Tattoos and the Arm Bands! Cant wait to read the Book that Baby Trek Daddy’s wrote in memory.

“The Three Brothers Go to The Beach” book and cool stuff can be purchased here, or for this weekend only can be downloaded for free here!

Thought I Would Share Baby Trek Cool Stuff……

Trek Atlas cool stuff

Baby Trek Atlas Tattoos ~

Embrace Life Tattoo on our son Zachery Arm ~

Zachery rarely lets us take his Photo anymore so I was able to take his photo as long as his face was not revealed!! Being 16 years of age I respect hs need for privacy.

Baby Trek cool stuff arrives to New life on the Road

Kyle Loves Having His Photo Taken ~

He is seven years old and Loves Tattoo’s so he was the first of our boys to put one on. He is so cute!

At Woolworths with a clown

Kyle is wearing “Embrace Life” t-shirt ~

We walked into Woolworths and there was a clown walking around! Perfect….Baby Trek Cool Stuff meets a clown 🙂

Embrace Life Baby Trek outside on the Hay

Kyle sitting outside Woolworths ~

He saw the hay and thought it would make a great seat…I thought it was a cool photo!

Trek Atlas Embrace Life arm bands

Kyle and I with Trek Embrace Life Arm Bands!

Three Brothers Go to the Beach book

Trek Atlas Daddy book for Trek and his gorgeous two brothers! ~

Written by Jarrett Ingram

Travel the world with baby trek

Baby Trek Travels The World ~

With a beach ball ~

Down Under …. now we need to take it to the beach!

Thanking you Chelsea and Jarrett Ingram (as well as Peyton and Connor) for sharing your gorgeous little one.

Baby Trek Atlas Cool Stuff Has Arrived Down Under 🙂



New Life on the Road

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2 thoughts on “Baby Trek Atlas Cool Stuff Has Arrived Down Under!

  • October 19, 2012 at 2:39 am

    wow, I dont’ know how I missed this post!! this is so sweet, thank you so much, it means so much to me. Your children are precious. xoxo Chelsea

    • October 19, 2012 at 5:03 pm

      Hi Chelsea,

      No – Thank You for sharing your sweet little one and your family xxx


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