BBQ Dinners and Forgotten Birthdays

Yesterday was one crazy day! We had to move from where we were parked (in a paradise spot) to another view. One that has a big pool right outside our Motorhome door.

David woke up way before me and got things moved over that was on the outside…while I woke up later and helped pack up the inside. All of our boys where so very helpful ~ well almost….one of them stayed laying down on his bed listening to music. But hey at least they were happy doing what they wanted to.

It got to about 8.05 am when Zachery spoke up….”Oh well, at least one person remembered”

I was standing there raking up the ground, trying to think about what he meant?

And then it came to me…OH Sh*t, we all had forgotten his birthday! In the mad dash to clear out our stuff (and move it to next door to the family we are staying with) that we had spread out everywhere, we had forgotten.

I quickly ran over and gave him the biggest hug ever. And wished him “Happy 17th Birthday”.

It’s really weird cause he was born in Mackay Base Hospital 17 years ago, and here we are….celebrating his Birthday in the same place.

He had to work on his birthday but he did get to come home and join the BBQ we were invited to. And the gorgeous couples made sure he had an Apple Turn Over with a candle ~ so we did get to sing Happy Birthday, and he was able to “Almost” blow out the candle…the wind was strong!

Our Friendly BBQ Dinner ::

Having dinner with friends

Mark (Mark and Jo is one amazing couple!) cooking on his BBQ

Looking for a Possum in the Tree ::

Waiting for dinner

Wonder if it’s the Possum we have been hand feeding for a few weeks?

 Kyle was looking up at the tree with a torch ~

To catch a glimpse of the Possum that was up there.

There was a Possum sitting up in the tree above Jo and Mark’s Bus. We have been feeding a Possum by hand for a few weeks ~ he was so friendly. One night he sat on Davids legs and actually Bit David’s finger – thinking it was a piece of fruit. Not sure who got more scarred ~ David from having his finger bitten, or the Possum surprised by David yelling out!

Lots of Yummy Food

Bring a Plate of food to share ~ means we eat well

There was so much yummy food!

 It was bring a plate of food to share… I took a Garden Salad (with Cheese) and a Greek Salad. There was Potato Bake, Fruit Platter, Salads and we all took our own Meat!

talking with friends

So good to have a Laugh

 David with Michael ~ who went Camera Shy!

Talking and having fun.


Chilling out

Hanging Out Together

Sitting down for quality time ~

Enjoying the evening!

And yeah Zachery managed to avoid the Camera once again!

Happy 17th Birthday baby…may you have many more ~ Still can’t believe how you spent last year Birthday xx

Have You Ever Been So Busy that you have “Forgotten” a birthday?



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