Beford Comair Motorhome New Life Continues

If you had read my last blog post “Our Motorhome Beginnings” you would see that I had shared a very rare Video of David talking about the plans he was making regards destroying the Bedford Comair Motorhome to give it New Life.

Bedford Comair Motorhome New Life Continues!

I thought that I would carry on that theme and share the next steps in our Renovation Process! Oh if only he knew how much needed to be replaced, rebuilt or even completely given a New Life to the inside, let alone the outside…have to wonder if he would have wanted to keep going if he only knew!

Every time I look back on those Videos it reminds me of how far we have come…yeah its taken us a long time but David has done so well 🙂

One of the Updates ::

To Pulling It Apart on the Inside Roof

{insert freak out swear words by Lisa at this stage!!!}

Then there is this Motorhome Renovation Update ::

Pretty sure that when he kept attacking and finding more water damage that he wonder what he got himself into! Lately I have been thinking about “Selling” it because it still needs more work before we can travel, yet David is STILL determined to keep this Old School Bus. He is really attached to the history of the Motorhome {which I discovered and will share next time!}

He is attached to giving “New Life” to this old Girl. He is determined to take her around Australia, and nothing is going to stop him. So glad that I thought to video our journey because I hope one day that our boys will look back on all that their Dad has done, and be very proud of his skills. At the moment they are at that stage where they take it for granted, this lifestyle choice of ours is not impressive at their age….maybe one day they will look back on our life and be proud of their parents {hoping big time!}

Maybe one day I will look back on my life and realise how much we achieved together with our family!

For the moment I am looking at our videos in awe! With a small budget David has managed to give us a life that is different but so worth it. And for that I am Very Proud 🙂

Bedford Comair Motorhome New Life Continues to this very day….we have LOTS more plans to change inside, and lots more to share with our Journey.

We thank You for joining us, sharing with us, and being apart of that journey.

Yes this Old School Bus Has Come Far

Lets See How Much Further Her Journey Can Go!



New Life on the Road.




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2 thoughts on “Beford Comair Motorhome New Life Continues

  • February 5, 2014 at 7:31 am

    I remember when I first started following you and your blog that you mentioned work being needed. But wow, as the videos keep coming in I would have never thought it was that monumental a task, Lisa! I completely empathize with David on attachment. I’m the same way with vehicles. Though this is your home! 🙂
    Mike recently posted..Pasta alla Vodka To Spice Up Your Saturday Night Date

    • February 14, 2014 at 1:36 pm

      Yeah I am not sure he would have kept going if he knew how much needed fixing, changing, rebuilding or new! It sure has been a long journey, and yes it is our home on wheels – looking forward to seeing how far this old girl can travel around Australia 🙂


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