Before and After Renovations

Our Bed Before RenovationsI am so amazed when I look at Rose and see how much David has managed to change, build, fix or even add. I actually came across a vlog today that I did not even know that existed. David made this vlog Before he started the renovations – actually it was just after we brought Rose that he decided to make a “Before and After Renovations” vlog 🙂


Before and After Renovations

Here is a very short vlog of Before Renovations.

I never even realised that David had made this video and have only just come across it while I was searching for videos from the weekend at the GoldCoast. So I thought that I would also add Before and After Renovations of any photos that we have.

Before Renovations










After RenovationsAfter Renovations of our bed

Its like a New Motorhome with all the changes that David has made. The Bed has been raised, the floor is different, the kitchen has new benches and the lounges have been re-built.

If you did  not realise that it was our bus Rose you would not believe the changes. David is so handy with tools, and can see in his mind the Before and After Renovations where I can only see the new “picture” renovations once they have been made (put into the bus).



Here is the latest Vlog of what our Motorhome looks like After Renovations

Amazed with how much the bus has changed, and with how much work David has put into the bus. So looking forward to seeing the day the bus is finished….but then again is any Renovations ever finished!



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