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Bega Cheese And Eden Stops

Posted by on November 7, 2013

We stopped at Bega Cheese Building late Wednesday, had a good look at both the shop downstairs and the historical information upstairs {highly recommend heading upstairs to read all about how the Bega Cheese Factory started}, headed to a park in Bega for a very late lunch and then continued onto Eden.

Along the way we went through Narooma – OH MY Gosh, I so wanted to stop but it was getting too late, all of our boys were starting to get hungry.

Narooma Bridge ::

Narooma Bridge New South Wales

Driving over Narooma Bridge – the water is so very blue

Driving over the Bridge at Narooma ~

No time to stop here which means we must go back another time!

Never ever seen such blue water.

bega cheese cafe

Bega Cheese Shop Cafe Downstairs

 Loved The Cafe/Shop ~

we bought “Bega Mild Cheese Block” For our lunch

Johnson Hand Pulsating Washing Machine

Hand Washing Machine ~ we have it so easy now days!

Highly Recommend Going Upstairs ~

To The Historical Information.

We are so very lucky with our washing machines, so easy compared to how they used to have wash by hand. The upstairs of the Bega Cheese Cafe is full of history, information, displays and back ground on how the Cheese Factory started out.

I should have had my camera with me, there was so much to see and read {I had left my camera in the car, oh well I will have to take pictures next time}

Lunch Time at Bega

Stopped at Bega For Lunch

Kiss Lagoon Bega

Our boys were so upset when they saw the sign

They so did not like it when I pointed the Sign out ~

And then said “We must be in the best place ever, we have to kiss” :)

Feeding the Ducks

Pretty Spot to have a break and feed the ducks

It looked like a great walking track,

Which one day we might return to!

After lunch it was back on the road, with a very quick stop at Eden. When I was a young girl we used to spend time down at Eden {mind you that was a very long time ago} so I was keen to have a look around. Unfortunately it started to rain so we only had a chance to have a quick stop at the lookout ::

Our Quick Stop At Eden

Eden Lookout – So Very Pretty

It was very cold and rainy so we didn’t stay long

Information about the whales

All about the whales

Unfortunately we did not see any Whales!

Eden Looked So Pretty

Incredible how tall the cliffs where

Storm coming in

Watching a Storm coming and a fishing boat returning

our quick stop at Eden

Another Time Another Day We Will Return to see the Ocean Animals

It was such a shame that we had to run back to the Camper Van – the rain got very heavy. And such a shame we did not have a couple of weeks to stay and explore Eden in more detail. Oh well – it will be a place that we will return to! It has a lot waiting to discover.

Until then it was back on the road because we needed to cross the border into Victoria by that night so that we had more time to explore the next day!

Bega Cheese And Eden Stops :: Great place to have lunch and a Great Place to Stop at the Lookout.

Have You Been To Bega Cheese Factory?

Have you seen upstairs in the Bega Historical Building?

What About Eden? Its such a pretty place and one we are keen to return to when ever we can!



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3 Responses to Bega Cheese And Eden Stops

  1. Sarah from Creating Contentment

    I stayed in Narooma once upon a time, and it was beautiful. You must go back!
    Sarah from Creating Contentment recently posted..I made this! DIY art on canvas.

  2. Aleney @ BoyEatsWorld

    Love this area, spent a lot of time there in the 90′s, especially hovering around all that cheese ;-)

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