Benefits of Homeschooling

The other day I posted about my thoughts on homeschooling. We are settling in to our new routine – sending three of our boys back to school.

Yet I still feel strongly that our boys would learn easily from home as they would from School. I believe that our children learn more from wanting to learn, instead of forcing them to learn. I asked a few other Travelling Families to share their own thoughts about Benefits of Homeschooling (and what/how they to teach their children)

Benefits of Homeschooling Thoughts

Proud to be sharing Gabi from The Nomadic Family homeschooling thoughts….

“Homeschooling/worldschooling works when both parents believe in their innate ability to educate their own children, and both release control over the most ‘measurable’ normative milestones of educational success. Is it picture-perfectly joyful always? No, but neither is my health, my marriage, nor my life. Homeschooling/Worldschooling gets very messy at times.

There are times  when you feel, no, you know, that you must be doing  something very wrong. And then, there is the silence, the deep soft nudge deep inside, that knows you are doing something very, very right. We have homeschooling/worldschooling to be a great adventure passed the limits of what we knew education could be, and deep within ourselves. It is a journey no less fascinating than ours around the world” – Gabi from Nomadic Family has more reading about Homeschooling.

unschooling homeschooling art

Art Homeschooling Style ~

Letting our boys draw what they want to!

I so love reading about other families that are travelling and homeschooling. It makes sense that children learn, after all they have been learning from family and life since the day they were born.

Then there is also Amy from WorldSchool Adventures with their homeschooling thoughts……

“We started looking into homeschooling when our oldest child was Kindergarten age.  That was when we came across the term of unschooling and the philosophy of child led learning really resonated with us.  Still, unschooling our children was a hard decision for us to make.  For all of our lives we were taught that school is the only way to learn, that children learn in a classroom with a teacher, and that without a curriculum our children would “fall behind”.

We decided to try unschooling for Kindergarten. We thought the worst that could happen would be that our oldest son would have an extra year at home and we couldn’t screw him up too bad!  It was in that first year that our educational paradigms really began to shift.  I began noticing all of the learning that was happening in our house and I was absolutely astounded at the insatiable curiosity my son showed.
Now I am a true believer in the unschooling philosophy and I really don’t see us putting our children into the school system (unless of course they want to!)  My children learn about whatever they want to learn about and I do my best to facilitate that learning.
I now realize that curriculums are completely arbitrary.  We are all different, we all learn differently, we all have different interests.  Some children are ready to read at four years old while others are ready at ten, and that is OK! We don’t need to force the learning, we only need to provide a rich learning environment and the learning will happen organically!” – Amy has more about Unschooling/homeschooling!

I have many more wonderful Travelling Homeschooling/Unschooling stories to share…will be putting them together in Part 3 of my thoughts about the Benefits of Homeschooling

Thanking Amy from WorldSchool Adventures and Gabi from Nomadic Family!

homeschooling outdoors

Building Cubby Houses ~

All in a day of the woody homeschooling!

Do You Homeschool/Unschool?



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3 thoughts on “Benefits of Homeschooling

  • June 6, 2012 at 2:34 am

    Hi, myself, daughter-in-law and 7 yr old grandson were planning on travelling australia and i was wondering how you go about organising homeschooling while travelling, do you have to contact the education dept and tell them ? Can anyone do it or do you have to have a teaching certificate ? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Regards Sharon

    • June 6, 2012 at 10:12 pm

      Hi Sharon,
      We use Homeschooling Supplies Australia – here is more information on what we use and how to go about doing homeschooling-

      All the best with your travels, and the best education that can be given to our children is through life experiences. And no you do not have to have a teaching certificate 🙂

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