Big Scooter Review Big Kids Can Have Fun

To be honest I never realised that there was a scooter that Adults could ride so I was surprised when the box arrived……not sure what I had pictured in my mind but the scooter way exceeded my expectations.

Its funny how you get an image from one word, and then the product is way better!

Because we had been so flat out busy all week David never got a chance to take the Scooter out of its box and put it together so on Friday morning I drove to his work and he took a quick break to put it together. There are instructions in the packaging but David never reads those (unless I ask him “Did you put it together the right way”) and of course he rolls his eyes at me and stats “Of Course”

Big Scooter

Big Wheel Scooter Box

The Big Scooter Box ~

{The packaging is only like this after our boys have been playing with it}

Big Kids Can Have Fun.

At David’s Work Putting it together

David takes it out ~

and I read the Instructions!!

Cameron helping Dad with the Alien Keys

At Davids work taking the Big Wheel Scooter out of its box

Both Cameron and Kyle were keen ~

Helping Dad tighten up the handle bar!

When it was together it was a mad rush to see who could have first go….and I think it was a case of waiting for Cameron, and waiting for Kyle then it was my turn!

Cameron riding with Kyle running along beside

Kyle waiting for his Turn!

Riding the big scooter at David's Work Car Park

Had To Wait For My Turn ~ It Was So Much Fun.

I was telling David how much fun the Scooter was, and how we all needed to have one! I was so looking forward to going to Sea Cliff Bridge to try it out.

David being David then tells his boss “Great I have lost my wife to a Scooter”

His Boss stats “Well its better than losing her to a another Man” !!!

David reply’s back “Yeah that’s true, but what is worse is losing a wife to another women” – He has the most wicked sense of humor!!!


I was riding back to the Car, looking over my shoulder and yelled out “Your Bad”….mind you I nearly fell off the Scooter so here’s a tip – never look over your shoulder when riding a scooter!! That would have been so embarrassing!

Sea Cliff Bridge ::

We all took turns riding ahead on Sea Cliff Bridge which was so much fun, even over the bumpy bits in the path way!! And the view was superb because it was a gorgeous day ~ not too hot, not too cold!

Kyle riding at Sea Cliff Bridge

Kyle had a Turn at Riding the Big Scooter at Sea Cliff Bridge

Requirements ::

The only requirement you must have is to be willing to have fun! After all big kids are allowed to have their fun as well as younger kids. There is no age limit, so if you are game enough to give it a go then try it out…you will enjoy how fast you can go, especially down the hills.

I reckon that we should all have a Scooter ~ That way we could travel Australia with Back Packs and Hammocks….imagine if I told David that one?

Instead of “Honey I bought a Motorhome on eBay” ~ it would be……..

“Honey I sold the Motorhome on eBay, and bought us all Hammocks/Scooters to travel around Australia”!!! Do you reckon he will talk to me afterwards?

Safety ::

Do What I Say, Not What I DO!! It stats on the box that you should wear Helmets, Knee pads, elbow pads for safety. We were all going to take our Helmets but I didn’t have time to search for them in our very messy Motorhome Boot. Next Time I will have to find them, mind you I must tell someone so that a search party can be set up for me for when I don’t return….that boot of ours is SO deep and holds way too much stuff!!

Kyle Having Fun

Kyle Loving the Car Park Surface

Size ::

Its suitable for any ages. Our Seven your old was able to ride it, as well as our 11 year old. Then my younger brothers (their uncles) raised the handle bars so they could ride it as well.

Weight ::

It stats on the Box that it is a max of 100 kgs

Design ::

The big wheels are designed for smooth riding, and makes it so that Adults can ride along side Children Running/Walking/Riding another Scooter. We have the black/white Design, there is also a Blue/Black Design.

Kyle teaching Uncle David

Uncle David listens to Kyle

Kyle was showing his Uncle ~

how to ride it!! I think Uncle David knew but he was so kind to let Kyle Explain it anyway!

Take Anywhere ::

It is light weight so you are able to carry it easily up and down stairs! As long as there is a path way then you are able to take it anywhere, it will even go on the Grass!

Tricks ::

My boys never thought about doing Tricks but after watching their Uncles (my younger brothers) they are keen to have a go at trying Tricks.

Big Wheel Scooter Tricks

My Brother Doing Tricks

Where Can You Buy It?

From most stores or search for a Local Dealer  with Active Out There Store.

Big Scooter Review Big Kids Can Have Fun

Our Review :: We highly recommend the Big Scooter – for fun, for exercise and for any ages. After having so much fun at Sea Cliff Bridge, Car Parks, Playgrounds, and Pathways we are going to work out how we can get all of our family a Big Scooter as well as my brothers for Christmas (have to find a way to get a bulk discount…maybe when they are sale somewhere!!)

Big Scooter Brakes

Kyle showing Cameron the Brakes

Our Video Review ::

Do You Think Big Kids Can Have Fun?

Have you had a go of the Big Scooter…..Share Your Experiences……



New Life on the Road.

PS :: This is a product Review. We were asked to review the Big Wheel Scooter. All thoughts and opinions are our own. If we did not agree with a product you would be the first to know!

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