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Yesterday David really needed a break from the Motorhome. He has been pushing himself to get everything done so that we could head out on the road this week. There is so much to do in a Motorhome so that we can live on the road travelling Australia – I am starting to think that its like renovating a house….with always something else that needs doing!

I have been looking at the colour of his face (with the dark circles under his eyes) and had been thinking that he so needs a break! I wasn’t game enough to say anything because last time I said to take a day off, he barked back at me “Yeah Right, there is no time for a day off” !! Well this time both his Mum and I said  “You really need a break, and the boys need a day out” – we also had been putting off visiting the Boolboonda Tunnel! A day out was actually what all of our family needed, and for once David agreed.

So we headed from Bundaberg to the Tunnel.

Boolboonda Tunnel Visit

History Facts about the Boolboonda Tunnel

  • Built in 1883, the tunnel was originally created for the Railway line between Bundaberg and Mount Perry to service the copper mines.
  • Boolboonda Tunnel is now home to a colony of Bentwinged Bats, and used to access residential properties.
  • Located 2km off the Gin Gin Mount Perry Road, Boolboonda Tunnel is approximately 15km before Mount Perry, on the Tourist Drive
  • It passes under the Boolboonda Range through hard granite rock. It took two years to dig and was officially opened on 2 November 1883.  The line was closed in 1960 and tracks removed the following year.
  • Today the tunnel is accessible by vehicular traffic.
  • You can walk through the tunnel, once you have driven through and parked your car near by

Must Have items when Visiting the Boolboonda Tunnel

  • Camera (with batteries that are charged!)
  • Video camera (yep forgot that too!)
  • Torches – at least we had them!
  • Warm clothes – it was colder then down south…the wind goes through the tunnel like ice (not sure what it would be like in Summer time?)
  • Closed in shoes – not only were we walking in Bat droppings, we were also walking in Horse Poo as horses had been through there recently.
  • The ability to stand still, be quiet and feel the bats flying around

When we approached the Tunnel, I asked David to Pull over and was able to take a photo – my camera went flat after we went through the tunnel! We parked the car and was walking back when it died. Luckily I had a few photos!

 Here is the information sign!

Information about the Tunnel

 The Beginning of the Boolboonda Tunnel……

 The Beginning of Boolboonda Tunnel

 The Beginning Of Our Walk into the cave……

Bats in the Cave

Boolboonda tunnel – Drive through to See The Bats

Seeing The Bats Inside Boolboonda Tunnel

That was the last photo I was able to take and then the camera turned off! I am not sure what is going on in the photo above? Its like there was something there that we could not see with our own eyes?

Seeing The Bats, Hearing The Bats

At first we walked for sometime and we were thinking “Oh No there are no bats in here, just black lumps on the walls and ceiling”. So we kept on walking and the black lumps were getting bigger and there was more of them.

 We stopped still, pointed our torches in one spot all at the same time, and realised the black lumps were in fact groups of bats all stuck together!  At first it seemed like a few bats, then half way into the cave we realised that the bats were so tiny that at least 100 bats were all stuck together! They almost looked like little puppies, and they made the most funniest noises we have ever heard.

Standing Still In Time

Almost towards the end of the cave I stopped the boys from talking, and got them all to stand still. There was bats flying around us, we couldn’t see them because we had turned off our torches. But we could feel them circling, could feel the air moving around us, and could hear there little squeaking noises.

They squeak like a small cat or small puppy – they were almost like human, in the way they were talking to each other. What amazed me was they could not see us (without the light from our torches) nor could they hear us (for once my kids were quiet!) yet they never once hit us, or came close to hitting us. The Bats in Boolboonda Tunnel sure are smart!

Have you been to the Boolboonda Tunnel in QLD?

If so – do you have photos? Could I please ask you to add them to our fanpage so that other fans can get to see what the Tunnel looks like, or if you have photos of the bats could you let us know?

I would love to add photos of the Bats to New Life on the Road!



New Life on the Road


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4 thoughts on “Boolboonda Tunnel

  • September 13, 2011 at 11:52 am

    Boolboonda tunnel is amazing and the strength it must have taken for those men many years ago to chisel through that rock is definately a credit to their determination. We have driven through the tunnel quite a few times but have never walked through it. Bats aren’t my favourite animal and I would hate for one to land on me.
    Jackie Stenhouse recently posted..Orange and Almond Cake

    • September 14, 2011 at 10:45 pm

      Hello Jackie,

      It sure is amazing! I reckon it would have been hard work getting the tunnel built. Amazing how perfect it is – its so round and looks like it was made from a machine. We walked through and you could “feel the bats” rather then see them! They are so tiny – if we didnt have torches we wouldnt have seen them either. They are so cute – a bit like puppy dogs when they are new born. They also make the funniest noises!

      Next time you are up that way, jump out and walk through the tunnel – you will be amazed with what you see!


  • October 21, 2012 at 6:39 am

    Hi Lisa, we just bought a bus to convert to a motorhome so my hubby is the same with work, work, work. We just got back from the Boolboonda tunnel or ‘the bat cave’ as the kids call it. It really is a historical treasure for Mt Perry. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • October 31, 2012 at 1:21 pm

      Hi Shontelle,

      Its a great cave! Wished we had thought to have the camera charged to get photos from the inside of the cave 🙂

      So good to hear about another family buying a motorhome and geting it ready to travel in!



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