Boondall Wetlands

Last Friday (10th February) we drove into Boondall Wetlands to spend a couple of hours walking around. Funny how we used to live closer to the Boondall Wetlands then we do at the moment,  but yet we hadn’t been there 🙂

Boondall Wetlands

What surprised me about the Boondall Wetlands was the location – it was so close to Brisbane Airport. The walkways are perfect for Children – lots to look at and lots to do! There are two different walks – one that is 2 Km and the other one is 8.4Km.

Walkway Bike Riding Boondall Wetlands

Our visit To Boondall Wetlands

Information about Boondall Wetlands ~

A map of Boondall wetlands

We took the 2 Km walk as we only had about two hours to wonder around.

The other thing that surprised me about Boondall Wetlands was the fact that there was a gorgeous Bird Watching Platform at one point of our walk. Where we could look at all the Jelly Fish that were floating by – there was so many!

Quiet Please at Boondall wetlands

Bird Watching Area ~

Our boys loved this sign..and was very quiet!

Jellyfish at Boondall Wetlands

Jelly fish ~ Boondall Wetlands backs onto the ocean

Where there are so many Jelly Fish!

Our boys were on the look out – not for the wild life but for the Aborginial Art that was placed thorughout the walk. Plaques on big poles, where one side was a picture that was related to the environment! On the other side was another picture and again it was something that represented the enviornment!

Boondall Wetlands Aboriginal Art Works

Artwork on the Boondall Wetlands!

Being the wetlands, and being out in the sun, meant that we sure needed to spray for Mozzies. Normally we don’t like to use chemicals, but this one time we sprayed and sprayed. So glad that we did because we were attacked by the huge blood suckers (they love my skin!)

Walkways at Boondall Wetlands

Walking at Boondall Wetlands ~

Our boys loved exploring the walkways!

One day I would like to go back to the Boondall Wetlands, to complete the 8.4Km walk, or try the bike track! It would be nice to do that as a family….wonder when we can make the time for more adventure/exploring!

The Tourist Information Center

There is also a tourist Information Center at Boondall Wetlands – where you can see snakes enclosed in clear boxes, and play games on the computer – as well as a display cabinet.

Boondall Wetlands Aboriginal Display

Display Cupboards ~

Boondall Wetlands Information Center

Snake Display

Snakes on display ~

So glad that this is behind glass!

Have You Been To The Boondall Wetlands?



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