Broken River Mountain Resort

It was the lack of noise and the smell that got my attention on Sunday afternoon when we arrived at Broken River Mountain Resort. Did you know that we lived in Mackay about 12 years ago and yet we never ever knew it was there!

So many times we drive around with our eyes shut – or at least with blinkers on. How did we live in Mackay for three years and NOT know about a place that was so peaceful that it took my breath away? And the smell….it was the smell of freshly used fireplaces. Oh How My Heart Loves Fireplaces!

Combine it with the location and you do have a Mountain Resort that caters for all of your needs…….

We had a look around, and we are keen to go back for a weekend! As soon as we can work out when David is going to have a three-day weekend we will be booking a spot to stay there! Just for the fireplace alone 🙂

Location:- Broken River Mountain Resort is an hours drive – Just 90 km west of Mackay

Eungella Dam Road  Eungella QLD 4757
(07)4958 4000

Lodges:- Can cater for a single person, a couple, couple with two kids and even four kids!

With Cooking facilities in each room, TV, Fireplace, Linen provided – and the icing on the cake – they have a Restaurant so that you don’t have to be worried about cooking meals!

Broken River Mountain Resort

Love the Gardens ~

So peaceful!

Do You Like What My Boys Say About The Mountain Resort In The Above Video?

Have you Stayed (or thinking of staying!) at the Broken River Mountain Resort?



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