Bucasia Beachfront Caravan Park

Thought I would share where we have spent the last 9 days. It was like paradise, actually I reckon it was about close to paradise as you could get. We had everything we could ever want – pool, a place that our boys were allowed to ride their bikes, a playground next to Bucasia Caravan Park and right on the beach!

Bucasia BeachFront Caravan Park

I reckon that our family was an ocean animal in our previous life because we so loved the Beach, the Water, the Scenes! We loved the way our boys could cross the Caravan Park dirt/sand road and walk down a track straight to the Bucasia Beach!

We loved that David and I could go for a walk on the beach – time alone knowing our boys were safe riding around Bucasia Beachfront Caravan Park.

Mackay Caravan Park

Our Magical Stay ~

Right on Bucasia Beachfront

If we could only have stayed there longer than 2 weeks! But all of their permanent sites are taken up, and we understood why the caravan park was not allowed to take on anymore travelling family on a full-time basis 🙂

No Place Like Home

Have you ever got to a place and felt like you were at home? I so felt like that when we arrived to Bucasia Beachfront Caravan Park on Friday 13th. As soon as we arrived, set up our bus so that we could have power and water, we all went for a long walk along the beach! It was so what we needed – so what we all wanted.

Bucasia Caravan Park

We spent Nine Days Parked here ~

All packed and ready to leave today!

Then There Was The Pool

Not seen a pool like it before – it was round, with a tower in the middle. Near the steps was shallow water, the other side of the pool was deeper. Our boys had so much fun – splashing…jumping into the water, and creating crazy games!

Caravan Park Pool

This Round Pool was ideal ~

Shallow end near the stairs and deeper end in the middle!

Bucasia Beachfront Caravan Park BBQ

Next to the Pool was a BBQ area ~

with a Drink Machine, tables and Chairs.

Mackay Caravan Park Cubby house

They even had a cubby house up in a Tree!

The Tide Goes Out So Far!

When the Tide goes out, it really goes out….so much so that you can walk right out for ages. One day Nicholas came back with our Boat (it’s a rubber blow up boat) from the beach. He then tells me that he went all the way out to the Rock Island. Got out of the Boat, and explored the Island before rowing back to shore….OH MY GOSH – what about Crocodiles and Sharks was my first thought. But he just looks at me as if to say “What, Whats wrong with me doing that” look!

mackay beach

Bucasia Beach ~

Love walking on the beach!

My boys are crazy with how much adventure they have in them…still cant work out where they get that from! Not sure how/why he thought it would be ok to row out that far…even though the tide was so far out, and even though he didnt have to row too far…what about the SHARKS? Or what about the wind pushing him off course and he doesnt come back to Bucasia Beach? Yep my kids have good guardian angels looking after them 🙂

Feeling In The Caravan Park

The best part of Bucasia Beachfront Caravan Park was the feeling of pride that the owners/managers had, the feeling of family is important amongst all of the travelling families and how nice the permanent people all were.

Mackay Caravan Park toilets

Bucasia Beachfront Caravan Park ~

Toilet Blocks was so close to our Bus!

Every one made us feel so welcome, and was so nice to our boys – looking at for each other! Even when Kyle was riding his bike around the Caravan Park, the people driving through in the cars slowed down so that he could be safe.

Our boys where so sad to say goodbye to the kids who have lived there for sometime….they so wanted to stay. Yet we know that we will find many more Caravan Parks along our journey where they will feel the same again.

Able to ride their bikes in the Caravan Park

Bucasia Beachfront Caravan Park ~

Our boys loved being able to play safely.

Moving Onto Another Caravan Park

We have moved onto another Caravan Park (in the Mackay area) who can let us stay for as long as we need to…which is so handy because David can easily get to work, and our boys can go to the local school (Zachery wants to get a casual Job!) and we are all happy. That is what our New Life on the Road is all about – being flexible, being happy, and discovering new places to explore!

Motorhome travelling

Our Kitchen Packed Up For Travelling ~

would love it to be this clean all of the time!

Ready for travelling

Packed Away Our Gas Cook Top ~

Ready for travelling 🙂

Have You Stayed Somewhere That Feels Like Paradise?

Location of Bucasia Beachfront Caravan Park:-

Address:: Bucasia Esplanade, Bucasia Beach, Mackay QLD 4740

Phone ::  07 4954 6375

Email ::  stay@bucasiabeach.com.au



New Life on the Road.

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15 thoughts on “Bucasia Beachfront Caravan Park

    • May 9, 2012 at 1:49 am

      Hi DJ,

      It was so good! I loved being able to walk along the beach, and know that my boys were safe playing in the sand!

      Love the sould of your beach in Florida 🙂


  • April 23, 2012 at 5:12 am

    Living in Caravan Parks is fun. I can imagine how much fun you and David and the boys have. Rowing out to the Island – Oh dear – all’s well that ends well! Our son Matt would so have done that too.
    jan recently posted..Madrid Street Entertainers

    • May 9, 2012 at 1:48 am

      Hi Jan,

      It was so nice to be there! And to live so close to the beach….yeah my boys always surprise me and freak me out 🙂

      So glad that it was all ok!


    • May 9, 2012 at 1:46 am

      You will so love it 🙂 Your kids will love the beach, and the people who own the caravan park are so nice!

  • April 23, 2012 at 9:48 am

    It seems so strange to hear that you were concerned about sharks. That’s just not something I would ever think about, but I guess it’s different down there.
    Sorry you had to leave such a nice park, but I’m sure you’re going to find plenty more great ones. Here’s hoping that your new one is just as great!
    Steve recently posted..Planet Lazer Kelowna – Hunger Games Lite

    • May 9, 2012 at 1:41 am

      Hi Steve,

      The north part of Queensland has many crocodiles so we are always on the look out for them 🙂
      It was such a beautiful park – looking forward to going back one day!

      The new one is just as great, only wished there was a beach close by!


    • May 9, 2012 at 1:39 am

      Hi Sharon,

      Thanking you for your great connection, and your kind words – will pass them onto Zachery!


  • July 5, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Hi Lisa,
    Wow! what an adventure, sounds so perfect. I just read your artical in the That’s Life magazine and went straight to your web site, Wow again that takes guts.
    Only read a few of the comments so far, my first thoughts were what a great decision you made and lucky everyone are in it with gusto. Then I thought and this is coming from the film side of me
    ( I retired when I became pregnat and never went back, I was in film, tv and stage Behind the scenes) my husband is still very much in film and tv, manly tv, he is a freelance Director /Producer)
    why don’t you document each day by filming. May be Zac could become the family cameraman with you doing the commentary, you could be the next ‘Leylen Brothers’ family type of documentaries/Travel log makers.
    Well Good luck to you all on your adventure, I look forward to reading more, take care and travel safe.
    Margii T-Z~~~

    • July 5, 2012 at 12:45 pm

      Hi Margii,

      Thanking you for your kind words and your great support! I love your idea but not sure Zachery would be keen – he is a teenager who is very shy and loves it when the camera is no where near him 🙂

      We are looking forward to sharing many adventures with every one via our blog, facebook page and youtube channel.


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