Cake 2 The Rescue

Literally. I hadn’t even thought about what Cake to get for Kyle’s 8th Birthday ~ it kinda of snuck up on me! When we got the email From Mummy Hearts Money to say we had won the prize I wasn’t even sure what I had won!

After checking out the many Cake 2 The Rescue wonderful kits I knew straight away which one to get for our youngest!

Kombi Van To The Rescue

His favorite car is “A Hippie Car” {his words}. And he loves to spot them when we are out n about….I so can see him one day driving down the road in a Kombi – with a Surf Board on top of the roof and a Dog sitting next to him. With long Hair, heading to the beach or where ever he wants to go to……free with no deadlines or any set place to be!

Baking the Cake

Cake 2 the Rescue

 The Kit contains everything you need ~

including this Disposable Baking Pan.

Baking the Kombi Van

Getting ready to bake the cake

We Baked This Cake In My Brothers Oven ~

A cake made by our family with love

Cake Kit

The Kombi Van Easiest Cake Ever

This was the Easiest Cake ever!

And we have made a Few {Lots} of Cakes over the Years!

The start of the cake

Very Red Base

The Start of the Process ~

Here is how Zachery Started the Cake.

Putting the Cake together

Adding the Windscreen

Turning it into a Masterpiece ~

one step at a time.

Finished Cake

The End Result

This is how easy the Cake was to make! With added personal touches. Like a peace sign and KW {Kyle Wood} number plates.

A cake made with love from all of us……Cameron and Zachery {with my help} created the masterpiece

Singing Happy Birthday

Kyle Smile says it all!

He was over the moon excited ~

A cake that he Loved

Happy 8th Year Old Birthday

Taking out the Candles!

After He Blew ALL Of the Candles ~

in one go ~

It was time to cut the cake!

Yummy Cake

And It tasted so yummy!

The Cake was so VERY yummy ~

all of us were impressed with the taste of it.

Over our years we have SPENT hours on Cakes…..Train Cakes, Monster Cakes, 3 D Duck Cakes {Gosh that was an experience}, Monkey Cakes, Football Cakes, Pirate Cakes….this was by far the most easiest Cake ever.

Will have to check out one for Cameron – his Birthday is later on in the year and he would like a Cake 2 the Rescue creation.

Have You Made A Birthday Cake For Your Children?

Have you Created one from Cake 2 the Rescue?

Thanking you for following our Journey.



New Life on the Road.

PS :: We did not get asked to write this blog post nor did we get paid to write anything!!

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