Cape Hillsborough Mackay

On Monday we decided to go for a scenic drive/picnic lunch. We left about 11.00am (we never can get out on time!) and decided to head to Cape Hillsborough for bush walking.

Cape Hillsborough Mackay

We used to visit Cape Hillsborough a lot back when we had our older two as little ones. Wished we had access to the photos that we taken when they were little..they are all in our Shipping Container. Must get one of those Photo scanners and transfer our photos out of albums onto computers (one day!)

Cape Hillsborough has changed since we were last there. About 12 years ago they used to have a camping spot where you could camp for a few nights. And there used to be lots of Kangaroo’s. Not any more. Actually we were surprised with how over grown the grass was, how many weeds are taking over and the lack of animals. Yet it still had the most amazing Views atop of the Lookouts…..

From the Lookouts at Cape Hillsborough

From One of the Lookouts ~

On top of the World at Cape Hillsborough

cape hillsborough lookout

Kyle was taking his own photos of Cape Hillsborough!

Daddy and son cuddle time

My favorite photo from the day!

Daddy and Kyle Cuddle time.

Our bush walk

We walked all over Cape Hillsborough! ~

We saw Twin Beach Lookout, Turtle Lookout, Andrews Point Lookout!

Tide coming in at Cape Hillsborough

Tide coming in~

I looked back to see the rocks we had climbed over…

the tide was coming in fast!

Lookouts while bush walking

One of the many views we saw from the day!

We had a great day out! Even without the Kanagroos! Even without enough time to walk on another different walking track. Which means we will have to go back again another time.

Location of Cape Hillsborough:-

50 km north-west of Mackay on the Central Queensland coast, approximately 1025 km north of Brisbane

They even now have a playground near the BBQ areas with picnic Table/Chairs. I forgot to take photos of the picnic area, hoping Kyle took some that I can download and use!

Would you Like me to Share Kyle Photos/Videos from the Day?

Have You Been To Cape Hillsborough? If So What Do You Like About It?


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