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Caravan Parks In Mackay No Where To Stay

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Posted by on April 17, 2012

Well we are here in Mackay and we are staying at the most amazing place…with no where that can take us for longer than two weeks! We are staying at a Caravan Park that is right on the beach but they are fully booked out for their long-term residents, and can only take tourist that are coming/going.

It looks like Caravan Parks can only take so many “Permanent” sites and the rest are Tourist Spots….where you are not allowed to stay longer than two weeks at a time.

Caravan Parks In Mackay

There are plenty of Caravan Parks in Mackay – I must have rung them all yesterday and then the surrounding areas. Yet there is No Where To Stay. It’s the weirdest thing we have ever had happen…we are speaking with the Caravan Parks in Mackay, and as soon as we mention that we would like to stay longer than two weeks, they are either booked out or they let us know that they are not allowed to take long stay bookings.

Caravan Parks in Mackay No where to stay

Love The Beaches In Mackay!!

It looks Like The Council Have Put Laws In Place

Laws that let the Caravan Parks take so many tourist and then so many long-term stays. With the amount of work that is available in Mackay, and the lack of workers here, you would think that Caravan Parks could look at all travellers and make a decision that they can over look the fact that we will be staying longer than two weeks?

Here is a Short Run Down of Yesterdays Calls To Mackay Caravan Parks:-

* Mackay Central Tourist Park – Only one week available  – which we could say yes to but then after that one week I have to start looking all over again…not my fun ideal of staying anywhere!

* Central Tourist Park – Nothing that could fit our Nine Metre Bus into…yep we have a Motorhome but it’s not as big as most buses!! We have fitted into the Caravan Park that we are staying at no problems – even though the site is the size for a Caravan!

*  Mackay Marine Tourist Park – Maybe we could stay a week starting from yesterday but we want to stay here until next Weekend! We spoke back and forwards about dates and they decided that they could help us (maybe) by the end of May for a few weeks!

*  Hilltop Caravan Park – went to message bank. Left a message and phone number and nothing…not heard back!

* Premier Caravan Park – Nothing at all for months and months..they are fully booked out.

* Armstrong Beach – Nothing for months and months…they are fully booked out!

* Bakers Creek – went to message bank. Left a message and phone number – not heard back!

* Cape Palmerston Holiday Park – Such a nice guy…he was explaining how far out of Mackay he is, and would we rather look closer as he didn’t like the fact that hubby would have so far to drive! He was so happy to fit us in, had the space for our 9 metre Bus, and was even happy to give us one night free every week. As he was 80K’s out of Mackay we asked if we could get back in touch with him if we had to – he was so nice over the phone and agreed that we could call anytime!

*  Sarina Palms Caravan Village – We might be able to stay there but only for this week. We could almost fit the Bus in the Caravan Park but our Car had to be parked outside on the road other wise we were told that there was not enough room.

* Hay Point Caravan Park – Closed Down. Now they only have the hotel side of the business still running!

* Seawinds Caravan Park – Nothing available at all for the moment!

* Andergrove Caravan Park – They were busy taking a booking while I was on the phone to them – so they were going to work out if our Bus could fit in their sites, and ring us back. When they rang back the spot was taken!

* Seaforth Camping – Such a great spot to camp out, and such a great price…they only charge $95.00 per week.  Bob was so nice on the phone – and he has the space for our Motorhome. We could stay there easily for at least 8 weeks but there is no power. We have left them as our back-up plan!

 * Mirani Caravan Park – they took our details and have placed it on a waiting list – but they are fully booked out!

* Jolimont Caravan Park – nothing at the moment

* Kinchant Waters Leisure Camp – was very helpful…they dont have anything at the moment but gave us names of other places to try!

There are many more that I have called and spoken to – we would love to stay in Mackay with David but if need be he will stay here and work and we will park down south!

*** UPDATE *****

David spoke with Sarina Caravan Park this morning – they can fit our Bus into one of their spots that they set aside for Fifth Wheelers…we are going to drive down there this morning (in our car) to check it out and make sure. If all is good then that there is where we will be heading to…fingers and toes are Crossed :)

Caravan Parks In Mackay – Plenty of Them!

With No Where Available To Stay For Long Term.

Have You Had This Happen Where You Have Travelled To?



New Life on the Road.

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14 Responses to Caravan Parks In Mackay No Where To Stay

  1. jan

    Who would have thought. I know they have a housing shortage in Mackay, but didn’t think about the impact on long term spots in C.P.’s. My fingers are crossed for you in Sarina!
    jan recently posted..I love the long haul flights

    • Lisa

      Hi Jan,

      All is good – we found a Caravan Park in Sarina that can take us! And we can stay as long as we want :)


  2. Helen

    Crazy isn’t it! We stayed at Andergrove in Oct/Dec last year for about five or six weeks with no problems. Surprised that they didn’t have room as there is a huge grassed area that buses were parking on whilst we were there. Something to do with power, perhaps? That whole area is going nuts at the moment. Just having a heartbeat was enough for Paul to get work! Hope things work out ok and not too stressy for much longer. Good Luck!!
    Helen recently posted..The race to Sydney continues: The Amazing Fraser Island

    • Lisa

      Hi Helen,

      Its really weird – we drove past Andergrove the other day (while we were driving around the Mackay area) and we could see lots of spots where we could have parked our bus!
      There is so much work here, you would think more caravan parks where opening up!
      We have now found somewhere to stay in Sarina…moving there on Sunday!


  3. Little Gumnut

    goodness! who’d have thought??!
    Little Gumnut recently posted..Finishing off

    • Lisa

      Its nuts! Funny how we had no troubles on the Sunshine Coast for somewhere to stay – yet here in Mackay there is plenty of work and no accommodation!!! Go Figure :)

  4. Jenny Williams

    You were lucky to get good accommodation in Mackay with all the mining guys taking most of it up – nice part of the world.
    Jenny Williams recently posted..Architectural Timber Joinery Brisbane

    • Lisa

      Hi Jenny,

      Its a very nice part of Australia but yet there is so not enough accommodation compared to how much work is here!


  5. alberta


    I just discovered your website and your new life-adventure. I find it very brave of you and I really like it. It’s wonderful to meet/read about people who took decisions that are just theirs. I subscribed to your blog and hope to get even more inspiration from it. We are currently in Charlotte, NC. And we are also in the middle of taking some decisions that have a lot to do with our values and our ‘where do we want to be? and how do we want to live?’ questions. That’s why your blog can be so good for us :))
    Thanks for starting it!

    • Lisa

      Hi Alberta,

      Thanking you for your kind words and for subscribing to our site :)

      When you start asking the “Right Questions” for you and your family the “Right Answers” will come your way :)

      We love living our life full of adventure.


  6. kylie

    hi i am trying to find an owner of a caravan park in Mackay but can’t remember the name of the caravan park all i go was his name is Scott and he is the owner of this park and he was from Townsville I am hoping yo can help me

    • Lisa

      Hi Kylie,

      Sorry but I dont know any of the caravan park owners names. But most of the websites do have the names on there of who is running/owning them :)

      All the best of luck.

  7. Sue

    Hello Lisa
    I found your page and the coments very interesting and the facts correct. I cannot understand why Mackay hasnt got a dedicated BIG 4 caravan park for the holidaying public. The one that has recently put a BIG 4 sign up on Harbour Rd is a known disgrace and if anyone wants to challenge this comment can show recent Facebook posts by our younger population stating this is where they go when they want steal things.
    Mackay and it abundance of wealth should have a park on the highway side of town with facilities to rival Coconut Palms in Cairns to encourage the caravaning/ holidaying public to at least stay a few nights. There isn’t a lot to do in Mackay at the best of times but having a real holiday park with its own facilities within its boundaries would go a long way towards people stopping and staying and perhaps give the tourists a positive experience in the area. We can only hope!!!!!!!

    • Lisa

      Hi Sue,

      Mackay is so behind the times with accommodation, tourism and welcoming travellers to their town! They don’t seem to need to worry about creating a good place to stay because the mining industry keeps the town going.

      Yeah having a fun family (cheaper) caravan park to stay at for families who travel with children would be ideal!

      Thanking you for sharing your thoughts about having no where to stay while in Mackay!


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