RV Seals

RV Seals

In this post I will be using the term RV seals to cover both caravans and motorhomes. I mentioned briefly about Seals in Tales From The Workshop, here is what I was talking about!

They all have them in one form or another and if they are not in good condition your motorhome/caravan can be destroyed in no time. What seals am I talking about? They are not the ones on your fridge. they are the ones on the outside of your RV that are supposed to keep the water from getting in. As well as the seals around your wet areas inside that are supposed to keep the water from getting to other areas.

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Tales From The Workshop Floor

Tales From The Workshop Floor

Have I got a tale or two for you and they are all straight from the workshop floor. I will be regularly writing posts over the next few months about motorhome and caravan repairs, modifications and accessories that I come across as I work on the workshop floor of a caravan repair business.

Tales From The Workshop Floor

Following What I Love To Do

As I wrote in a previous post titled “Tradie not a Trader” as much as I wanted to become a Trader to finance our new life on the road, mentally I am still a Tradie and not yet ready for life as a Trader. So soon after arriving on the Sunshine Coast I set out to look for some temporary employment to help pay for the repairs to our motorhome.

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Dressed For Success

Dressed For Success

Are you dressed for success? It might seem like a bit of a stupid question but it is one of those questions that if you think about it is actually asking more than one question.

A Case Study in Being Dressed For Success

The whole reason that I am writing this post is that our oldest son went into a four hour series of interviews last week and was offered the job of his dreams. Was he dressed for success? Hayden certainly was. He was not only dressed for success physically but mentally as well. It was what separated him out from the large group of people that were there to be interviewed for a chance of a career in the Australian Defence Force.

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Shopping Online

Shopping online has become so common place in the last few years that it has started to affect the profitability of businesses in the conventional retail sector. Some have even had to close due to their market share being taken over by online sales.

The Good And The Bad

Shopping OnlineAs many of you who regularly read our blog know our bus was bought by Lisa who was shopping online (without my knowledge) and we have continued to buy a great deal of the materials and equipment that has gone into the repairs and renovations through online businesses. Just as we have experienced everything from fantastic customer service to ridiculously bad customer service with conventional retail outlets, we have experienced the same with online stores. The big difference between them is that we do not have to get into our car and drive to another location/store when we find the level of service less than expected with an online store. The next shop is only a couple of mouse clicks away.

So What Would I Know

Soon after I left school many years ago I went to work as a sales assistant with a business that was growing at a much faster rate than any other retail business in Australia. The reason for this rapid growth was the sales profit that we generated through good customer service. Our company had one of the country’s best sales training programs in place. We were taught that:

  • Every customer who walks through the door is there to buy something that they need.
  • How to find out what that need was.
  • To show the customer the products that fulfil that need and explain the benefits that the product or products that most closely match their need would bring to them.
  • To close the sale.

Following these basic rules the customer would usually make a purchase after having a good shopping experience.

What Makes a Good Online Shopping Experience?

Shopping Online Information is the key to a good  shopping online experience. Just as good retail sales people are taught to give the customer the information that they need to purchase what they need, an online store has to provide that information to convert a visitor to their website into a customer.

When I land on someone’s sales page I expect to find:

  • Information about the product including photos (where appropriate).
  • Specifications and benefits.
  • Other products to compare it to.
  • Prices
  • Delivery charges and delivery time after payment.

What I do not like to find is:

  • Just a few photos and a phone number.
  • No pricing
  • A 5mb PDF file that I have to download just to find one item.
  • Photos of the individual products with no information to help me determine if it is what I need.

 Information Converts To Sales

If you own an online business the title of this paragraph says it all. If you give the visitors to your site the information they need to have a good shopping experience they will most likely buy off you. If they only find some photos and a phone number or a PDF that they have to use their data allowance and time to download the next site below you in the search engine results will be grateful to you.

What do you think? As a customer do you feel that you only have a good online shopping experience when you can make an informed decision? As an online store owner are you generating the level of sales that you desire? Are you giving your potential customers a good shopping online experience?


David Wood

New Life On The Road


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Daves New Outlook

Where The Hell Has Dave Been

Lisa has told me that she has been asked on several occasions “where’s Dave”. Well I am back with a new outlook. Apart from working on our bus I have been spending a lot of time thinking and re-evaluating my life and how I want to live it. Lisa has kept me informed in the mean time of everyone’s positive comments whilst she has continued to keep everyone updated. To each and every one of you I would like to say thank you. Your support has meant a great deal to me.

Have I Just Had My Mid Life Crisis?

Some would call it a mid life crisis but personally I think that term is an absolute crock of you know what. To me it was an awakening or realisation that I was not being true to myself in some of the things that I was doing in my life and my perception of other aspects was somewhat jaded. The Instability created by the change from living a suburban lifestyle to home being wherever I park our bus certainly played a part in realising that I was not being true to myself. I was in the midst of realising a goal that I had set myself when I was still a teenager and I wasn’t even excited. It was at this point that I started to realise that something was wrong. Read more

First Taste Of Life On The Road. Part 3

Life on the road was looking good. We had achieved my goal of being north of Sydney before the morning rush and our new motorhome was running well despite it being forty years old.

Homeward Bound

I wasn’t sure about Geoff but I was starting to feel the effects of the days activities and 4am start. It was now approaching 11pm and the coffee at the last stop was not doing much to keep me awake. The decision to find somewhere to park and get a bit of sleep was an easy one though. The bus made it for us.

We had been traveling up the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway for approximately half an hour when the rain started up again. When Geoff turned on the windscreen wipers there was a flash and the fuse had blown again. Luckily I had bought extras. We went through two more before we found a rest area to pull into at the Ourimbah exit. It is a large rest area with plenty of room so it was easy to find a place to park. Definitley a place to remember when we are touring Australia. As soon as the engine was off we had the sleeping bags out on the lounges and were asleep in minutes. I was beginning to realise how good life on the road was going to be when finding somewhere to sleep was as simple as finding somewhere to park when you are driving a motorhome. Read more

First Taste Of Life On The Road. Part 2

My first taste of life on the road was providing me with a good understanding of our new motorhomes capabilities and shortcomings. We were about to see how well the engine and cooling system stacked up.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

We were at the base of Mount Ousley which is the easiest way up to the top of the Illawarra Escarpment and then on to Sydney. It is the least steep of all the mountain passes and duel carriageway all the way to the top, but it is a 6km long climb and enough to test any cooling system. I moved into the left lane as soon as we reached the foot of the pass and slowed down changing into second gear. It was then just a matter of keeping the bus at a constant speed and wait.

I was impressed. We not only got to the top without any rise in engine temperature or mechanical problems, we did it with ease. Once I had the bus set up at its optimum speed the constant grade allowed us to cruise easily to the top. We even had to overtake some trucks to keep our speed constant.

Where Our Life On The Road Faced Its First Test

Mount Ousley

At this stage we were quiet hungry. we had been on the road for a few hours and had been on the lookout for somewhere to eat but had not found anything along our travels that was open. I had decided to take us around the southern outskirts of Sydney and up the M7 to get us heading north again, so I knew that we would be able to find a place to get a hot meal twenty minutes up the road at Appin. How did I know this? We were on a trip down memory lane as life on the road was taking us straight towards the area that I grew up in. Read more

First Taste Of Life On The Road. Part 1

Welcome back to New Life On The Road. We were finally ready to depart. All the required insurance and temporary registration had been obtained. We had checked and adjusted the tire pressures, fuel, oil and  radiator coolant. I had also replaced the windscreen wiper rubbers. Nothing could go wrong now. Or could it?

A Taste Of Life On The Road

We departed from the south side of Batemans Bay with Geoff driving. To say I was excited was a bit of an understatement. I was as excited as a dog at a cat show. We were finally on the road, It was one of those warm clear days that you get at the start of winter and we were about to drive up through the South Coast of New South Wales where I had spent many holidays and long weekends in my younger years. Read more

Trying To Get On The Road

My first glimpse of what is to become our home whilst living our life on the road came at 10am on the morning that Geoff and I flew down to pick up the bus as we entered the street that the bus was parked in.

Will There Be A Life On The Road?

I was both excited and a little apprehensive about what I was going to find. Was it going to be in as good a condition as the EBay listing and the vendor had told me, or was I about to pick up a bucket of rust that would not even make it to Queensland.I was about to find out.  Read more

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