Adventure on P and O Pacific Jewel

I am still trying to share our wonderful trip on The P & O Pacific Jewel – we had four nights on it last year for our second son’s 21st Birthday and it was the best!

We now have the Cruise Bug and I am looking at so many different cruises and all of their deals, I so want to go on the Carnival as that looks like so much fun! Actually I don’t care which cruise line or where to, just want to go on more adventures.

Adventure on P and O Pacific Jewel

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Spaceships Rentals Review – Our Experience

A few weeks ago we took a Road Trip down to Eden. I am still to trying to update our magical three days down there – so far I have shared Waldron Swamp Rest AreaEden Whale Festival, Eden Killer Whale Museum, Eden Fascinating Sites – still have lots more of our adventures from down there to share!

To get to the Eden Whale Festival {and to see all of Eden} we used a Spaceship Campervan Rental from Sydney. Actually I was not keen to return the vehicle, I would have loved to keep it and drive all over Australia with it!!!

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Pete Murray Interview

Yesterday I was so excited, nervous and wondering what I actually put my hand up for! You see I normally jump in with both feet first and then wonder afterwards what I have said yes to!!

I guess this time I am so very glad that I jumped high and landed safely….

Yep I was stoked to speak with Pete Murray in a Interview over the phone, talk about a nice guy who is very down to earth.

Can’t share what went down here at New Life on the Road, but I can let you know you all know where to go to read all about it. The interview is now live over at iWollongong – Interview With Pete Murray and Giveaway  {CLICK ON THE WORDS TO THE LEFT to be taken to the live interview}

Thanking you iWollongong for the opportunity and to Pete Murray for being such a great guy.

Was such a blast to do the interview….this year 2014 I can see so many exciting things happening for our family, and so many great opportunities opening up for me, wondering what exciting thing is going to happen next!!!

Have You Ever Seen Pete Murray Sing?



New Life on the Road

Our Best Aussie Moments

Today I want to share Our Best Aussie Moments, in photos and joining in on the Fun over at Adventure Tours.  Do you know how many photos we have taken over our New Life on the Road lifestyle? OVER 2,000 photos!! And that’s only in the last two years. I have many more on my computer but that crashed before I could save the pictures.

Our Best Aussie Moments ::

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Oh How We Miss Australia Zoo

We used to live in Glasshouse Mountains, actually that is where we were living when I jumped onto eBay and purchased our Motorhome!!! It was a house located so close to Australia Zoo, giving us the chance to have yearly Passes. I was working night shifts while David was being “Mr Mum”

I would come home from work and get a few hours sleep and then we would head to the Australia Zoo for the afternoon. A great way to explore different parts of the Zoo, and spend time seeing different animals….was also great because we never had to rush to see everything, and be everywhere at once.

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Illawarra Light Railway Museum

On Mothers Day I had a few requests from our Boys. I did not want to be given stuff that I did not need! It was more about wanting an experience.

illawarra Light Railway Museum

My number one request was to have peace n quiet,

My number two request was to go somewhere we have not been to before!

My number three request was to spend time with all of my boys.

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Mothers Day Will Be Different This Year

This Year is going to be so very different for myself and for my family for Mothers Day. It won’t actually be celebrated on the Sunday but we will be celebrating a day earlier!

Mothers Day Will Be Different This Year.

*** Please Keep on Reading Because I have A Gift To Give Away – all you need to do is answer a question!! ***

This year I won’t be making a phone call as a gift to my Mum, because I am actually going to be brave enough to spend the day with family and say Thanks with giving a gift and through a lunch date.

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