Yarramalong Weir Free Camping Spot

From Ban Ban Springs we stayed over night in Toowoomba. The next day we visited Toowoomba Japanese Gardens and Picnic Point Toowoomba we decided to head to Yarramalong Weir Free Camping Spot for the nights. Its not fair from Toowoomba, and we wanted an easy afternoon of driving, with a chance to set up camp in the daylight.

Luckily we had our dinner cooked in our Thermal Cooker so it was ready that night – mind you we forgot to buy greens for it so we had “Chicken Curry” with only potatoes! It was still very yummy. And it was the very first time we have ever been in bed and asleep by 7.30pm!! Yep we were cold, tired and in bed fast asleep early – I turned off my phone before going to sleep but David forgot to 🙂

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Gympie Over night Rest Stop

After we left Hervey Bay, and spent one magical day at Rainbow Beach we bundled up our boys {eating dinner along the way} to stay that night at Gympie Over Night Rest Stop.

It was dark and late when we got there, and that’s not the best way to set up Camp…Because its a bit harder to see a flat spot, and the best spot to park closer to the toilet blocks, but not too close to the road.

Well we got the closer to the toilet blocks right, and it was sorta a flat spot…but I didn’t think about what could fall out of trees above us! Nor did we realise how close we were to to the main roads with all of the truckies going by in the morning {yeah I sure have a crazy story on that one!}

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Waldron Swamp Rest Area

After picking up “Earmuffs” from Spaceship rentals in Sydney I dashed back to the motorhome to pack everything up = Also had to stop at Aldi for food shopping.

Check this out……My oldest son was trying to keep our younger two boys entertained – they started to play a game {no idea what the game was} while waiting at Spaceship Campervan Rentals for our campervan to be ready. This there is what makes my day, my boys playing games together and having fun!

I was very lucky to be able to spend the previous night at my oldest son’s place in Sydney. And was so very lucky that he had the day off to take us to the campervan factory which was so close to his place.

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Meroo National Park Free Camping

On Friday night we drove from Wollongong down to Lake Tabourie – stopping along the way to grab dinner from Ulladulla Pizza – If you are ever down that way and you want a yummy pizza then try “Tony’s Pizza”….very yummy even if there Margarita Pizza was a bit too pricey! But then again they had so many toppings on Kyle “Meat Lovers” Pizza that it made up for it!

We arrived so late to Meroo National Park Free Camping spot so we couldn’t find anywhere to set up at the “Termeil Camping Spot” – we ended up parking the Campervan in “Sunburnt Camping Area” which is walking in camping only….and I so was NOT setting up tents in the dark and then sleeping in the car without being near our boys.

Cameron and Kyle came up with the idea of sleeping in the front of the Campervan while David and I slept in the back…we tried to swap but they wouldn’t let us 🙂

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Free Camping Staying Warm In The Tent

If you know me you will know that I love Free Camping! Actually I have only just realised that I need to share our Favorite  Free Camping Spot in Victoria {thought I had shared it already but guess I forgot} – Will share that soon in another blog post.

But if do know me you will know that I like to stay warm when camping in a Tent, if I am not warm I will ditch the tent and go sleep in the Camper Van!! Yes I bailed one night when it got down below minus degrees, leaving David alone in the tent while climbing into the warmth created between Cameron and Kyle.

But I reckon you too would have ditched that night – it was freezing, it was so cold that it was snowing not far from where we were camping. And we hadn’t learnt a few tricks about keeping warm in the tent until that experience. So I guess you could say we were meant to be there to work out how to stay warm.

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Gumma Crossing Reserve

After leaving Stotts Island Environment Centre we had a massive day ahead of us….we needed to drive at least 6-7 hours so that the next day we were closer to Sydney.

David likes to know where we are going before we head off, I am happy to travel and plan when we get there! So he looked in the Camps 6 Book and jumped onto the CMCA website for any Camping Spots. It would have been good to free camp again, but this time he decided that an over night spot that only charge a small amount of money sounded ideal.

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Stotts Island Environment Centre :: Crossing The Boarder

It was so weird, crossing the boarder and not even having time to stop and realise! When we drove out of our David’s Bosses place on the Saturday (really late on the afternoon) 19th of January our one aim was to get over the boarder, and our next aim was to find somewhere free to park our Motorhome over night.

I was happy to park along the beach front at Kingscliffe , but David (and Zachery) was concerned at how close we would have been to the two caravan parks that were in the town.

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Camping Area Inside :: Caltex Petrol Station

After leaving Waverley Creek Rest Stop very early in the morning, David and I needed to stop for Breakfast. We made it as far as Marlbourough Road House Caltex Petrol Station before we needed to stop for something to eat/drink and stretch our legs. (and toilet break!)

While we were there we parked out the back (where the big trucks stop) and I looked over to notice this friendly sign….

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Waverley Creek Rest Area – Road Side Rest Area

We left the most amazing place – the most amazing family. I wished I had thought to take photos of the gorgeous people we were staying with, but the last few weeks (leading up to leaving Sarina) was crazy to say the least! We do have lots of great memories, and lots of wonderful times to look back on. The day we left was so very rushed, and we didnt head off till nearly dinner time. Actually I think it was way after 5.00 pm by the time we hit the road.

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