Gumma Crossing Reserve

After leaving Stotts Island Environment Centre we had a massive day ahead of us….we needed to drive at least 6-7 hours so that the next day we were closer to Sydney.

David likes to know where we are going before we head off, I am happy to travel and plan when we get there! So he looked in the Camps 6 Book and jumped onto the CMCA website for any Camping Spots. It would have been good to free camp again, but this time he decided that an over night spot that only charge a small amount of money sounded ideal.

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Camping Area Inside :: Caltex Petrol Station

After leaving Waverley Creek Rest Stop very early in the morning, David and I needed to stop for Breakfast. We made it as far as Marlbourough Road House Caltex Petrol Station before we needed to stop for something to eat/drink and stretch our legs. (and toilet break!)

While we were there we parked out the back (where the big trucks stop) and I looked over to notice this friendly sign….

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What We Forgot For Our Camping Trip

I was left in charge of packing for our camping trip! Big mistake considering I havent been camping with our three younger ones.

I did try camping with our older two sons, but that was many years ago. Only for one weekend, and it was actually while we lived in Mackay, we stayed at Eungella camping grounds. And I hated every minute of it.

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Theresa Dam

We are back! From the most amazing magical weekend ever. So wished we had more time to stay at Theresa Dam Camping Grounds and explore more of Clermont. Maybe soon we will take our Motorhome there, and spend longer Relaxing.

First Camping Trip

I have been so very keen to try camping ~ me a non camping kinda girl! And I have to say I am hooked. It was the best weekend ever, and I am now planning our next trip. Maybe it was such a great weekend because of where we stayed

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What To Pack When Going Camping

Yes we are going camping! And I can’t wait….if you had told me a few years back that I would one day be off camping, and looking forward to it, I would have said you are nuts!

But here we are, buying camping gear, getting clothes sorted and wondering what to do about food, taking our own drinking water, and trying to work out how many nights away we can sneak in (before we must return back to our motorhome)!

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