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Sharing resources, services, product reviews, information and tips on how we Homeschooling while travelling

Flying A Kite

The other day we had a homeschooling meet up where both boys got to make their own Kites. Learning about the best way to make a kite so that it can fly up high, with instructions given in an easy manner to understand by the Future World Teachers! Along with the shape of the kite … Continue reading »

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Skwirk Review And Giveaway

Seen as how we are homeschooling two of our five sons we were thrilled to be asked to Review Skwirk Online Education {and Give you a chance to win a membership!!} We have used Skwirk before with Zachery, Nicholas, Cameron and Kyle….a few years back. You can read about that experience within our”Skwirk Review” post. … Continue reading »

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Our Homeschooling Journey

We have been homeschooling for some time now and when we first started out I was really into the “Book Work” but now that we have been on Our Homeschooling Journey for a couple of years we are more relaxed learners. Sharing Our Journey Its funny how we are all handed our child at Birth … Continue reading »

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Illawarra Homeschooling Group Meet Ups

Since we are staying put in one place {for too long far as I am concerned!!} we have connected with the most amazing Homeschooling Group in the whole of Australia…..Illawarra Homeschooling Group Meet Ups happen on every second Tuesday, every second Thursday and we have Auskick every Wednesday. Illawarra Homeschooling Group Meet Ups :: We … Continue reading »

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10 Reasons it’s Better to Homeschool Your Kids

*Todays post is a guest blog post* For years there has been a debate on whether or not homeschooling children is a good idea. The following ten statements are arguments for the act of homeschooling children: 10 Reasons Its Better To Homeschool Your Kids :: 1. Incredibly individualized attention for your child- since the only … Continue reading »

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Homeschooling News

Not sure if I updated about our latest Homeschooling News? Thought I better get everyone up to date with what we are doing regards homeschooling! Homeschooling New Life on the Road Style Since we are stopped for a time in one spot (hurry up hubby and finish the job already!!) we have two children attending … Continue reading »

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Farleigh Mill Tour

On Friday we were so very lucky to be able to join a Homeschooling Group day out. They had organised the Farleigh Mill Tour some time ago so I didn’t think that we were going to be able to join them. Yet at the last-minute I had a great email from the wonderful lady who was in … Continue reading »

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Benefits of Homeschooling

The other day I posted about my thoughts on homeschooling. We are settling in to our new routine – sending three of our boys back to school. Yet I still feel strongly that our boys would learn easily from home as they would from School. I believe that our children learn more from wanting to … Continue reading »

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Are Public Schools Better Than Homeschooling

Am I crazy to even be talking about “Homeschooling” v’s “Schooling” as there are advantages/disadvantages to both systems. But I am not going into the big debate about what is better than the other. What I want to share is MY personal thoughts about “Are Public Schools Better Than Homeschooling“ School Interviews Since we have … Continue reading »

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What Have I Done

Today was the day. Our boys woke up before the crack of dawn, beds were made, brekky was gone, they were dressed and ready to go. Yet it wasnt even 7.30 in the morning! They were smiling from ear to ear, and they even had their teeth brushed. I guess you could say they were … Continue reading »

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