The Boat That Kyle Built

Last week I had to drop off Cameron and Kyle to their Grandparents so that David and I could attend the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Its the very first time I have left Cameron and Kyle together with anyone, let alone their Grandparents.

I was very worried – Kyle is our little free spirit child who explores all the time and we have to constantly search for him.

And Cameron is our one who loves to have constant routine and sticks to what he knows – and needs his own personal space.

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Flying A Kite

The other day we had a homeschooling meet up where both boys got to make their own Kites. Learning about the best way to make a kite so that it can fly up high, with instructions given in an easy manner to understand by the Future World Teachers!

Along with the shape of the kite they had to work out the measurements, the angles, cutting and decorating….they both had to make sure that they had enough tail for the kite to stay up in the air. Luckily the day was really windy so it was perfect for it.

Flying A Kite ::

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Skwirk Review And Giveaway

Seen as how we are homeschooling two of our five sons we were thrilled to be asked to Review Skwirk Online Education {and Give you a chance to win a membership!!}

We have used Skwirk before with Zachery, Nicholas, Cameron and Kyle….a few years back. You can read about that experience within our”Skwirk Review” post.

Now we are more “Natural Learners” or “Unschoolers” I like to let Cameron and Kyle learn by what they are interested in – what they are passionate about….. that way they are actually learning instead of being forced feed information that they can’t remember.

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Our Homeschooling Journey

We have been homeschooling for some time now and when we first started out I was really into the “Book Work” but now that we have been on Our Homeschooling Journey for a couple of years we are more relaxed learners.

Sharing Our Journey

Its funny how we are all handed our child at Birth and yet we are not expected to teach them beyond school age? How come we are teaching them, loving them and being there for them when little – yet we are supposed to send them into the school system….if only I knew what I know now! There is no way I would have sent any of them into the school yard.

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Illawarra Homeschooling Group Meet Ups

Since we are staying put in one place {for too long far as I am concerned!!} we have connected with the most amazing Homeschooling Group in the whole of Australia…..Illawarra Homeschooling Group Meet Ups happen on every second Tuesday, every second Thursday and we have Auskick every Wednesday.

Illawarra Homeschooling Group Meet Ups ::

We don’t mind travelling so we happily travel anywhere – from down to Minnamurra to even Thirroul – we are happy to see as much of the Wollongong area as possible!! And we love meeting other homeschoolers.

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10 Reasons it’s Better to Homeschool Your Kids

*Todays post is a guest blog post*

For years there has been a debate on whether or not homeschooling children is a good idea. The following ten statements are arguments for the act of homeschooling children:

10 Reasons Its Better To Homeschool Your Kids ::

1. Incredibly individualized attention for your child since the only children in the “classroom” will be your own, and maybe a few others, the teacher to student ration will be significantly lower. You, as the teacher, will be able to give each student more attention and address their needs more fully.

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Homeschooling News

Not sure if I updated about our latest Homeschooling News? Thought I better get everyone up to date with what we are doing regards homeschooling!

Homeschooling New Life on the Road Style

Since we are stopped for a time in one spot (hurry up hubby and finish the job already!!) we have two children attending schools. Nicholas is loving Grade 8 at High school and Cameron is in Grade 5 at Primary School. Did you all notice how I left out the words “Loving Grade 5“? Well that is because he only goes to school for the friends, he doesn’t actually go for the education. And now that a few issues have happened with one boy hitting him a little bit too much (the kid thinks its funny?) he is not too keen to keep on going. The school camp that is coming up soon is the only reason why he is still at the school.

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Farleigh Mill Tour

On Friday we were so very lucky to be able to join a Homeschooling Group day out. They had organised the Farleigh Mill Tour some time ago so I didn’t think that we were going to be able to join them. Yet at the last-minute I had a great email from the wonderful lady who was in charge of the event. She let us join the 8.00am tour.

Yeah I had to be awake super early, but I was so keen to be there that it didn’t matter what time I had to get up, and we made it (Only five minutes late due to the road works that seem to be always on going!)

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Benefits of Homeschooling

The other day I posted about my thoughts on homeschooling. We are settling in to our new routine – sending three of our boys back to school.

Yet I still feel strongly that our boys would learn easily from home as they would from School. I believe that our children learn more from wanting to learn, instead of forcing them to learn. I asked a few other Travelling Families to share their own thoughts about Benefits of Homeschooling (and what/how they to teach their children)

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Are Public Schools Better Than Homeschooling

Am I crazy to even be talking about “Homeschooling” v’s “Schooling” as there are advantages/disadvantages to both systems. But I am not going into the big debate about what is better than the other. What I want to share is MY personal thoughts about “Are Public Schools Better Than Homeschooling

School Interviews

Since we have decided to put our boys back into the Public School system (yeah stupid move on our part!) we have already had one parent teacher interview. And many talks every day since!

For which I am so very grateful, as I was strong enough to speak my mind regards our style of learning.

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