The Swallowed Anchor

While I was down in Sydney {for my Diploma of Remedial Massage} I kept harassing my oldest son to take us down to The Swallowed Anchor for either Lunch or Dinner time, just so I could cross it off our bucket list! And also to support another cafe down in Wollongong.

And I am so glad I kept at him until he took us, he didn’t tell us we were going, it was a surprise! Considering it was my birthday while I was down there, and his Birthday, we could call it a late combined birthday celebration, but really it was just a great place to relax and to eat at!

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Learn To Sail Bundaberg

Both Boys had a fun day at “Sailability” a few weeks ago, which was fun but didn’t last very long. It was for only 10 minutes and they didn’t get to “Sail” at all, just sat next to an instructor and got to learn what needs to be done to sail. While I was happy that both Cameron and Kyle got a taste of sailing, I was keen for them to “Learn To Sail” and started to ask questions.

To be told about the “Learn To Sail Bundaberg” group that would be starting its new course soon. I rang up to the club house and took a picture of the poster that advertised the event. It had the organiser name and email address. I contacted them and worked out when the next sailing class was going to start up.

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Sunset On The Pacific Jewel

We had dinner every night as a family of 10 in the Restaurant – Hayden {our oldest} booked it as soon as we got on board the Pacific Jewel for 7.45pm every night.

And it was great to spend time with family over a meal, yet at the same time can you imagine how much fun it was trying to get all of our boys ready for showers, and dressed up in time! Yeah we were late nearly every night 🙂

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Messiest Kid In The World

If you all know Kyle you would know how loving, kind, sweet, funny, and adventurous he is. He is also the Messiest Kid In The World. He could walk out the Motorhome door and the dirt will jump up onto him. Literally.

I am serious!

If we have somewhere nice to go, he is not to get dressed into his “Good Clothes” until we are ready to get into the car, or if its somewhere super duper special then he will get dressed into his good clothes along the way {at the very last minute} so that we know he will be clean enough.

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The Hummock Earth Cache

You all know how addicted we have become to Geocaching, well there are three caches up at The Hummock, overlooking Bundaberg. The Hummock {Earth Cache} is not a physical cache, you haven’t got any log book to pick up and sign. You do need to “prove” the owner of the cache that you checked out the boardwalk, walked up to the top to the view, read the information board down the bottom and answer the caches questions.

Well what better way to do all, then with a group of Bundaberg Homeschoolers {who all happen to be boys yesterday!!!}

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Chinese New Year In Bundaberg

Yesterday we went to the Chinese New Year in Bundaberg celebrations. Incredible. Amazing, Talented. Brave. Performers, singing, acrobats, dancing, costumes – Culture and languages. The Moncrieff Entertainment Centre provided a Free Performance {Live on stage} to celebrate The Year Of The Monkey.

Which we have worked out – David and I are NOT compatible according to the Chinese Zodiac Signs, funny how we are going on 21 years anniversary in March this year!

Chinese New Year ::

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Why I Took A Facebook Status Down

Yesterday I posted about my thoughts on the two sweet baby boys who lost their lives along with their own father taking their lives. I posted my thoughts on how such a senseless act has left a sweet Mama behind without her family.

I posted my thoughts on why so many Australian families are all suffering the same fate – and how our world has changed and why its happening.

Today I woke up to see such hurtful comments about my thoughts that I took down the Facebook Status because I don’t want the nasty words to reflect back on those sweet boys. And I don’t ever want their sweet Mama to see such negative talk. It was not my intention for a hate debate.

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No Jab No Pay No Australia

Look I am not against the Jab, and I am not for the Jab. Its a personal family decision to NOT have some of our boys Immunized. Our two Navy sons don’t have a choice, they have every needle you can ever think about and then some more – actually they have way too many that are not necessary but because they have to be “Sea Ready” they have no say.

And that’s what I am writing about with the No Jab No Pay No Australia topic. Its totally fine to have your child immunized after all its your child. Its totally fine not to have your child immunized after all its your child. Its your family. Its your choice.

But with our Government {don’t get me started on my thoughts about our stupid Prime Minister} we no longer have any choices.

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Happy 21st Birthday To Our Son

Our oldest is now 21 years old – how did all those years go bye that very fast? I remember his birth like it was yesterday. I was shopping when the first contraction hit – and it came in fast and strong from that very moment. I was two weeks over due with him {we went two weeks overdue with all of our boys}.

And I was so very young….back then I thought I knew it all!!! Ha if only I knew then what I know now! As a young Mum I had to face a lot of “looks” when out and about – I was only 20 when I gave birth to him. And the area I grew up was not the best to raise a baby.

And I had to fight to be able to have my baby – there was a “family” meeting with my side of the family and they all thought I shouldn’t be having him and asked me to not go through with the pregnancy. Luckily I am so head strong and I follow my heart – no-one was talking me out of having my baby.

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