Childhood Dreams

Over the weekend we were invited to a friends place, for a BBQ dinner, Pit Fire, Good times, Lots of laughter, great friends and yummy food. It was a weekend full of Childhood Dreams where kids got to play, create, explore and roam free, get dirty, stay up way past their bed time and be allowed to be kids. It was a Birthday celebration weekend, and one that we all enjoyed!

Its the stuff us parents used to do when we were small – you know, getting dirty, laughing with our friends, running free without the worries about anything happening to us- all set on acreage so we knew where all of our kids were and yet they had the freedom that we all took for granted! Its the stuff where friendships are made……

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Happy Easter From Us To You

We were offline for the Easter Break. Only because we had to be at David’s Family Farm and there is hardly any internet out there, its so very slow that I could walk faster and I realised that we had way too much to do for the weekend to worry about trying to get online.

And to be honest I really “liked” the offline time. It gave me a sense of freedom, and a sense of reconnecting with family members.

We would like to say Happy Easter From Us To You all, hope the Easter Bunny could find you no matter where you all were.

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Raising Five Sons

I get a lot of questions, rude comments and then sometimes some really wonderful people come along and have nice things to say to us parents for Raising Five Sons. {You know who you are, the nice ones, I love you for your support and love}

When we had all five of our boys living with us and we would go out and about I would these comments…..

“Are they all yours?” – No I Kidnapped them and changed their last name to all the same to make it look like they are mine!!! {JOKING}

“Do they all have the same Dad?” – No I slept around five times but David accepted that and raised them all as his own!!!! {JOKING}

“Oh you poor thing, you have five sons so are you going back to try for your girl” – Gee so there is a way to determine what you order online???

“Your poor thing, when its your time to die the gates will be open in heaven because God will know that raising five sons is tough going and you deserve to live in heaven” – I SHIT you not that has been said to my face, and more than once. Like seriously what can people be thinking???

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Saying Goodbye

Two days ago we got the news that our second son was flying back from Perth To Sydney. To join a Ship. Leaving today, no idea for how long, no idea where and no idea when he will get back. Saying Goodbye is never ever easy for anyone, its harder when you don’t know any details or know when he will be back.

We had one hour will him last night. One hour to sit down next to him in a Pub, have a meal, few non-alcoholic drinks, lots of hugs and lots of laughter.

It was the best One Hour of our life!!!

Besides the day you were born of course.

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Happy Birthday David

Today is your Birthday, which seems really weird because I am actually sitting here writing this blog post for you yesterday {which is today at this very minute!!!}

Confused yet? Yeah me too….

But you see I can’t actually write this on your Birthday because we are going to be in a car on the road travelling for about 4 hours before we reach our destination. And our destination has no power, no phone service, no running water and is something I am so looking forward to.

Weird way to spend your Birthday…

But anyway Happy Birthday David!

Why Will Be Offline?

Well its simple really….David, being who he is, will do anything for his family. And that means travelling half the morning to be with his oldest son and to meet his oldest son Girlfriend Family…whose Dad also happens to have a Birthday in the same Month {and whose party we are going to} then that is what he will do.

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Healing Naturally

Guess what I said the other day? I said the words that came back and bit me on the bum big time! I said that “I never ever get sick” to a family member….within a week we were all sick. Yeah Murphy’s Laws came knocking, and it is still hanging around. I then said “And if we do get sick we know what to do to make it better”

Healing Naturally ::

Guess we all needed a week of slowing down, resting and healing Naturally and this past week is what we have done. It started with our 15 year old who came down with it and then he was “Kind enough to share it” – Yeah he coughed over everything in the Motorhome until then Cameron and Kyle came down with it, followed by me. It started off with a headache, then achy bones, sore throats, coughs and temperatures…..yeah it was a very strong virus.

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Time Flys

Funny thing abut “Time” – you can’t freeze it, you can’t turn back time and you sure can’t buy it. I am not sure what is going on but I have been on a huge personal inner journey in the last few weeks…..and I have been doing a lot of soul searching {and a lot of healing along with a lot of crying}

You see I wished my life choices was different in certain areas of my life but I can’t turn back the time to make my life different. So I have been trying to take on board that statement

“If You Can’t Change The Situation, Change The Way You Think About It”

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Happy Birthday To Our Youngest Son

Gosh time just keeps flying, years seem to be going faster and faster!! Nine years ago I gave birth to my baby son, our fifth son….and it was the best birth we had!. Happy Birthday to Kyle!

Happy Birthday To Our Youngest Son ::

I never ever go early with our babies, actually I am always two weeks Late with all of our babies….and this time was no different…. we waited and we waited. We had stopped answering the phone towards the end because I was so over people asking “Are you Still Pregnant?”

We both wanted our baby to come….I visited a Natural Path who gave me “Pressure Points” massages and LOTS of health drops to take to help put me into labour.

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Bring Back Our Girls

There is a Hash Tag going around #BringBackOurGirls. It caught my attention on a friends facebook page, so I jumped on over to google to find out what was going on.

Seen as how we do not have TV, or radio we rely on the Internet to keep us up to date. What I found out shocked me, its 2014 how can this be happening???

According to what I have been reading an extreme group called Boko Haram – which means “Western Education is Sin” is now organising mass kid napping of all girls who are in Schools or who are seeking an education. They are being held in the Jungle and are being sold off.

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Second Sons Navy Graduation

This was meant to go up on the blog sometime over the weekend but we went away camping, and where we stayed in Hill End there was no electricity, no phone coverage and basically no time for online work! So I am glad to be sharing today last Thursday our Second Sons Navy Graduation pictures…we are very proud of our son {all of our sons} but extremely proud that we got to share this wonderful day with him.

With our oldest son we couldn’t make his Graduation because he was in Melbourne and we were in Queensland. Now that we are in Wollongong we were able to drive up to Watson Bay in Sydney to see the great event.

Second Sons Amazing Views ::

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