Streets Of Melbourne During the Day

We had seen Melbourne At Night Time so on the Monday morning {before our San Telmo Melbourne Lunch} we decided to walk the streets of Melbourne During the Day! What a wonderful city it is – the street art, the food, the statues, the culture – its a diversity city full of love, art, style and taste. One that I love and will always love.

Back Streets ::

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San Telmo Melbourne

I am still catching up with our wonderful Trip To Melbourne! Then I can get back to our January/February travelling Trips in our Campervan.

On the Sunday night we went to Woodland House Party, that was magical. On the Monday we explored the streets of Melbourne after checking out of our Hotel. Slowly making our way to San Telmo Melbourne for the most delicious Lunch in the whole wide world……

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Melbourne At Night Time

Melbourne At Night Time

Have you ever seen Melbourne At Night Time? Walked through the crazy over the top crowds, the way they cross the roads even when the little red man is flashing and cars are trying to drive through the streets? Watched the Street Performers?

Wow it sure is very busy in Melbourne – we got to see another side of Melbourne that we haven’t seen before. Way too many people are homeless, living on the streets near and around Southern Cross Train Station and Federation Square – Flinders Street was where they all came together at night time for a wonderful warm feed from the “Food Vans” {I think it was Salvation Army that was providing all of them with warm soups and sandwiches}

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Woodland House Party

The place that I would highly recommend to all those down in Melbourne. The one place that both David and I would love to return to if we were ever down that way – Woodland House Party.

After our wonderful morning at Langham Melbourne Masterclass we were not sure what the afternoon was going to bring, but gee we were so wonderfully surprised.

OH yeah its our kinda of relaxed, casual, fun, Chill out Yummy Food, Great Beer and really nice Music place. Actually the gardens and the Woodland house would be perfect for a 21st Birthday Party, Wedding Reception or even a fun get together with friends for a relaxed afternoon, or a romantic dinner party for two at night time.

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Langham Melbourne MasterClass

On Sunday morning {March 8th} we had to be at Langham Melbourne Masterclass event. We hoped that it was going to be way better day, after our early escape from the Highway Street 1 Party {we are not into Wine so we felt so out of place – why oh why do Wine People swirl the good stuff and then spit it out….what a waste!}

And we were not disappointed.

I melted listening to Eric Kayser, with his french accent, do you know how Sexy bread can sound when spoken in the love language?

And then meeting Bill Granger – so very sorry that I was already married and had hubby with me {joking} – but his style of cooking, easy one Pot Dishes won me over. Luckily for Hubby he is also a very good cook so I can keep him!

Have you ever been to the Langham Melbourne hotel? Oh gosh the entry foyer – breath taking. Kicking myself for not taking pictures! Guess I was too stunned to get my camera out of the bag?

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Highway 1 Street Party

After the amazing previous two events, Dan Barber and Paul Wilson, we were looking forward with anticipation to see what Highway 1 Street Party had in store for us.

David worked out the Bus system so we were able to work out which bus we needed to get there, but mind you we didn’t realise that you can’t pay for your fare on the Bus – you need to have MyKi Card system while travelling Buses/Trams in Melbourne so we did get that bus ride for free.

Well it was only fair considering how rude the bus driver was to us – he was so rude telling us he didn’t have any Myki Cards and then so rude by not telling us when our stop was coming up, luckily we guessed!

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The Essentials With Paul Wilson

After the Friday night – listening to Dan Barber – we were both excited to be able to attend the Saturday event. It was in a vacant lot between office buildings/hotels. Turned into a “Casual Meeting Place” to learn all about cooking Mexican food. The Essentials with Paul Wilson, something we didn’t know much about but soon realised we were in the right place at the right time- so very glad that Hubby was with me because he LOVES food.

Actually David should have been a chef, the way he can whip up dishes from ingredients that we have, the way he can find a recipe and then adapt it to our Gluten and Sugar Free way of eating, the way he can find ingredients and put them together and they taste amazing. I reckon he would have been a bit like Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey – not too sure on the language but do know that he would have had a successful restaurant.

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In Conversation With Dan Barber

Tonight we headed from our Hotel – Rendezvous Hotel – to The National Gallery of Victoria to sit in the Auditorium, to hear a talk about food…It was called “Theatre of Ideas :: In Conversation With Dan Barber

Both David and I had no idea who Dan Barber was….so i quickly googled Dan Barber while we were waiting for it to start. Interesting history. Interesting man!

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Melbourne Zoo Is The Best Zoo

When we were with our second son he was able to have the weekend with us….and we took him {along with Grandparents} to the Pure Peninsula Honey on the Saturday. Purchased lots of yummy Honey Products – their soap is gorgeous. Unfortunately my Camera Battery died just as we arrived so I never got to capture our visit. Stupid me forgot to pack the charger for it!!

Then on the Sunday We Went To the Melbourne Zoo – it is the Best Zoo ever! There is so much to see – we nearly got to see ALL of the Zoo but we had to leave early to get our Second Son Back to base.

Which means that we must go back to Melbourne Zoo when we are down that way again.

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Street Entertainment St Kilda

After Dinner on the Friday Night in St Kilda at Topolino’s we were walking down towards our cars when we stopped to watch the Street Entertainment going down at St Kilda!

It was so funny to watch this Guy Standing so Still to moving when people placed down money::

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