First Taste Of Life On The Road. Part 1

Welcome back to New Life On The Road. We were finally ready to depart. All the required insurance and temporary registration had been obtained. We had checked and adjusted the tire pressures, fuel, oil and  radiator coolant. I had also replaced the windscreen wiper rubbers. Nothing could go wrong now. Or could it?

A Taste Of Life On The Road

We departed from the south side of Batemans Bay with Geoff driving. To say I was excited was a bit of an understatement. I was as excited as a dog at a cat show. We were finally on the road, It was one of those warm clear days that you get at the start of winter and we were about to drive up through the South Coast of New South Wales where I had spent many holidays and long weekends in my younger years. Read more

Trying To Get On The Road

My first glimpse of what is to become our home whilst living our life on the road came at 10am on the morning that Geoff and I flew down to pick up the bus as we entered the street that the bus was parked in.

Will There Be A Life On The Road?

I was both excited and a little apprehensive about what I was going to find. Was it going to be in as good a condition as the EBay listing and the vendor had told me, or was I about to pick up a bucket of rust that would not even make it to Queensland.I was about to find out.  Read more

Welcome To Life On The Road

Our life on the road began on a quiet morning in May with coffee on the patio. 

How Our New Life On The Road Started

My wife Lisa was looking at motor homes on EBay (dreaming of touring Australia in a motor home) when she casually asked me what I thought  a converted bus was worth that’s auction was ending in a couple of hours.

Taking a quick look and as I wandered off to do some reading I replied “$20,000 at the most unless I had it checked by a mechanic”.

Fast forward a couple of hours I was checking my emails when I heard Lisa yelling from the lounge room “I’ve won it, I’ve won it”.

Half worried that Lisa had done something crazy and impulsive as she does every now and again, I went to the lounge room and with some trepidation said “you have won what”? Read more

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