What To Keep When Downsizing

On the weekend we helped two beautiful people with getting as much done as possible because they needed to move out of their house. And I was itching to pack up their “Shed” which was a “homeschool Room” – now a store room but there was only so many hours in one weekend, and only so much two mamas could do! Maybe another time we will get back there and help them out again {we love them so we would help them all any time they asked}

And I was helping them move down as many “Storage Cupboards” as possible to to their new home – Storage is really important when you downsize but it got me to thinking about when we had to downsize our massive 4 bedroom house {it had two lounge rooms and massive verandas} and David {and our boys} are hoarders so we had a lot of stuff to sort through. And had to think about Motorhome Storage Space.

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The Cost Of Living On The Road

Yesterday I was asked to do a Radio Interview for Wave FM Breakfast Show in Wollongong. A phone interview. At first I said No. They contacted us through our Facebook page, and thought our story/journey of buying/living in a motorhome was inspirational.

I answered with the following “Hi Russell,  Thanking you so much for touching base. But we are no longer in Wollongong – we are on the Sunshine Coast. And our motorhome broke down so its being stored in New South Wales while we are waiting on the parts to be fixed! I am not that inspirational at the moment cause we are kinda stuck without our motorhome. We hope to be back in it by June”

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Spicy Chicken Wings With Blue Cheese Sauce

This recipe was the inspiration from Peach Keen Mumma with her very yummy Recipe – “Franks Red Hot American Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip” – OH my gosh I so wished I had tried it before!

Mind you I did change a few of the ingredients to suit what I already had in the fridge and purchased the rest from Woolworths…..

As we live and cook in our Motorhome I am challenged with finding new recipes that we all like, and that I can cook with such limited Space, we have a bench top oven but its not the best for heat!

Spicy Chicken With Blue Cheese Sauce ::

Ingredients ::

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World Toilet Day

Today its a Special Day….did you know there is a “World Toilet Day“? Nope I didn’t realise either until now….

You see living in a 10 Foot Motorhome with three of our five boys we don’t have a Toilet as such, we have tried a Porta Loo once, and it was so very smelly – like really bad smelly. That bad that I wrote about it, read our previous experience “Portable Toilet Cleaner, What Is That Smell“.

As you walked into our Motorhome you could smell it before even opening up the Shower Door. So David has been trying to work out how to add a proper Toilet to our shower but the limited space has made it impossible.

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Munching Monday Sundried Tomatoes Chicken Pasta

Its that time of the week again! Munching Monday where I share a recipe that we make while living in our Motorhome. Mind you this was our Oldest Son’s Recipe because he stayed with us for two days last week before deployment day.

And to be honest I didn’t think to ask him how to make it….but I do know the ingredients list cause we went shopping together for the Sundried Tomatoes Chicken Pasta Dish. I never ever thought he would make a good cook….love it when I get surprises.

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Our New Sponsor Motorhome Rental

I thought that I would update you all on Our New Sponsor Motorhome Rental Search Tool. Not too sure if you all noticed our new sponsor box on the right hand side of our blog {at the top} but I thought it would be best to explain how it works and why its there.

Our New Sponsor Motorhome Rental

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Munching Monday Chicken Red Thai Curry

I found this recipe that I love to cook (with pics I took over two years ago), and yet I am not sure that I have shared it on New Life on the Road before! Which means that its perfect for Munching Monday Chicken Red Thai Curry.

I do know that I have Shared Green Thai Vegetarian Curry before!

Its been ages since I have cooked Chicken Red Thai Curry, and yet it taste so very yummy! Will have to try and make it sometime this week.

Munching Monday Chicken Red Thai Curry ::

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Munching Monday Green Smoothies

Watch out world I am on the biggest health Kick in ages, not sure what is going on, nor do I understand it but my body is craving Green Smoothies and Salads in a very big way.

Actually it started on Friday and its now Monday, so basically its been four days of having a Green Smoothies for Breakfast and then Salad for Lunch!!!s

And I have stopped my after dinner Chocolate Biscuits snack? Every night I normally crave Chocolate so I have it either in a bar, or in a biscuit, or even in Chocolate Bullets. NOPE have no desire to have any of that since Friday???

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Sex Hotels

* If you are under 18 years of age, or if you are one of my sons, please do not read the following!!!*

We have many other great blog posts for anyone to read, check out the Sitemap where you will find something for your taste.

Last night David and I went out for dinner, and yep we had a great time. Adult time – enjoying our meal in peace and quiet. With no-one asking for our attention. And I got to enjoy two cocktails plus my all time favorite drink. We went to Hogs Breath Cafe, then to Coffee Club for Dessert, and then onto a Hotel/Pub for more drinks.

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