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Motorhome Renovation

On The Side Of The Road

We are all back together! And it feels so good – guess you all were wondering where we have been? Well here is how we are now living On The Side Of The Road {And I am loving it} Heading To The Springs Place :: David organised through his Boss {through Keep Travelling Caravan Repairs} … Continue reading »

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Motorhome Tour

I have been so very slack! Sorry its taken me so very long to get the video camera out and give you all a Motorhome Tour of the outside and inside…but there is never enough hours in the day. David has worked his butt off big time for the last 21 Days. Re-sheeting, Re-building, Re-pairing … Continue reading »

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Motorhome Is Now Painted :: Its All Finished

Yippee! One weekend of not having our Motorhome,  and very fortunate to have use of bedrooms to sleep in, its all finished. Our Motorhome is now painted. And it looks a million dollars.

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Rebuilding The Back :: David Makes It Happen

Sometimes I wonder if there is something/anything that David can not build? Or Repair? Today he makes it happen…he created a miracle. Rebuilding The Back of Our Motorhome The back of our Motorhome was so rusted out that basically ever section had to be cut out and re-built from new. Working with many different angles, many different … Continue reading »

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Daddy Melt Down

This week had to be the start of a heat wave didn’t it!! And we are on such a tight schedule…one where David has a million things to do and not enough hours in the day. Yesterday was really hot, the day before was too – and it affected him big time. He had a melt down … Continue reading »

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Motorhome Renovations Update and New Plans

They kinda go hand in hand…cause with any new plans means that our renovations have either changed, or speed up or are done differently. At first we thought we would go straight to Clermont for about a month to two months. Working there and relaxing at Theresa Creek Dam. But because of my older son … Continue reading »

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What We Got Up To On The Weekend

Sorry we have been super busy and very quiet! But we had a reason….we are both working around the clock every weekend to try to get our motorhome ready for renovations! The Roof (on the outside) is now finished, and looks really good. It took four coats to cover the whole roof top. Gee she sure … Continue reading »

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Motorhome Renovations :: Re-Sheeting The Passenger Side of Our Motorhome

Today David and I went flat out to attempt all the Re-Sheeting of  The Passenger Side of Our Motorhome.  And we nearly made it. Even with a very quick trip into Bunnings (yep I dropped everything I was doing to go to Bunnings!) we still managed to almost complete the job. Motorhome Renovations On The Outside … Continue reading »

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Painting A Old Motorhome

This week I have been getting ready with scraping back our motorhome so that David can paint it. If you know us, you will know that David is the perfectionist and he builds/designs/creates/renovate everything in our Motorhome! He has done all of the work by himself, and wont let anyone work on our Motorhome! Yet … Continue reading »

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Motorhome Storage Solutions :: For Clothes, Spices, Tea, Coffee & More.

Living in our Motorhome, with four of our five boys, and limited Storage Space I need all the Motorhome Storage Solutions that I can get! We have a huge cupboard at the back of the Motorhome where each shelf is for one child. On that shelf was clothes, books, homeschooling material, and toys. Sometimes it was such … Continue reading »

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