The Windows We Used Are No Good

In our renovations with our Motorhome David wanted windows from one Company but they didn’t have them in stock at the time so we went with Aussie Travelers Windows. Which was fine until we wanted customer service.

Well to be honest we haven’t been impressed with the quality of these windows from the moment they went in. They lost their Strip down the edge – the Fluffy strip that is attached to the part of the window that protects it as it slides when you are opening it and closing it. Which means that its scratched every single time you opened it and closed it.

Then there is the fact that our wind out windows down the back flyscreen has come away from the window – and it can’t be replaced easily.

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Fixing The Springs

David was able to organise through his ex-Boss to have our Springs repaired/rebuilt. David from Keep On Travelling knew basically everyone in the Wollongong area so it made it so much easier {and cheaper} to get all of our major work done – quality work at cash prices is the only way to go.

Fixing The Springs on the front was a lot easier then the back ones – only because of the weight issues. They were heavy in the front, and had to be lifted with a Pulley System that David rigged up. But the Back ones were twice as heavy and were harder for David to move around.

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On The Side Of The Road

We are all back together! And it feels so good – guess you all were wondering where we have been? Well here is how we are now living On The Side Of The Road {And I am loving it}

Heading To The Springs Place ::

David organised through his Boss {through Keep Travelling Caravan Repairs} to have our springs looked out. We need all four of them replaced. And we have been wanting them done for a very long time. Because its through a friend of a friend we have had to wait for the perfect weekend. So a Saturday two weeks ago was the day.

So we drove to Port Kembla Springs ::

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Motorhome Tour

I have been so very slack! Sorry its taken me so very long to get the video camera out and give you all a Motorhome Tour of the outside and inside…but there is never enough hours in the day.

David has worked his butt off big time for the last 21 Days. Re-sheeting, Re-building, Re-pairing and even sanding it for painting. That was only on the outside…he even worked on new lighting and new ceiling on the inside. All while trying to spend time with his boys, time out with cooking (crazy man loves cooking as a way to relax???) and still try and get enough sleep.

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Rebuilding The Back :: David Makes It Happen

Sometimes I wonder if there is something/anything that David can not build? Or Repair? Today he makes it happen…he created a miracle.

Rebuilding The Back of Our Motorhome

The back of our Motorhome was so rusted out that basically ever section had to be cut out and re-built from new. Working with many different angles, many different shapes and trying to put it back together….almost like a jigsaw puzzle but without any picture to work from.

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Daddy Melt Down

This week had to be the start of a heat wave didn’t it!! And we are on such a tight schedule…one where David has a million things to do and not enough hours in the day.

Yesterday was really hot, the day before was too – and it affected him big time. He had a melt down – not so much like our boys do (with screaming and tears) but more of actually melting. He almost got heat stroke. And yet he wouldn’t stop nor slow down. So I marched on out there and helped him to rig up some shade.

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Motorhome Renovations Update and New Plans

They kinda go hand in hand…cause with any new plans means that our renovations have either changed, or speed up or are done differently.

At first we thought we would go straight to Clermont for about a month to two months. Working there and relaxing at Theresa Creek Dam. But because of my older son and Dave’s parents our plans have changed.

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What We Got Up To On The Weekend

Sorry we have been super busy and very quiet! But we had a reason….we are both working around the clock every weekend to try to get our motorhome ready for renovations! The Roof (on the outside) is now finished, and looks really good. It took four coats to cover the whole roof top. Gee she sure has changed from what she used to look like!

Do you want to see What We Got Up to On The Weekend? ::

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Motorhome Renovations :: Re-Sheeting The Passenger Side of Our Motorhome

Today David and I went flat out to attempt all the Re-Sheeting of  The Passenger Side of Our Motorhome.  And we nearly made it. Even with a very quick trip into Bunnings (yep I dropped everything I was doing to go to Bunnings!) we still managed to almost complete the job.

Motorhome Renovations On The Outside

From Grinding out Riverts to drilling them out, to taking off the Old Sheets, sweeping out the dirt that was in the walls, to lining the walls with insulation.

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