Painting A Old Motorhome

Painting A Old Motorhome

This week I have been getting ready with scraping back our motorhome so that David can paint it. If you know us, you will know that David is the perfectionist and he builds/designs/creates/renovate everything in our Motorhome! He has done all of the work by himself, and wont let anyone work on our Motorhome!

Yet I have so wanted to paint on the outside for so very long. Painting a Old Motorhome is NOT Fun! I thought it would be easy to get her ready for a new paint job, but first you have to scrap off the old paint…….

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Motorhome Storage Solutions :: For Clothes, Spices, Tea, Coffee & More.

Living in our Motorhome, with four of our five boys, and limited Storage Space I need all the Motorhome Storage Solutions that I can get!

We have a huge cupboard at the back of the Motorhome where each shelf is for one child. On that shelf was clothes, books, homeschooling material, and toys. Sometimes it was such a mess and nothing could be found. I was going nuts trying to find clothes each morning – and so I asked David if he could think of a solution.

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See My House

See My House

For the last six months David has been working on our Motorhome full time. Before that he worked on the bus while also looking after the boys, cleaning the house and cooking our meals while I worked night shift as a Nurse. In February we moved from Glasshouse Mountains to the Bundaberg area to work on the bus full time, if you were in the area you could pop in and See My House.

See My House

See My House With Our FridgeSince we got here David has been working on the Bus nearly 12-14 hours every day. He has had a few days off where he has taken the boys fishing, or has had to go to town for supplies or even had the odd day off to visit great facebook friends! There is a lot to work on – and the bus looks nothing like when we first brought her. I will have to try and do a “Before” and “After” pictures so that you can see how different the bus does look. If you were living close by you could pop in to See My House, so instead of taking you on a live tour I thought I would do a vlog instead.

See My House from the way I can see it!

Our Home On Wheels

I am very excited about the work that David has done on Rose. He has worked super hard to turn our Motorhome into a bus that is a home on wheels. Our son Zachery said last night “Mum, the bus is looking good. It now looks like a home” and he is right! This is our new house, and I am very proud of the work David has done.

Here is a short list of the work David has completed so that you can see my house through my eyes

  • new windows
  • new front door (gosh it was sad saying goodbye to the old door)
  • new curtains
  • new lounge chairs
  • new lounge cushion covers
  • new flooring
  • new overhead cupboard doors
  • new cupboards where the oven used to be
  • new kitchen benches
  • new stove top installed
  • new sink installed
  • new queens size bed base – David raised it so that the washing machine will fit in the boot
  • new wardrobe next to the queen size bed
  • new overhead cupboards above the main bed
  • New window seals for the back window
  • more cupboards added to the front of the bus
  • “sign” at the front of the bus discovered – he discovered that we could add a sticker to the front of the bus where the bus used to display where it was going!
  • Also discovered that it was an old school bus because we found a sign that said “Jo’s – Don’t Eat In Bus”
  • See My House Safe TravellingThe best discovery that we have come across as yet is the “Saint Christopher” – Catholic Patron Saint of Travel Safety

See My House

If we are ever your way, on our travels, we will be sure to let you know so that you can See My House – I sure am super proud of how she is looking. We still have a list just as long of what needs to be finished in the bus (from the outside, to even under neath) but it sure does feel good to be sleeping in the bus! I think that this is the best home we have owned since we started our life together. We have moved a lot of times, into a lot of different homes but now we have our house on wheels so that when ever we feel like moving house we can!



The Lounges

The Lounges

The most famous Lounges in Australia are about to be ready for Rose! The Lounges that took three weeks to build and that is just the frame work! The Lounges and their cushions have to meet the safety requirements of Queensland Transport to pass inspection. So David has been hard at them to make sure they do pass!

The Lounges

The LoungesThere was a big debate between David and I – do we re-build the lounges so that they are the same shape but with seat belts so that we can drive around Australia with five boys wearing seat belts? Or do we take them out and put in seats that face forward and have no storage  space and no dinning area? There were many positives and many negatives to each one…and after asking a few families who are in Motorhomes travelling with their families, we soon decided to re-build what was already there.  Just more detailed so that we could add seat belts and travel with the bus registered to carry seven!

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Motorhome Storage Solutions

With our huge family Davids main concern (after thinking about water storage solutions) is the situation in the bus of where everything is going to go! We have a lot of things to take on road so Motorhome Storage Solutions is a big topic amongst our family! The boys (of course) can only think about where there toys and books will be. While I keep thinking about clothes, and David thinks about the Kitchen appliances and his tools!

Motorhome Storage Solutions

If you read my previous Motorhome Storage post you would know that at the front of the bus is an overhead cupboard that was not used to store anything other than wires and speakers. David has used an Spilling Batten technique to create more Motorhome Storage Solutions for us to be abel to carry more books, DVD and CD’s.

Here is Part 3 of the Motorhome Storage Solutions with a Batten Technique

To understand the Spilling Batten technique (which all Boat Builders use) you will need to watch Part 1 and Part 2 of the vlog series. It will make more sense of how David was able to purchase a bit of wood (no not one of us!) and cut the shape so that once the end product was ready it fit easily. Without using the Spilling Technique David would have been there for hours trying to work out how to get the shape right and it still would not have fit. After Part 3 of the vlog series there was the final stages!

Here is Part 4 of the Motorhome Storage Solutions with a Batten Technique

Once he trimmed a section here and there the new cupboard front was fixed in and ready so that I could clean it all out 🙂 Luckily I have a steam cleaner and the insides came up well. Not sure what we will be doing – if we are going to carpet the inside of the new cupboards or if David will be making fake cupboards to slide in, or just covering up the holes with adding material. I am sure he has another Motorhome Storage Solution up his sleeve!

More To Be Revealed Soon!

Sometime soon there will be an update vlog of the flooring, the mattress that arrived in the box, and also a secret vlog that I have not even told David that we are making!! Looking forward to sharing more soon. I so wonder what date/when we will move?

Guessing Game?

Here is one for all of our loyal followers……can you guess what time/day/date we will be moving into Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus? Leave your comments below and let see who is close to the mark!




My Diesel Injector Pump Repair

Have you ever spoken to a Diesel Mechanic about repairing a diesel injector pump? I have. In my case it was the CAV diesel injector pump that is on the Bedford 466 engine of Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus. The problem that I had was that it was leaking diesel everyware whenever I started the engine. I had traced the leak to the stop leaver on top of the injector pump and that was as far as my knowledge of injector pumps went.

 The response of the mechanics that I spoke to was the same in almost all cases. Without even looking at the engine the standard line seamed to be ” That’s going to cost at least two or three thousand to fix” After going weak in the knees when I heard this the first time I started to think “It can’t be that hard to fix. Can it” Read more

Motorhome storage space


 Motorhome storage space is  a major consideration in every alteration that is made to the layout of our bus. With two adults and five children on board space is something that we do not have a great deal of. In fact I have turned watching the colour drain from Lisa’s face into a bit of a pastime every time she looks at how small her new wardrobe and other storage spaces are. Sometimes I tell her to downsize just to see the reaction, but most of the time I say don’t worry I’ll sort it with a cheeky grin and then go on to wondering just how I will do it 🙂 Read more

Getting Ready For Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus

Oh Me, Oh My We have 23 days to go, to be packed up and out of our house and on the road. That’s about three weeks left to have a house with five boys packed, stored, sold off, and sorted. When I say out loud “23 Days to go” David freaks out so I am not saying it out loud in our house, but telling the world how we are Getting Ready For Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus !!!

Our House Packed In 23 Days

So as of last night we have 23 Days left to pack up our house – a house with five boys and one husband who all like to collect “things” in case they will come in handy one day!!!

We have had a request to let you know what we are taking with us, and what we are doing with our furniture so I have put together a quick video last night explaining what is happening to all of our household items so here goes………..

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Motorhome repairs Progress Report

When doing your own motorhome repairs you might have to gain access to areas that you normally can not get to. You might be fitting or replacing plumbing, 12/24 volt wiring or opening up areas for your electrician. When that happens you have to get creative and explore other possible ways to get the job done. Sometimes though you have no alternative to removing paneling and or furniture so that repairs can be made.  This is what we have had to do to “Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus”.

Going Backwards To Move Forwards

Interior Of Our Motorhome when we bought it

Now that our motorhome is watertight it is time to focus some attention on bringing the interior up to scratch and modifying it to suit our families needs. The walls all need relining after changing the windows and both the 240v and 12/24v electrical systems need updating.

The electrical systems have to be at least roughed in (running any new wiring) at this stage. Which is what we are up to at the moment. I have my electrician taking care of the 240volt mains with me opening any areas that he needs to get to in advance. I am also taking care of all the 12/24 volt wiring at the same time and building  cupboards to house the new safety switches and the 12v switch panel and battery monitors. Read more

Replacing Motorhome Windows

Our motorhome windows were in a bad way. There were so many rust holes in the window frames that I was surprised that the old girl was not whistling like a kettle as I was driving up the road. As for the window seals, they were definitely well past their use by date. They were still holding the windows in. But they were letting in the rain also.

Drying The Old Girl Out

To continue with the renovations on our motorhome I was going to have to come up with a solution to stop the water getting in through the leaky window seals and rust holes. I could not install any of the replacement furniture until the interior of our motorhome was watertight. Some research came up with  a supplier of replacement window seal to suit but at $25 per metre and three metres per window it was going to cost around $1000 before I even took the cost of all the rust repairs into account.The other alternative was to remove the old bus style windows and modify the openings to fit new motorhome windows or caravan windows depending on what was available. This was the approach that I decided to take. Read more

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