The Cost Of Living On The Road

Yesterday I was asked to do a Radio Interview for Wave FM Breakfast Show in Wollongong. A phone interview. At first I said No. They contacted us through our Facebook page, and thought our story/journey of buying/living in a motorhome was inspirational.

I answered with the following “Hi Russell,  Thanking you so much for touching base. But we are no longer in Wollongong – we are on the Sunshine Coast. And our motorhome broke down so its being stored in New South Wales while we are waiting on the parts to be fixed! I am not that inspirational at the moment cause we are kinda stuck without our motorhome. We hope to be back in it by June”

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Our New Sponsor Motorhome Rental

I thought that I would update you all on Our New Sponsor Motorhome Rental Search Tool. Not too sure if you all noticed our new sponsor box on the right hand side of our blog {at the top} but I thought it would be best to explain how it works and why its there.

Our New Sponsor Motorhome Rental

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Travelling Around Australia :: How To Claim The Most Tax

Yesterday we went into the tax office in Mackay. We needed to do our Tax for the end of the financial year. Normally David does it with the Tax Pack online but this year we decided that we needed to know more about how to claim our tax while Travelling Around Australia.

How To Claim the Most Tax

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Making Money While Travelling

Today is Monday! And normally I host our regular Blog Post “Featured Travel Blogger” ~  yet I am taking a break. You see I am waiting on a few bloggers to get back to me, and with my crazy lifestyle (painting a old Motorhome, gardening, homeschooling and more~) I havent had time to chase anyone and ask them what is the hold up!

After speaking with my hubby over the phone (love you Dave!) I was wondering what I could do….he suggested writing about “Ways to Make Money While Travelling”!

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New Life on the Road Featured In Thats Life Magazine

I wasnt going to write about it, nor have I officially announced it anywhere! I normally get excited when I see our story being shared on other blogs, websites, newspapers, radio stations and anywhere online. But this time my mouth was shut closed and I was so very scared.

Thats Life Magazine Featured New Life on the Road

Yeah it doesn’t make sense but I was scared about you buying the magazine, reading my story and then coming here to leave your thoughts about what I had done with buying a motorhome. I was also scared for my family. You see my family (my side of my family) are very private people and they don’t like to be talked about.

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Child Safety Tips

A few days ago I started to ask “What are we going to do while travelling Australia for our boys with Child Safety?”  I have never had to really  think about Child Safety Tips or hints before because we are situated on property and I always thought my boys were safe. The other day sure proved me wrong!

Child Safety Tips Are Needed

As a family that is about to Travel Around Australia I need all the advice and tips that I can get with regards to Child Safety Tips. Here is what happened to bring me to ask for everyone’s advice…….

What Do You Suggest?Child Safety Tips

What are your experiences with Child Safety Tips? I have not had to worry about this before because usually my boys play within a fence and or I can hear where they are playing. This is the first time that one of my boys were approached by a stranger in a car, and the first one of boys went to the car after the guy told him to! It has really freaked me out – would love to hear what your thoughts are and what you do to keep your children safe while travelling.



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