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New South Wales

Grandma And Grandpa Chair

There was only one thing left for us to do before leaving Sydney – and that was to find Grandma and Grandpa Chair in Manly. David’s Mums Parents who loved and visited Manly many times over their marriage life, and who was in that very spot when they were either engaged or maybe when Grandpa … Continue reading »

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The Biggest Balls In Australia

Yeah, Yeah I know I know….we went to Goulburn on our way back from our weekend camping trip to Cowra, which was months ago {back in October} but I am still trying to play catch up. Actually its only when I look through photos that I have realised that I haven’t shared it here at … Continue reading »

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Kiama Markets

This was meant to go live ages ago…but you know one thing about travelling and blogging? There never seems to be enough time for doing both at the same time. Actually I had forgotten that we went down to Kiama Markets one Saturday morning until I was looking through pictures of the last few months. … Continue reading »

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Happy 13th Birthday Cameron

Over the weekend we got to celebrate our son’s Cameron 13th Birthday….how did the years go by so very fast? We now have another teenager in the mix of our boys, smelly emotional roller coasting times ahead. Happy 13th Birthday Cameron Every year our boys get to pick¬†what they would like for their Birthday Dinner … Continue reading »

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Carrington Falls With Our Oldest Son

I am so behind with blogging….I can’t seem to catch five minutes to myself at the moment, not sure why that is? Maybe cause we now have no “Fixed Address” and my life is very challenging with our Springs being fixed, and our situation with our pump not working cause we had our bus on … Continue reading »

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Surfrider Caravan Park

We have been parked up here in Wollongong for some time. Some of our readers/friends/family know where we were staying, mostly some guessed, others asked and I would tell them through private messages. Now that we have moved to David’s work I want to share where we stayed, we were at Surfrider Caravan Park. And … Continue reading »

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Our Family Update

This weekend gone was far too much, too much going on and it was way too hot!! And it was a lot of hugs, laughter, crying, sadness, grateful, and also a big wake up call. Our Family Update is one that will take you by surprise. On Saturday we packed up the Motorhome and headed … Continue reading »

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Eden Killer Whale Museum

While in Eden, after the Eden Wale Festival we wanted to get out of the cold windy weather so we headed to the Eden Killer Whale Museum which is located in a great spot for whale watching – mind you we didn’t see any while there, but did see them at Ben Boyd Tower. Actually … Continue reading »

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Kangaroo Valley

Last Wednesday we had our oldest son with us so we took him for a scenic drive and ended up at Kangaroo Valley to stand under neath the Bridge and to listen to the Cars/Trucks going over it….if you stand underneath the Bridge you will found out its very loud! Kangaroo Valley ::

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I love motivational Sayings – we have a lot on our walls in our Bedford Comair Motorhome. From the Back of the Motorhome to the front we have three sayings that I read when ever I am looking at the walls. Today I Filled A Dream :: I already have one Tattoo on my right … Continue reading »

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