Scrubba Wash Bag Review Plus Giveaway

Scrubba Wash Bag Company touched base with us and asked if we were interested in doing a Product Review Plus Giveaway. Seen as how I haven’t ever heard of Scrubba Wash Bag before I had to do a little bit research before saying yes. Actually I wished we had one of these bags a few weeks ago when we went camping! Especially with our messy boy – we normally either run out of clothes when camping, or they have to wear dirty clothes to come home.

With a Scrubba Wash Bag we could take minimum clothing and wash as needed. As soon as I read how easy it was too use I was keen to see if both Cameron and Kyle could hand wash some of their clothes….

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Road Side Assistance Its A Must

Road Side Assistance Its A Must

Disclosure: this is a paid post for RACV sponsored by Nuffnang– The following crazy road trips stories are from all of our road trips over the years!

There is one town we wished we could bye-pass every single time but yet we must travel through it from Sunshine Coast heading up north.

Gympie The Town We Always Break Down In ::

It Started 20 Years Ago….

David and I moved with our oldest son {who was about 11 months old} from New South Wales to North Queensland. We were also pregnant with our second child at the time, and gee was the morning sickness bad – it was all day sickness. When we stopped at Gympie it wasn’t cause we wanted to, it was cause our old Blue Station Wagon Car was in need of repairs.

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Hypnotikadiet Weight And Mind

I am the biggest Juice/Smoothie junky out there! I would live on them if I could….and I love the gym. Yet it doesn’t seem to do much for my weight or the mind. So when I was asked to look at Hypnotikadiet Weight And Mind program I was curious, and excited to see what it was all about.

We use Hypnosis for our sons when they are not able to sleep at night time, and play different tracks for different needs for all of us – David has a huge library of Hypnosis downloaded onto our computer as well as on his phone. He gets them for a great price through a website, buying so many at once makes them way cheaper.

Yet I have never thought to use one for the Weight and Mind!

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Essential Posture Brace

*this is  product review, but all thoughts are our own!

With one of our sons we are always wonder if there is anything we can do with his Back Posture. Teenagers and curved backs seem to go hand in hand, especially with their big heavy school bags that are full of way too much stuff. Don’t they have lockers in Highschools anymore?

Essential Posture Brace ::

When I was looking at the Bad Backs website I was reading as much information as possible to see if the Essential Posture Brace would be suitable and what would be the benefits. The more I was reading the more I was trying to sit up straighter!! Do you know how much I naturally sit over the computer with rounded shoulders? Yeah I never thought about it.

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Australia Working Visa Book Review and Giveaway

This was meant to go live like ages ago…but life happens! Actually Kids happen – one returns from Seven Months Deployment and then becomes so very sick! And then there is there our other sons – life just seems to be really crazily busy  at the moment and I trying to get back on top of everything. And gee…the emails keep rolling on in!

Australia Working Visa Book

I was asked to read “How To Get Your 2nd Year WHV in Australia” book {By Harvie Kalazaki} and give a review. Glad to because I have always wondered how one could travel around Australia, backpacking and working from place to place.

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Dave The Phone We Tried To Break

** Product Review – written in our words with our experiences. All thoughts are our own**

This post nearly didn’t go live. Only because I had thought that Dave The Phone We Tried To Break was broken! And I didn’t know what to say if that was the case. I was even getting ready to return the phone to sender but lucky for us we didn’t have a return address!

You see we were given “Dave”Model T83 to try out. We were told to drop him….so we did.

He survived dropping from our hands onto our motorhome floor. Do you know how many phones I have broken doing that very thing!!

He survived a day at David’s Work Shop…Dave must be as tough as my hubby David…he didn’t end up with Bruises or lost skin like hubby sometimes come home with. He is like a best friend!

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Christmas Tree Lights

This Year our Christmas plans are up in the air – we have no idea where we are going to be nor do we have any idea who we are going to be spending it with! And I kinda like it, its almost like we are going to be free to do what we want for the Christmas holidays and decide at the last minute which is something that makes me super excited.

I like the unknown. I like not making plans, and going with the flow! I like letting the universe decide for us what we will be doing instead of having to please everyone.

I do know that we have the same thoughts as a few years ago –  that Christmas Means More than about Gifts

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Product Review And Giveaway

*this is a Product review and Giveaway….

With all boys in our Motorhome there is a never ending pile of dishes next to the sink….they seem to grow by the minute! No matter how many times a day I wash up, I turn around and there seems to be a endless pile of cups/plates/bowls. Actually I never ever realised we had so much cups sitting in our small cupboard until I see them all sitting on the bench top.

“My Colour Cup” to the rescue…..

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Cake 2 The Rescue

Literally. I hadn’t even thought about what Cake to get for Kyle’s 8th Birthday ~ it kinda of snuck up on me! When we got the email From Mummy Hearts Money to say we had won the prize I wasn’t even sure what I had won!

After checking out the many Cake 2 The Rescue wonderful kits I knew straight away which one to get for our youngest!

Kombi Van To The Rescue

His favorite car is “A Hippie Car” {his words}. And he loves to spot them when we are out n about….I so can see him one day driving down the road in a Kombi – with a Surf Board on top of the roof and a Dog sitting next to him. With long Hair, heading to the beach or where ever he wants to go to……free with no deadlines or any set place to be!

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