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Product Reveiws

Australia Working Visa Book Review and Giveaway

This was meant to go live like ages ago…but life happens! Actually Kids happen – one returns from Seven Months Deployment and then becomes so very sick! And then there is there our other sons – life just seems to be really crazily busy  at the moment and I trying to get back on top of everything. … Continue reading »

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Dave The Phone We Tried To Break

** Product Review – written in our words with our experiences. All thoughts are our own** This post nearly didn’t go live. Only because I had thought that Dave The Phone We Tried To Break was broken! And I didn’t know what to say if that was the case. I was even getting ready to … Continue reading »

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Christmas Tree Lights

This Year our Christmas plans are up in the air – we have no idea where we are going to be nor do we have any idea who we are going to be spending it with! And I kinda like it, its almost like we are going to be free to do what we want … Continue reading »

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Product Review And Giveaway

*this is a Product review and Giveaway…. With all boys in our Motorhome there is a never ending pile of dishes next to the sink….they seem to grow by the minute! No matter how many times a day I wash up, I turn around and there seems to be a endless pile of cups/plates/bowls. Actually … Continue reading »

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Funky Elephant Project

The other Day Kyle got a package in the Post. It was good timing too because the rain was starting {and its still going!}. Because our boys are homeschooled we love to surround them with lots of Art n Craft Activities. Sometimes they like to do crafty things all days, sometimes they prefer to be … Continue reading »

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Cake 2 The Rescue

Literally. I hadn’t even thought about what Cake to get for Kyle’s 8th Birthday ~ it kinda of snuck up on me! When we got the email From Mummy Hearts Money to say we had won the prize I wasn’t even sure what I had won! After checking out the many Cake 2 The Rescue … Continue reading »

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The Best Night Sleep

Have you ever woke up in the morning and felt like you haven’t been to sleep? Or tossed and turned nearly all night long and feel like you are half awake the next day? David’s back plays up big time! Too many years of crawling in Caravans and Boats means that he is sore pretty … Continue reading »

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Please note this blog post Review on the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is my words, and I was not paid to write anything, nor was I told what to write. If you know us at all we don’t like to be told what to do!!! Including our kids. For weeks now I have been saying … Continue reading »

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Big Scooter Review Big Kids Can Have Fun

To be honest I never realised that there was a scooter that Adults could ride so I was surprised when the box arrived……not sure what I had pictured in my mind but the scooter way exceeded my expectations. Its funny how you get an image from one word, and then the product is way better!

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The Smelly Little Oil Company Plus Giveaway

*Please note this is a product review plus giveaway We love to heal naturally, using what we have around us to make us better. Its been Five Years since David and I with our boys have turned away from Doctors and Chemists. Its not that we don’t think they are important, its because we have … Continue reading »

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