Whale Watching Mooloolaba

Today we crossed a Bucket List Adventure off. We have always wanted to see the Whales and have come close to booking many times over the years but sometimes plans change. Today nothing was stopping us from keeping our booking with Whale Watching Mooloolaba, even after seeing the AIDA Opera at Moncrieff theater very late last night, and then having to be on the road by 7.00am this morning, to be back in time was not going to stop us!

We are all exhausted and hope to be in bed early, but I thought I would quickly have a look through the pictures that we got of a Mama and her baby Whale. Mind you the pictures can never ever capture the moment of when the baby came so very close to the Boat, so close that you could see its eye!

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Plans What Plans

Luckily for us we have grown used to being very flexible with life, with choices and with what we are doing – where we are at any given time and with plans….cause plans can change, and do change at the drop of a hat! We sure realised that these past few week.

Plans What Plans  – when you live out of a suitcase and in a Holiday Apartment and have no idea what/where/when you will be next, you have to learn to be very flexible.

And go with the flow…..

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Australia Zoo

When we lived in Glasshouse Mountains {many moons ago!} we used to have a Family Pass to Australia Zoo – where I could take our boys for a few hours whenever we wanted, and see “More” of each section of the Zoo without the pressure of rushing from one spot to another.

Now that we are here on the Sunshine Coast I was thinking about what we could do because we have really seen most of this area already – and so one thing lead to another and we now have yearly passes once again. This is our Family very early Christmas Present to our boys! And to us parents – we love exploring the Australia Zoo as much as they do.

On Friday {last week} David came home from work and we rushed out the door to activate our passes and to check out the new sections that we hadn’t seen. As soon as we got there we jumped onto the Zoo Train to take us to the “African” section and “Bindi Island”. We also wanted to catch the crocosuem crocodile show but for some reason it wasn’t on at 2.30pm – it was at one of the smaller Crocodile enclosures which we decided there was too many people for us to see anything.

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Abbey Medieval Festival

On the weekend we kept a promise to Kyle – he had seen that the Abbey Medieval Festival was coming up in July and he begged us to take him! He loves all things about the Medieval times {and Kombi Vans!} so it was a wonderful day to see him enjoying each store, every hands on display and waiting the Real Sword Fighting!

The Favorite Picture From The Day ::

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Forest Glen Botanical Gardens

This afternoon we had the best time ever! We meet up with our really good friends, and we headed out exploring. I was able to show them Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary, Dunethin Rock and then they were able to share Forest Glen Botanical Gardens. We had so much fun, the family has three sweet boys and their sweet Mama – gotta say I wished she was my sister…she is raising her three boys so well.

Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary ::

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The Notorious At SouthBank

We have tried for two years to see The Notorious. About two years ago it was meant to be docked at Wollongong but due to the big swells it wasn’t safe for the Ship to be tied up and docked {they had to pull away at the last minute and it was one of their scariest moments of their sailing trip}. Then they were up near Newcastle but again we were busy that weekend.

So when I heard The Notorious was down At South Bank and they were there on the Sunday 5th July before leaving that night to head to Manly QLD we made sure we were going to be there to see it.  Mind you Cameron couldn’t come with us cause he was volunteering with Airforce Cadets at the Queensland Air Museum in Caloundra for the weekend! So that means we will be following The Notorious Facebook page to see where they will be going to next – we can’t wait for a return visit!

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Maroochy Wetland Sanctuary

Today we joined in on a Treasure Hunt at the Maroochy Wetland Sanctuary – a fun day out organised by Sunshine Coast Council Events – Kyle’s best mates Mum let us know about it – so grateful for such amazing friends!

Even though Kyle’s best mate couldn’t make it {and we really missed him} we still decided to go along cause we all needed a day out and about in the gorgeous healing sunshine.

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Kondalilla Falls

Today we finally went back to Kondalilla Falls, searching for the mystery Geocache that we had found awhile ago, because we wanted to check out the contents and find who owned it, and see whose names were in the log book. Unfortunately the plastic food container of goodies was gone :(

But we did have fun walking down to the water fall, and exploring. Kyle spotted a big eel in the water but when he tried to show David it had moved on. We did want to go down to the very bottom of the water fall but a big landslide had happened, with big rocks on the footpath so it was blocked off, still wonder how many people walk over the orange tape and walk on down?

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Happy 10th Birthday To Our Baby

The other day our Baby celebrated his 10th Birthday. How is that possible? How did the time go bye that fast?? I don’t get it…..he once could fit into my arms, and how he is almost as tall as me. And he is the kindest, funniest, loving, sweet little boy ever. He would share the “Shirt” off his Back if you didn’t have one. He gets into the most craziest funniest situations and the dirt….I swear this child steps one toe outside and the dirt jumps onto him where ever he goes.

But gee we are so glad he lights up our world every single day.

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