The Hummock

Last Weekend we went to the Markets in Bundaberg and then heading to The Hummock because I wanted to see the view, and to check out the Shipping Container House {gosh that was amazing, will share more pics and details soon}. We got more then we bargained for!

The Hummock

The lookout can be driven to by car, and then there is a section where you can walk up. I was keen to do the walk after standing there looking out over the cane fields.

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Bundaberg Zoo

We have been to Bundaberg Zoo many years ago, before the floods. The other day we returned again to check it out – to see that they have recovered really well, and its still a cute little well clean well looked after place for such cute animals.

With the playground next door, and the walkway down to the Burnett River {great spot for fishing!} its an ideal spot for children as well as families {yes I enjoy the place just as much as they do}

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Norval Park Yandaran

Yesterday we took off for the day! Well not the whole day cause I was lucky enough to have a sleep in – David took our boys outside of the motorhome quietly so that I could catch up on much needed sleep. Which was good but not good cause I really wanted to go out exploring another place, which we will have to do another time.

Norval Park Yandaran ::

To get to Norval Park Yandaran you drive from Bundaberg, taking the exit that takes you on the Mt Perry Road. Heading out to 1770, on the way you will pass Avondale Pub which is on the right – they have Free Over Night Camping there with Toilet facilities.

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Summer Days

We love it when its warmer – we can sit outside and we can cook outside. We love it cause we can cook on our Choofer and eat salads instead of Soul yummy food that makes us all feel so very full, but doesn’t give us a chance to lose weight!

David loves to experiment with cooking and herbs, and now that he is growing lots of different herbs in his No Digg Garden beds, we get to benefit with yummy tasting dishes.

Oh if only you could taste what we had for dinner – that’s what someone needs to create, an app that lets you taste the food you can see in a pic! Summer Days means later bed times, more quality time together, more yummier meals and more times around the fire!

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Kenilworth Cheese Factory

On Monday we drove back to our motorhome from our friends place but wanted to cross off a Bucket List Place so we went from Clontarf to Maleny and then onto Kenilworth. We have wanted to drive the Mary River Valley way for so very long, and David has always wanted to check out the Kenilworth Cheese Factory.

It was the most beautiful Lush Green drive ever. If you are ever thinking about driving from Maleny to Gympie I would highly recommend Mary Valley Road as a way to go! The road is windy, and there is a section where its one lane, but I love how green it all is, how the Valleys are deep with many farms along the way – oh and the horses – the quality of the animals are benefiting from the lush grass.

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Homesteading With Style {In Australia}

On Friday we had to drive down to Brisbane area for the weekend and we were so very lucky to be able to stay with gate crush  our friends property!

We have stayed with our friends before, and I know that they are super busy with moving but because I had to be at the Massage Course in Fortitude Valley both days, and we are no longer on the Sunshine Coast I was racking my brains for ages how to manage the drive down {it was over 5 hours Drive down!!! – Too many toilet breaks}, where to stay, what to do with David and our boys.

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DraughT Horse Heavy Horse Heritage Day

Last weekend we drove down to Apple Tree Creek {it was David’s Birthday weekend} for the DraughT Horse Heavy Horse Heritage Day which was not very well advertised because the week before we had been to Apple Tree Creek to meet up with another travelling family – to the very same location and there was no signage around to say what day it was on or time.

Luckily we have a family member who heard it on the radio and then I did a google search for the details – which came up with Central Queensland Information about the day! Glad we drove down there to see the Horses at work – it was beyond spectacular to see so many fine Draught Horses {Clydesdales} on display. Some were working in the main arena, some working on the field and then we were able to view the others in small enclosures with all of their information about their Proud Blood Lines, and who broke them in for harness.

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Bargara Queesland

On Saturday we had a few things to do in the morning – I was massaging while David was shopping! Afterwards we wanted to head to a place where we could sit, relax, walk along the beach and enjoy the Sunshine at Bargara Queensland.

It was such a gorgeous day, even though we had way too much stuff that still needed doing inside the Motorhome and the Shipping Container, we needed this day out and about just chilling out together as a family.

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Lions Park North Bundaberg

After having Our Motorhome back with us, and both David and I busy for the last two days getting her back into ship shape we all decided it was time to get out and about for some much needed down time.

You see we haven’t had our motorhome with us for the last 8 months and while she was locked up the mold had hit the curtains, the dirt was every where and David’s greasy finger marks were over lots of cupboards.

So between us we have washed the floors, washed the curtains, washed the bedding, washed the cupboards, sorted out our boys clothes and put them back in their wardrobes. And David completely took everything out of the Kitchen cupboards and de-cluttered it all – and put back the New Ingredients that he now cooks with. Seen as how we are now Gluten Free and mostly sugar free we have different herbs/flour/spices and food sources that he cooks with!

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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yesterday I had that craving that you get once a month {being a girl and all – sorry for TMI} and I was in desperate need of a Chocolate Fix. If David was here I would have had him making our Favorite – Avocado Chocolate Coconut Mousse and if we had Avocado in the fridge I would have tried to make it myself. Instead I broke my No Sugar Rule and went for the naughty Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. And it worked! I got my fix.

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies ::

Recipe ::

125gram Butter

3/4 Cup of Organic Raw Honey {it was actually too much honey so next time I am going to try less}

1 egg

1 3/4 Cups of Gluten Free Plain Flour

2 Teaspoons of Cream of Tartar

1 Teaspoons of Bicarbonate Soda

250grams Packet Nestle Bakers Choice Choc Bits Milk

Method ::

  1. Use A Electric Mixer and beat the Butter and Honey until pale and creamy.
  2. Add egg until just combined
  3. Stir Flour, Cream of Tartar and Bicarbonate Soda together and then add to the Butter/Honey/Egg Mixture {Mix gently with a wooden spoon}
  4. Add the Choc Bits until well mixed {mix gently with a wooden spoon}
  5. Spoon onto a Baking Tray {I use Baking Paper to save on them sticking and washing up}
  6. Cook in the oven on low heat {about 150-160 Degress} for as long as needed. About 20 minutes – they are golden brown and will firm up on a Cooling Tray.
  7. Try and keep them somewhere safe – out of your reach and kids reach!!}
  8. They are the best cookies ever

Going to try them with other Ingredients to make them more healthier – Will let you know how I go – instead of Choc Bits I am going to try Passionfruit next time!

Chocolate Fix


How Do You Get Your Chocolate Fix?



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