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Tree Houses

About a week ago I shared our boys imagination with making an Army Bunker. Today I would like to show you all our Boys imagination with creating Tree Houses. Over the years all five of them have had a go at building one, dreaming of building one, or breaking one up to re-build it differently! … Continue reading »

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Nanas Pantry :: The Best Icecream In The World

When we were in Bundaberg (for the Christmas/New Eves Period) we had LOTS of running back in forward to Bundaberg to arrange things to get our Motorhome registered. Gee that was one exhausting holiday! Yet David still made sure we went to places where we could explore new flavours.

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Travelling From Bundaberg To Sunshine Coast

WOW what a week we have had! We thought the five hour trip from Bundaberg to Sunshine Coast was going to be a breeze, and one that we could take slowly…..guess the universe has other ideas for us. Travelling from Bundaberg to the Sunshine Coast is a familiar trip for us because we used to … Continue reading »

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Saying Hi To Good Friends

While living and travelling in our Motohrome Friends seem to come and go – some stay with us via email/facebook/phone/texting. Others we catch up with when we can! Some I know that I can call anytime we are in Bundaberg and have a coffee/chat with. Those are the best friends ever – cause I know … Continue reading »

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Boolboonda Tunnel

Yesterday David really needed a break from the Motorhome. He has been pushing himself to get everything done so that we could head out on the road this week. There is so much to do in a Motorhome so that we can live on the road travelling Australia – I am starting to┬áthink that its … Continue reading »

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Restaurants In Bundaberg

A few times David and I have been out for dinner, without our five boys! Once it was because of our Wedding Anniversary, and another time for my birthday. Its not often we go out as just us two, because usually we like to go out as a family. Both times were a huge disappointment … Continue reading »

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Bundaberg Rum Distillery Or Bond Store

I never realised last week when New Life On The Road visited Bundaberg Rum Distillery that they are actually called the Bond Store. But after taking a tour of Bundaberg Rum Distillery or Bond Store it makes sense! Bond Store Each Bundaberg Rum is kept in huge VATS on site. And those VATS have to … Continue reading »

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Bundaberg Rum Distillery

Today New Life on the Road visited the most famous Tourist attraction in Bundaberg…well it is what everyone thinks of when you mention “Bundy” – Bundaberg Rum Distillery. We took three of our boys….Nicholas, Cameron and Kyle. Amazing the older two did not want to go – well after sharing what a great time we … Continue reading »

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The Bundaberg Barrel

Today New Life on the Road took a day out from homeschooling (well the book work at least!). I took four of our five boys to The Bundaberg Barrel – Bundaberg Brewed Drinks. The Bundaberg Barrel Upon arriving at The Bundaberg Barrel I was blown away by how friendly all the staff were. They greeted … Continue reading »

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