Bargara Queesland

On Saturday we had a few things to do in the morning – I was massaging while David was shopping! Afterwards we wanted to head to a place where we could sit, relax, walk along the beach and enjoy the Sunshine at Bargara Queensland.

It was such a gorgeous day, even though we had way too much stuff that still needed doing inside the Motorhome and the Shipping Container, we needed this day out and about just chilling out together as a family.

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Lions Park North Bundaberg

After having Our Motorhome back with us, and both David and I busy for the last two days getting her back into ship shape we all decided it was time to get out and about for some much needed down time.

You see we haven’t had our motorhome with us for the last 8 months and while she was locked up the mold had hit the curtains, the dirt was every where and David’s greasy finger marks were over lots of cupboards.

So between us we have washed the floors, washed the curtains, washed the bedding, washed the cupboards, sorted out our boys clothes and put them back in their wardrobes. And David completely took everything out of the Kitchen cupboards and de-cluttered it all – and put back the New Ingredients that he now cooks with. Seen as how we are now Gluten Free and mostly sugar free we have different herbs/flour/spices and food sources that he cooks with!

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Smiths Crossing Fishing On Fathers Day

On Fathers Day we were able to celebrate the day with both David and his Dad! It was special even though all of our boys were not able to be with us {insert sad face here!!}

And we wanted to all get out of David’s parents house so we headed to Smiths Crossing Fishing on Fathers Day was the general idea- which by the way is no longer a crossing – the last floods 2 years ago destroyed the bridge that badly that the council decided it was not worth trying to fix it. So the people on the other side of the creek can no longer meet the School bus in the mornings or the afternoons and have to find another way home.

As soon as we got out of the car our baby {who will always be my baby even though he is now 10} ran off down to the creek with his fishing rod and tackle kit. He lives for fishing!

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Tree Houses

About a week ago I shared our boys imagination with making an Army Bunker. Today I would like to show you all our Boys imagination with creating Tree Houses. Over the years all five of them have had a go at building one, dreaming of building one, or breaking one up to re-build it differently!

We normally spend Christmas with David’s Parents (in Bundaberg) which means LOTS of places to explore because they are on acreage, have cows and back onto a River. Now that all of our boys can swim I am more relaxed with how far they explore while we are there.

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Travelling From Bundaberg To Sunshine Coast

WOW what a week we have had! We thought the five hour trip from Bundaberg to Sunshine Coast was going to be a breeze, and one that we could take slowly…..guess the universe has other ideas for us.

Travelling from Bundaberg to the Sunshine Coast is a familiar trip for us because we used to live in D’aguilar and then at Glasshouse Mountains. And we used to drive back n forth every Christmas/Easter to David’s Parents. Never ever has it taken so bloody long!

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Saying Hi To Good Friends

While living and travelling in our Motohrome Friends seem to come and go – some stay with us via email/facebook/phone/texting. Others we catch up with when we can! Some I know that I can call anytime we are in Bundaberg and have a coffee/chat with. Those are the best friends ever – cause I know that they are there no matter what!

Saying Hi To Good Friends.

The other day I took Zachery, Cameron and Kyle with me to see Jackie who lives on the other side of Bundaberg from where we are. I know that I can always drop on in, and we are all made to feel at home. Her new home (they purchased this gorgeous old Queenslander late last year) is one that is comfy and inviting. And is going through changes as they are in the process of renovations!

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Boolboonda Tunnel

Yesterday David really needed a break from the Motorhome. He has been pushing himself to get everything done so that we could head out on the road this week. There is so much to do in a Motorhome so that we can live on the road travelling Australia – I am starting to think that its like renovating a house….with always something else that needs doing!

I have been looking at the colour of his face (with the dark circles under his eyes) and had been thinking that he so needs a break! I wasn’t game enough to say anything because last time I said to take a day off, he barked back at me “Yeah Right, there is no time for a day off” !! Well this time both his Mum and I said  “You really need a break, and the boys need a day out” – we also had been putting off visiting the Boolboonda Tunnel! A day out was actually what all of our family needed, and for once David agreed.

So we headed from Bundaberg to the Tunnel.

Boolboonda Tunnel Visit

History Facts about the Boolboonda Tunnel

  • Built in 1883, the tunnel was originally created for the Railway line between Bundaberg and Mount Perry to service the copper mines.
  • Boolboonda Tunnel is now home to a colony of Bentwinged Bats, and used to access residential properties.
  • Located 2km off the Gin Gin Mount Perry Road, Boolboonda Tunnel is approximately 15km before Mount Perry, on the Tourist Drive
  • It passes under the Boolboonda Range through hard granite rock. It took two years to dig and was officially opened on 2 November 1883.  The line was closed in 1960 and tracks removed the following year.
  • Today the tunnel is accessible by vehicular traffic.
  • You can walk through the tunnel, once you have driven through and parked your car near by

Must Have items when Visiting the Boolboonda Tunnel

  • Camera (with batteries that are charged!)
  • Video camera (yep forgot that too!)
  • Torches – at least we had them!
  • Warm clothes – it was colder then down south…the wind goes through the tunnel like ice (not sure what it would be like in Summer time?)
  • Closed in shoes – not only were we walking in Bat droppings, we were also walking in Horse Poo as horses had been through there recently.
  • The ability to stand still, be quiet and feel the bats flying around

When we approached the Tunnel, I asked David to Pull over and was able to take a photo – my camera went flat after we went through the tunnel! We parked the car and was walking back when it died. Luckily I had a few photos!

 Here is the information sign!

Information about the Tunnel

 The Beginning of the Boolboonda Tunnel……

 The Beginning of Boolboonda Tunnel

 The Beginning Of Our Walk into the cave……

Bats in the Cave

Boolboonda tunnel – Drive through to See The Bats

Seeing The Bats Inside Boolboonda Tunnel

That was the last photo I was able to take and then the camera turned off! I am not sure what is going on in the photo above? Its like there was something there that we could not see with our own eyes?

Seeing The Bats, Hearing The Bats

At first we walked for sometime and we were thinking “Oh No there are no bats in here, just black lumps on the walls and ceiling”. So we kept on walking and the black lumps were getting bigger and there was more of them.

 We stopped still, pointed our torches in one spot all at the same time, and realised the black lumps were in fact groups of bats all stuck together!  At first it seemed like a few bats, then half way into the cave we realised that the bats were so tiny that at least 100 bats were all stuck together! They almost looked like little puppies, and they made the most funniest noises we have ever heard.

Standing Still In Time

Almost towards the end of the cave I stopped the boys from talking, and got them all to stand still. There was bats flying around us, we couldn’t see them because we had turned off our torches. But we could feel them circling, could feel the air moving around us, and could hear there little squeaking noises.

They squeak like a small cat or small puppy – they were almost like human, in the way they were talking to each other. What amazed me was they could not see us (without the light from our torches) nor could they hear us (for once my kids were quiet!) yet they never once hit us, or came close to hitting us. The Bats in Boolboonda Tunnel sure are smart!

Have you been to the Boolboonda Tunnel in QLD?

If so – do you have photos? Could I please ask you to add them to our fanpage so that other fans can get to see what the Tunnel looks like, or if you have photos of the bats could you let us know?

I would love to add photos of the Bats to New Life on the Road!



New Life on the Road


Wide Bay Australia International Air Show

A week ago our second oldest son Zac asked me if I could to take him to the Wide Bay Australia International Air Show which is on this weekend. I jumped at the opportunity straight away. With an interest in aviation and the chance for a day off  a team of wild horses could not keep me away. It wasn’t long before I had a couple of tickets booked for Saturday which is the first day of the two day event.

The Big Day Arrives. Wide Bay Australia International Airshow

Saturday morning arrived with perfect conditions for an air show. The sun was shining without a cloud in the sky and there was just enough breeze to keep it comfortable out in the sun. We departed with plenty of time to get to Bundaberg Airport where the event is being held. After the usual traffic delays that come with any large event we arrived in time for the opening sequence which involved a couple of parachutists descending with large Australian and Wide Bay Australia (the major sponsor of the Wide Bay Australia International Airshow ) flags. All the time being closely circled by a Pits Special aerobatic plane. It was going to be an entertaining day.

The Static Displays

Being early in the day we decided to have a look at the static displays and stalls first. There was everything on offer from $20 radio controlled helicopters to $2,000 joy flights in a jet fighter on offer. Many of the local flying schools had information booths set up as well as the  QLD Institute for Aviation Engineering and a university. All with plenty of information for anyone interested in a career in aviation. The one that we headed for straight away was the Defence Force Recruiting area. Zac is interested in becoming a navy helicopter pilot when he has finished his schooling. So we were after any information that we could get to help him work towards that goal.

The Aircraft


Once we had finished getting a lot of valuable information from the Defence Force Recruiting stand we had a good look at the wide variety of aircraft on display, including many modern small aircraft including the locally made Jabiru as well as a good variety of warbirds, The RAAF Roulette’s and Matt Hall’s air racing aircraft. Many of these we were going to see perform as the day went on.

The Flying

As good as all these aircraft were to look at the flying displays were what everyone was there to see. I don’t think that any one would have left disappointed. there were a couple of Pitt Specials that did a superb acrobatics display before racing an old Chevy Blitz truck and a hatchback along the runway. The truck and car won. They both have jet engines mounted in the back.

Matt Hall Racing

This was followed up by Matt Hall  performing a spectacular airobatics display and the RAAF Roulette’s with an incredible display of there own. Most of which is done in tight formation. There were a wide variety of flying displays from the warbirds that were there also, including a couple of jets that were a lot of fun to watch. The one display that took my breath away  though was the visit from one of the new Royal Australian Air Force F/A-18F Super Hornet’s. Watching one of these aircraft performing a low level pass at 500 miles per hour or turning  in an incredibly short length at high speed  and so close is amazing. But it absolutely took my breath away when the pilot went from less than 100 feet to 20,000 feet in a matter of seconds vertically.

A  Good Day Out

Over all Zac and I had a fantastic day out and are planing to come back for the next Wide Bay Australia International Airshow . If you have as big a love of aircraft as Zac and myself I am sure that you would have a very enjoyable and memorable day if you came along too.



New Life On The Road

Restaurants In Bundaberg

A few times David and I have been out for dinner, without our five boys! Once it was because of our Wedding Anniversary, and another time for my birthday. Its not often we go out as just us two, because usually we like to go out as a family. Both times were a huge disappointment as we have yet to come across any nice Restaurants In Bundaberg – where the food and services are both so good that you could recommend the place to another person!

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