Baffle Creek Raft Race

Every year they have a Baffle Creek Raft Race where you can build your own, or turn up and they supply all the stuff needed to make one on the spot and race {its called a “Dogs Breakfast Race”}. We haven’t even been up to Baffle Creek before so I was keen to see what the town was like. We decided to join the Bundaberg Homeschooling group who were staying on a friends property for a spot of of Free Camping!

Baffle Creek Raft Race ::

Cameron and Kyle did make rafts at Grandma and Grandad’s place but they didn’t end up using them. Instead everyone got together and made one that could hold 5 of the homeschooling boys.

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Fred Haigh Dam

I have wanted to drive out to Fred Haigh Dam for so very long! Its been on my Bucket List for so very long, but things happen and we haven’t been able to drive out there – and believe it or not we had to go through Gin Gin Queensland  to get there – and found two caches at the Rest Stop.

We are super excited because we have found our first “Trackable” and our first “Travel Bug” – Kyle and Cameron had no idea what either one meant, and to be honest neither did I, so I had to do a fast google search.

We have contacted the owner of the “Trackable” and he has agreed that we are allowed to keep it with us for the time being, and will be taking it on a special trip soon! Lets see how far it can travel – it came from Sweden so far! And has been in Queensland – lets see where it ends up.

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Some Of The Geocache We Have Found

In the last three weeks we have been Geocaching as much of Bundaberg as Possible. We are trying to cross off all the Caches in the area, to have lots of “Smiling Faces” on our account!

Along the way we are able to see more of Bundaberg, discovering places we have never seen before. And learning along the way – we homeschool with what we see and do as we are out and about. Learning all day long, the best way to homeschool.

Some Of The Geocaches We Have Found ::

We won’t share the exact locations cause we don’t want to spoil it all for you, but we will show the pictures of our finds.

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Bundaberg War Nurses Memorial

With Geocaching we are seeing more of Bundaberg then we ever thought possible. From Places we drive past and don’t pay much attention to, and then to places we have been to before but didn’t really take much notice.

Bundaberg War Nurses Memorial is opposite Bundaberg Base Hospital, a place we have been to many times but really didn’t take the time out of our day to walk across to the park and see what was there.

And yeah we found the cache, it only took us two attempts, and many walking around in circles trying to work out where it was, before we thought outside the square and found it in the most usual place!

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Bundaberg Lions Remembrance Park

I had time between appointments yesterday {was in town on Business} and thought I would try and find as many Geocaches as possible. Mind you I didn’t have my sweet boy with me so it wasn’t as much fun, and a few of the caches were set up for kids so I will have to go back with him another time!

There was one Cache that I was keen to find because it was at the Bundaberg Lions Remembrance Park 

Bundaberg Lions Remembrance Park


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Baldwin Swamp Bundaberg

Yesterday we meet with other homeschooling Mums/Kids at Baldwin Swamp Bundaberg for more GEOcaching fun, along with much needed exercise for us Mums, and an wonderful way to burn off energy for the kids. It was rather warm day but at the same time it was so beautiful.

I actually never even knew that Baldwin Swamp was there! I have been to the Sugar Train Playground. And I have seen the signs pointing to the landscaped bush walking areas but have never ventured that far. I think in the three hours that we were there we nearly covered ever walking track that’s available! If not we were so very close 🙂

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Hangi Fundraising For PNG

The other day there was a Fundraising event advertised on a Wide Bay Homeschooling Facebook page and I was thinking it sounded like a great way for our boys to experience more culture in their world, and I was keen cause I know how yummy the food would be from cooking it in the ground!

I asked how much the Hangi Fundraising For PNG was going to be for the evening, and it was only $5.00 per small plate and $10 per large plate – super good value for money considering how much food there was to try. The pumpkin – OH my gosh, I have never ever tasted Pumpkin like it, and I don’t think I will ever taste it that good ever again!

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Geocache Finds In Bundaberg

We are addicted to Geocaching big time! Well Kyle and I are – David and Cameron don’t seem to have the patience for the search of the different type of caches, which is a shame cause its so much fun. And its a great way to see more of Australia.

We are driving down roads we wouldn’t know about, and seeing buildings we wouldn’t know were there!

Its a perfect way to see Australia, and to see the surrounding Bundaberg area. And there is a rush that I can’t explain with Geocache Finds in Bundaberg – some of the caches are so small you have to really think outside the box, others are large containers and Kyle loves finding those the most because there are so many trinkets inside to swap with!

The smaller ones are called “Nano” caches – they are so small you will be amazed they can fit any paper into them!

We have shared How We Geocache With our Boys, hope that gives the inspiration to get out there looking in your own area 🙂

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We Are On Trip Advisor

New Life on the Road has been out and about, exploring the area {when its possible} of Bundaberg and have shared our reviews over on Tripadvisor.

Are you on Tripadvisor? We Are On Trip Advisor and would love to connect with you there!

We have lots more to still see and do in Bundaberg, and we will again share those reviews when we can! Until then we are super busy with Geocaching, Homeschooling, caring for the property we are staying at, along with helping David’s parents as much as possible.

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